Mixologists Seamless Cocktail Mixing Glass Review

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Giftable 5.0 
Value for money 4.5 
Durability 4.5 
Sturdiness 4.5 
  • Durable and sturdy built.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • No accessories included.

Mixologists Seamless Cocktail Mixing Glass Product Description

With the ability to hold up to two beverages, this coffee maker is very convenient. Featuring a heavy, solid base that measures approximately 3 by 4 inches, this is no dainty beaker; it was blown, hammered, and cut by skilled craftsmen. High quality, lead-free glass that can be cleaned with the dishwasher makes this product convenient to use.

  • Crafted with 550ml / 18 oz capacity - this container is great for a single, but gives you enough room to offer two drinks. Crafted by skilled artisans, who blow, hammer, and cut them by hand. The 3/4" thick base and heavy weight of this beaker mean it's not for dainty hands.
  • Handblown glass art that offers maximum visual appeal without the seams that come with machine made pieces. While making stirred craft cocktails, the bottom is heavy to ensure stability.
  • The dishwasher is a convenient way to keep clean the lead free, highly transparent, high-quality glass.
  • Instead of using a cocktail shaker, mixing glasses are more convenient. It is dilution that makes a difference. Your Manhattan, Old fashioned, Negroni, and other stirred drinks will be less diluted when you mix them in a mixing glass. Standard width and large pouring spout make it easy to use with virtually any Hawthorne or Julep.
  • With laser etching available as a custom option.

Questions & Answers

We have owned many, but this one is the best. This one is a bit heavy duty but looks beautiful, and the strainer makes it easy to pour one handed. Buying this was a great decision!
can't find any information about how it's made on the packaging.
Five millimeters is the approximate depth of the glass The minimum size we would recommend is 7 inches The diameter of the muddler is one inch.
This mixing glass would certainly be a good place to build margaritas. I have built margaritas in drinking glasses before. You can make mojitos too, they can be assembled in glasses and then topped with club soda following the stirring process, so you can also do it in a mixing glass.

Selected User Reviews For Mixologists Seamless Cocktail Mixing Glass

There was no one to catch this, but (5/5)

For professionals to home bar lovers who have used standard juniper spoons to filter ice, they are undoubtedly going to notice their spoon will not fit inside the mixing glass when placed on top like you would normally. Nevertheless, this is the case. There is something ingenious about this design by mistake, or maybe I'm that creative. In fact, this design is actually superior to any standard mixing glass or larger *br>*br>When a juniper spoon is slightly smaller than a standard mixing glass such as this one, it is possible to turn the spoon sideways to make it fit properly inside the mixing glass in a proper manner. By twisting it, you can then strain it on a regular basis. This spoon cannot be removed once it has been angled for pouring, or perhaps I am the one who is genius in this regard, because it cannot be removed once it has been There is a lock on it). So, pouring will no longer be an issue since your fingers won't slip. A finger cannot be used to press it because it is so locked in. Take a look!.

Santino Walsh - 02/03/2021
I am surprised by how well it turned out (5/5)

The reason is as follows. Affordability and reviews were the main reasons for choosing this product over some of the similar ones. Having used it for a while, I can now say that it works just as well as any other mixing glass. *br>*br>This glass has a wide mouth and a straight rim. The bottom is heavy and sloping, and the sides are rounded. There is a small indentation on the lip of the spout, so that you can pour accurately. It became convenient for me to use it as a holder for my common bar tools because it's There is plenty of room for everything in there Having the double jigger on the bottom, muddler next to that, and the hawthorne strainer at the back, I finish off the cocktail with an There is only one way to improve the design, which is if the opening is made wider, so you can fit a glass into it like a Boston shaker, so that I wouldn't need to carry the The opening of the mixing glass is currently the same size as that of a double old fashioned, so they won't fit together. Though I know this isn't what the glass was made for, I wouldn't have guessed that I'd end up using it for nearly everything, so it makes sense to make it do the rest of the work This is the kind of product I'd buy.

Oakley Molina - 01/04/2021
Approximately 3 months of use led to the crack (1/5)

For the night, I decided to make martini #2 from the gin I had in It went fine for the first one of the night. However, it cracked with the second gin I poured into it. My understanding would have been different if it had been hot from my dishwasher, but it had been in my cabinet for several days and on my counter for a few hours. If a mixing glass cannot handle freezing temperatures, then I understand the hesitation. Ingredients that are too-hot for your kitchen/bar do not belong in your pantry. The sack ), so I could make Even if it failed, at least it did not waste alcohol. However, that is the last drink he'll have, because he'll throw it away.

Ava Stein - 29/04/2021
Mixology is a skill that you should be practicing (5/5)

Drinks made with spirits can be mixed if you follow the directions carefully You need a quality mixing glass if you want to mix well. It is a large glass for mixing, so you can use it for mixing multiple drinks. If you mix the drink vigorously in this glass before pouring into the serving glass (over ice), the drink will remain cooler longer, without melting the ice in the serving glass as fast. It's final trick would be to pre-program the device with this command Put the glass in the refrigerator. There are two drinks I make that are served around this time Drink components need to be VERY cold to keep them from warming up, so everything involved in making the drink needs to be VERY cold. This drink requires some preparation before it can be made in this mixing glass Prepare two serving glasses (one to mix the drinks and one to serve them). I keep a mixing glass in my deep freezer, along with my ultra-low-temp electric mixer, now that I've learned what to do We drop cold ice into the waters with the spirits, and the dishes come out perfectly *) You'll be mixing your favorite cocktails in style with a good bar spoon.

Briana Braun - 15/06/2021
It's hard to imagine a world without a nice home bar during a pandemic, is it? As a result, we cannot enjoy drinks at the local watering hole (which is why we have ordered takeout- Everything from drinks to food! I've started building my own collection (5/5)

The nice things I have around my home make me happy. And I like to have the option of offering anyone a drink they would like when they come over. Here comes the bartender, stocking the bar tools. I use this mixer to store up drinks or to lightly middle a few orange peels. Mixing drinks is made easier thanks to the bottom of the container being weighted, so you won't experience any movement or slipping.

Rhett Chambers - 23/07/2021
Glass and Heft mixed together (5/5)

The mixing glass seems to be very sturdy and has a nice heft to it. The product description on Amazon does not say whether it can be put in the dishwasher (as claimed in the product) or whether it should be hand washed (just as stated on the box it came in). It is better to err on the side of caution by hand washing. As of now I would buy again. I have only had this for a short time so I am not able to comment on its durability.

Marlowe Nash - 07/01/2021
This is an excellent product, and it is very sturdy (5/5)

This is a very good product. This is what I bought for my bar at home, and I was very impressed with it. It was made of a solid, sturdy piece of glass and is designed with a simple and understated form. Despite its thinness and weight, the bottom is extremely thick and Cocktails can be mixed with ease. I would recommend doing it by hand since the top would be top-heavy in the dishwasher with the heavy bottom, and I would be worried that it might break if it fell over.

Emerson Aguirre - 05/08/2021
This is a great quality product (4/5)

I love that it is massive, with a large capacity (as I knew it would be- good news) and my OXO cocktail strainer fits seamlessly on top of it. As soon as I opened the box (nice packaging too by the way), I noticed a tiny chip in the middle of the glass, so I gave it four stars. To clarify, I mean the portion of the glass between the inside and outside. I hope that does not cause problems. It seems remarkably solid. This is a highly recommended book,.

Haley Moon - 19/05/2021