Mixology & Craft Bartender Kit Review

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For beginners 5.0 
Giftable 4.8 
Quality of material 4.8 
Durability 4.8 
Value for money 4.8 
Easy to clean 4.7 
  • Sleek design.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Limited tools included.

Mixology & Craft Bartender Kit Product Description

The stainless steel used in all 11 pieces is heavy-duty. This set comes in a cool wooden box that is an excellent gift idea for beginners as well as experts in the bartending industry.

  • The perfect black bartender set contains everything you need (except for the booze) an 11-piece top-shelf bartool set. Your guests will be amazed by the cocktails you make for them. Whatever you're doing - whether you're an amateur bartender or a professional cocktail mixing ace - or whether you're setting up a bar at home or at work - our black cocktail set is a great start.
  • The ideal gift for cocktail lovers a first-class bartending set plus a sleek wooden crate tool holder, both packed inside a classy gift box, combine to create the ultimate gift. He or she will be as happy as a child in a candy shop when you send them your gift. In addition to that, we'll provide access to a cocktail catalog online to make everything even better!
  • THE COOLEST WAY TO DISPLAY AND STORE BAR TOOLS Hand-crafted rustic-style wooden crate, carefully crafted to keep your barware tools organized and accessible at all times -> No more clutter in your kitchen cabinets and drawers. The wooden storage rack is the perfect way to show off your gorgeous cocktail kit. There is no doubt that your guests will be captivated by you.
  • This set of martini shakers is constructed of heavy-duty and high-grade material Each and every piece of this bar mixer set is made of stainless steel SS304 & SS430 alloy. If your item has a coating of color, it's recommended to wash it by hand to avoid scratching. These professional bar supplies will not wear out. Treat them well and forget about wear and tear. You can count on top quality.
  • We want you to be happy, so our main goal is to make you happy. Did the bar kit cause you any trouble? Would you like to know more about mixing? You can count on our 24/7 customer support team to answer all your questions. We also offer a 3-year quality guarantee, so you won't have to worry about whether your cocktails are mixed! Put the items in your cart that speak to your heart!

Questions & Answers

Paulownia wood is both strong and light, so the wood box is both strong and light. There is a perfect balance for every type of wall In any case, we provide an extended warranty to ensure that the quality is unimpeachable.
Designed in the USA and made in China, our products are made in the USA. In the same way as Apple products
As of now, we are not selling or offering the stand as a standalone As for informing our audience in the future, we'll look into it if there is a demand for it.
Unlike the rest of the kit, The rusting has not been an issue.

Selected User Reviews For Mixology & Craft Bartender Kit

The bar looks great with the new addition (5/5)

This is a very attractive set of bar stools. My goal was to find something that would complement the bar I recently built for our new house. You might think it's only the center piece, but that's not true. This wooden crate tool holder fits perfectly with my wooden pipe bar and iron crate. It is a very good quality set of tools. If I had the opportunity to buy it again, I would. The bar and tools I have gathered for the bar set will be a great feature when entertaining guests. The old fashioned will be on the menu, but mojitos will be on the menu this summer. I am a bourbon man.

Rylan FORSTER - 20/06/2021
I was very impressed with the quality, beautiful looks, and excellent customer service offered by this company This set is beautiful (5/5)

I love everything about it. I love this piece because it is beautiful and functional at the same time! A very attractive package is included with the product. The set has everything you need, and it's so convenient to have everything in one place - it's easy to put everything back where it belongs, and it's so convenient to have all the tools in one place. No digging through the drawers in the kitchen. It is a lovely, rustic box made with good materials. This is great. I love the Dr. Suess saying carved into it. A fun little surprise that makes me smile every time I see it. A) This is the perfect size to mount on the wall above the backsplash in the "bar" area of the kitchen. I love the way it looks. Each of the accessories is well made, so I expect I will be able to use them for many years to come. Our set is very heavy and gets a lot of use, when the shaker grille came loose I emailed the seller who replied immediately, not only did they do the replacement, but they emailed and followed up every step of the way to make sure we were happy with the purchase. Just by the service alone, I will do business with them and recommend them without hesitation! I think this product is really fabulous, very classy, functional and well-made. It would make a beautiful gift for someone close to you. I bought this for "Us" but would not hesitate to buy it again for a I am very happy with this purchase!.

Seth Sloan - 08/02/2021
My biggest complaint is with the shaker, which does not feel as sturdy as I hoped (3/5)

The wood stand looks nice but doesn't feel as sturdy as I would have liked. In spite of it appearing to be sealed, it has leaked several times between the tumbler and the lid. In my experience, this is primarily true for larger cocktails, such as.

Kristopher Arias - 21/07/2021
That's what we call "classy as heck (5/5)

". Several of his friends have expressed interest in using this kit to craft their own cocktails, so I thought it would be the perfect option for him to try. It is something he really enjoys! My opinion is that the quality of this product is excellent for the price. You can put it on the counter or hang it on the wall. You can drink mojitos on weekends now. The only complaint here is that nothing bothers me!.

Sullivan Meyer - 29/01/2021
The intro bar set is nice when it comes to design, but not the highest Trying to learn how to make cocktails is on my to-do list a good bar set would make it easier (5/5)

Since I looked good and it had good reviews, I picked up this book Almost perfect, but I have had a lot of trouble with the shaker, which is probably the most difficult to implement. As soon as I shake a glass with ice, the metal of the lid contracts or gets stuck with something, and the metal becomes cold enough that it is impossible The lid is a bit difficult to remove, and I haven't been able to push out the lid with the built-in strainer (which I have run under hot water and shoved through inside holes to try to get it out) since at least a month ha. This is a cute set of bars to display on the wall, but it doesn't exactly have the best user-friendliness A friendly person. The other items in the set will likely remain, but I'll probably spend money to purchase a better shaker elsewhere.

Reign Maloney - 26/04/2021
My drink is frozen and I can't even get it I have updated I made my first margarita in this thing on May 5th and it froze itself to itself, and I couldn't take off the damn top! Shakers have done such things before and I have heard of them doing so, but I have never experienced it firsthand (2/5)

It just seems ridiculous to me that this would happen for 100 dollars! In all the years I've worked in the bar industry, I never had a complete shaker, only the bottom and a glass. That caused me to be That ice pit won't even come out of there and I'm so upset about it. After an hour I managed to come undone it. The outside of the vase was still nice, but the finish was chipped. All my efforts to get myself out of being drunk caused me to move continually. I'm really not happy right If I would have gotten a cheap set for 30 dollsr that had no prettiness and didn't cause me this much trouble, I'd be fine. *br>*br>From what I have seen, it seems amazing, although I have not had chance to try.

Marlon Farley - 11/03/2021
I am stunned (5/5)

That's great! I didn't expect it to be like this! I was impressed with how well it was packaged and There is a Dr. Seuss quote on the wooden box that I didn't expect and it is rustic in appearance, but well constructed Beautiful little surprise. All the accessories are beautifully made, and it came with a recipe book as well. This purchase was worth every penny! I'm happy that I made it! WOW! I cannot say enough good things about this kit =).

Armani Osborne - 21/01/2021
Adding measurements does not produce a satisfying result (4/5)

It is not correct to say both of the jiggers measure 1 ounce when the two This was a gift, so I am very disappointed. I am updating Jiggers were sent with the proper measurements to replace the originals. I love how the set looks.

Jaylin Wilcox - 05/06/2021