Mixologists Honeycomb Cocktail Mixing Glass Review

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Value for money 4.3 
Sturdiness 4.2 
Giftable 3.2 
  • Durable and sturdy buit.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • No accessories included.

Mixologists Honeycomb Cocktail Mixing Glass Product Description

It’s etched with a smooth honeycomb pattern and is shaped into an elegant diamond pattern that will enhance any bar cart. This mixing glass comes in bright, crystal clear lead free crystal glass and will complement any decor. Make a bold statement with this vibrant piece of art and replace your bulky cocktail shakers. The strainer and bar spoon are included with the product. You can improve the tools at your home bar.

  • mixing glass is one of the most important tools of bartending, allowing you to make cocktails the right way by preventing dilution by stirring less vigorously than in a shaker (which is dilution and watering down the cocktail). It's difficult to convey the fragrance of the spirit when you make Old Fashioned, Manhattan or Negroni cocktails in a cocktail shaker, regardless of whether it is bourbon, rye, gin or whiskey. The experience of drinking a craft cocktail is much better when you stir it.
  • One of the most beautiful beakers I have ever seen. An elegant diamond-cut pattern on this lead free crystal mixing glass makes it a perfect addition to any bar cart, and its bright, clear, lead free crystal glass is a wonderful addition for any bar cart. You no longer need bulky cocktail shakers when you have this piece of bright art on your bar table. This strainer and bar spoon are for use with it. Make your home bar a level above the rest.
  • A smooth and gradual pour is possible with the elongated pour spout, making it easy for bartenders to keep their work areas neat and clean. With 18 ounces or 24 ounces of capacity, it can comfortably hold 2 drinks at once, 3 at a time in the 24 ounce version. You can efficiently stir your cocktails with a bowled bottom because it's quiet, quiet, and smooth. In addition, it holds plenty of ice, which can be used to chill your drink.
  • Thanks to a sturdy base and durable walls, this pitcher is guaranteed to stay put while making drinks - Hulk Hogan wouldn't even be able to drive a muddler through the bottom. This cocktail mixing glass at this price is a good deal as it is capable of holding up to dishwashers in homes, restaurants, and commercial establishments. The glass is thick, weighted, and allows you to mix your cocktail smoothly without it slipping around.
  • A reminder Each piece of handblown glass has its own characteristics - bubble tolerance varies. Our promise to you is to make a good product and to be happy with the purchase - We started this company because we were tired of paying $35 for mixing glasses from other brands.

Questions & Answers

Opening is 5" from the outside edge, 3" from the inside edge. Note: the following is an exact transcription. The dimensions of this glass may vary slightly due to its handblown nature.
There's no shelf under this one, so I'm looking at it from above You see. There are about 5 1/2 inches between the top and the bottom.

Selected User Reviews For Mixologists Honeycomb Cocktail Mixing Glass

I love it (3/5)

The word delicate is used here. As I work I drink out of Bar Mixers instead of "regular" glasses. I have a few in my possession. This information is provided to you so that you will know how much use they receive. Although it is a beautiful design and I love how it looks, I think that I may not use it since the thickness of the glass on the walls is much thinner than others I have. Its a shame since I liked the design, but that's how it is, I guess. If you are a fan of the design and are planning to use it at the bar according to its intended purpose and are reasonably careful about how you use it, then? This is what I mean. Do you bang them around from time to time, like I do? Passing on this may be a good idea.

Angie Manning - 21/06/2021
Glasses for mixing new drinks have become a new favorite (5/5)

Great design! I like the uniqueness of it. Having the pattern etched on the glass makes it easy to hold on to the glass when mixing, not to mention it looks great too! I think that this size would be perfect for a nice, large A key point to note is that the thickness is just right. It's not too thick so you'll take forever to cool down your drink, risking over dilution, nor is it too thin so you won't be afraid to give it a good.

Aron Sheppard - 13/07/2021
The modern way to do things (5/5)

glass mixes well, it looks lovely, it's lightweight, and it doesn't feel like trying to pour out of a heavy slab of granite. I like the honeycomb etching and the honeycomb etching really matches the glass.

Keenan French - 23/04/2021
This mixing glass is well proportioned and very attractive (5/5)

Among several, I like this one best because it does no wrong, it is not too heavy, not too light, taller and slimmer than some of the brands I have used in the past. This is a good deal.

Reid SYKES - 20/04/2021
The recommendation is not to use it (1/5)

After I had it for 1 month, it cracked. I do not recommend buying it.

Nellie Hurley - 14/07/2021
This is an attractive and robust product (5/5)

The design is unique and the interior is smooth. It is the perfect replacement for my existing strainer.

Amari DAVISON - 02/04/2021
This cocktail mixing glass will help you mix the perfect cocktail (5/5)

The size is perfect for me, and the cleaning is easy and beautiful. As well as the honeycomb pattern, I love it.

Axel Mann - 02/05/2021
Glasses that are excellent! The mixing glass is beautiful, sophisticated and of excellent quality (5/5)

I really like the size of the mixer as it is perfect for mixing one or two ingredients at home A cocktail and a soda.

Colin Mejia - 14/05/2021