Mixologists Cocktail Mixing Glass Review

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Giftable 4.6 
Sturdiness 4.4 
Value for money 4.4 
Durability 4.4 
  • Lead free material.
  • Affordable.
  • Glass too fragile.

Mixologists Cocktail Mixing Glass Product Description

This glass king is made of lead free crystal glass and has a heavy duty base and thick 1/4″ walls. The stirring glass can be used to make two drinks at the same time. Whether you’re a home bartender or a professional, stir, pour and enjoy a double old fashioned or Manhattan. Using this glass as a bartending solution is not a problem regardless of the size of your load.

  • Heavy base and 1/4" thick walls crown this bar accessory as the king of bar accessories with its lead free crystal glass and heavy weighted base.
  • In our stirring glass, make two drinks. Take a double old fashioned or a Manhattan and stir, pour, and enjoy.
  • When a shaker is shook, it dilates. Mix this drink mixer with your whiskey, gin, or other alcohol to preserve the aromas of your drink.
  • Hawthorne or julep cocktail strainers can be used with almost any industry standard width.
  • This heavy duty glass will handle the bartending demands of any bartender whether at home or on the job.

Questions & Answers

We do not know It's glass, so there's no reason for it not to work.
A strong enough force can muddle it. The bottom of the shoe is very thick.
Approximately 7/8".
There is a chance (I have washed in the dishwasher and it wasn't affected by the heat) I haven't tried it in the microwave yet, however.

Selected User Reviews For Mixologists Cocktail Mixing Glass

The design is not well thought out (3/5)

Besides the fact that it does the job and looks nice, there's not much else I can say about this mixing glass. A really thick wall exists between the two pieces of glass. The problem here is that this normally wouldn't be an issue, except that when you're trying to drastically change the temperature of something that's surrounded by insulating material, like glass, you'd have a difficult time diluting It makes sense to beef up the thickness of the glass to mitigate issues with the integrity of a cheaper, weaker glass that would otherwise break from repeated thermal shock during cocktail mixing. A mixing glass with a flat bottom is also not round. In any case, it is a good idea to wrap this thing in a towel for the condensation, but you can still tell the product is of high quality.

Shepherd Grimes - 09/03/2021
Glass must be checked carefully for flaws before use, but it works great (3/5)

This pair of sunglasses I bought in May 2016 cost me $50. Although both of them feel very heavy and nice, after a year of moderate home use, both of them broke in the same manner. A crack started at the bottom of the glass and developed over time to a larger crack which caused the bottom to separate from the glass. It seemed as if there was a flaw in the initial glass that caused them to separate from time to time. Since I was a child, I always hand washed my glasses. I respected both glasses beyond the fact that they both happened to break in exactly the same way, and I used them for their intended If mixing with ice, it would be possible to mix one cocktail at a time, but batching would be a bit more difficult, especially if you wanted to have room to stir the drinks without spilling.

Enoch Villarreal - 27/01/2021
Despite the sale price, I bought two pieces of glass for $12 each (1/5)

They were stunning, especially for the price. With Prime shipping, the item costs $99 each. However, according to the online dimensions 4 times 5 is the sum of 5 pieces. A 2 x 5 is equal to a 2. I measured the inside diameter as 2. I measured the outside diameter as 4. There is not enough room in a standard, 3" wide julep strainer to fit a 95". We are returning them to replace them with another product that is more reviewed.

Harvey Gorman - 03/04/2021
There is too much thinness in the glass base (1/5)

It is rare for me to leave negative reviews, but as a bartender to other bartenders, I wanted to make sure that people know. Using this system for the first time was a new experience. Unlike at work, my job didn't have mixing glasses, so I was excited to be able to shake as well as stir simultaneously. The first thing that struck me was how heavy it was. Since I assumed it was sturdy and durable, I assumed it would be reliable. Second, I lifted it to place it on the bar mat so I could make an old fashion. In my hands, it split evenly across the middle as soon as I set it down. A design flaw occurs at the base of the glass, according to me. A person who wants to use this at work can't use it because it is too thin. You should keep it at home. The refund won't even be a consideration for me. It was just a little expensive for another one.

Jackson BARLOW - 01/05/2021
Mixing Glasses that are a good value at this price (4/5)

It's a very nice piece of glass at an extremely reasonable price. I received it quickly and happily. This is the kind of thing I've been looking for so I can stir my Old Fashioned, Manhattans, and other drinks that I like just stirred, not shaken, and I just couldn't find it. As usual, Amazon dominates the market. There is a seam, as previous users have noted, but it does not matter. com always comes through for me, and I was able to find one at a reasonable price. As long as the object serves its purpose (in my case, making a drink), then it's all good. There is no way anyone is going to look up at the glass and say, "aww man, this glass is made of two pieces. ". I would say "or something to that effect. The Old Fashioned drink I make with it after a nice dinner after a cigar and a few drinks is something I've been doing almost every night since I got it (as a Prime member, also arrived quickly). In addition to my friends bringing Old Fashioneds, I used to share the menu with them. Although the packaging is somewhat cheap, the product itself is a great purchase.

Briggs Stanley - 17/04/2021
This set would make a nice addition to any home bar and they have an Art Deco feel I bought a few to put in the bar I work in (5/5)

bartender, I am not a fan of these because they are not big enough to hold more than one cocktail at a time. However, they would be perfect for use at home since you won't be making many drinks at once. Customers express a lot of appreciation towards these because they are sturdy, heavy, and pretty, and can be used for practically any stirred cocktail. My only qualm is the size, but I work at a busy bar so I make multiple drinks at the same time, so it's really more of an issue of efficiency. Despite the fact that the containers can fit two drinks with booze, however the ice is not enough to hold cubed ice. I would buy again if they came in a larger size or for home use.

Delilah Hardy - 26/06/2021
It has a great deal of defects (2/5)

My experiences were the same as those of other reviewers. The glass had a lot of "bubbles" or imperfections. There were creases in the glass, and the pour spout was badly deformed to the point where water would always pour out to the right. This mixing glass is visually pleasing and has an appealing weight to it, but there are a lot of issues that make me reluctant to purchase it. Is it possible I've just been unlucky? It seems that other people are happy with their gifts.

Lucas Rivas - 26/02/2021
The non-profit sector A julep strainer of standard size will not fit (2/5)

Mixing glasses of this size are very slightly too narrow for standard julep strainers. Instead of enclosing and holding the strainer at an angle against the ice (the correct way to pour Juleps), strainers can only be rested on top of the ice (improper way). It works well if the glass is used with a Hawthorne strainer &amp bowl Also very nice. It's not made to the same standard size as other mixing glasses I own, but it still looks great.

Aubrielle Becker - 28/07/2021