MITBAK Martini Glasses Review

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Excelente inversión 4.7 
Fácil de sostener 4.7 
Robustez 4.6 
  • Large capacity.
  • Sturdy built.
  • Quite expensive.

MITBAK Martini Glasses Product Description

A stylish black band joins the colorful base of these 8-ounce martini glasses to create a stylish black edge. This elegant set of six features lead-free glass and comes with a tapered silhouette. The gorgeous glassware of this cutlery set will be put to good use both at the bar and in the kitchen. These glasses are perfect for different kinds of cocktails including whiskey, bourbon, martini, gin & tonic, vodka & soda, and many others.

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  • This 8-inch Martini glass features a vintage style with a modern twist. The 0 fl oz sizes have a tapered shape with a stylish colorful base and a black band. Featuring a set of six dessert cups crafted from lead-free glass, these dessert cups are sure to impress.
  • Your bar accessories will be put to good use all the time - from the bar to the kitchen, this rotating tumbler is sure to get a lot of use. You can use them for a variety of cocktails, including whiskey, bourbon, martini, gin and tonic, vodka and soda, and other alcoholic beverages.
  • These stylish glasses can be used for almost any occasion. Add a touch of class and sophistication to events large and small with these glasses. For informal gatherings in your home with friends and family, weddings, or any other celebration, they are a great idea.
  • This is the kind of gift that is sure to be appreciated Gift these glasses as a gift to a special someone for Christmas, Hanukkah, Secret Santa, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Housewarming Parties, and more.
  • We care deeply about our customers - see for yourself how exquisite these mugs are. Despite the photos (which do not do them justice), we are sure you will love them. Our refund policy is simple if you are not 100% satisfied with them (and we know you will be), then we will issue a full refund.

Selected User Reviews For MITBAK Martini Glasses

Glasses with a lot of style

The base has been color coded. The martini glasses are beautiful. There are differences in colors on the bottom of each one so you can identify yours. It arrived super fast and I keep them safely in the storage The pictures are great. You can give this gift as a great holiday present.

Kayleigh LORD - 20/01/2021
I'm very pleased with the glasses I received from this vendor

I loved the shape of these Martini glasses, they have a classic Martini shape without a (Perfect for parties with guests who aren't very coordinated. b) The colours underneath add some nice flair to the drink. I had a problem with one damaged glass when I received the package. During my experience with the vendor, they provided excellent customer service. They asked which color glass was damaged and had a new one shipped to me before I knew it. Several of the vendors offered by this company have great services. I would use them again in the future.

Tyler Crawford - 31/05/2021
Glasses with a lot of style

To get a great glass, you have to lay off some delicacy in There does not seem to be anything wrong with these glasses, they are not too thick nor My husband commented that they are nice looking glasses, and that they are very beautiful. The best value on the market.

Valentin Ramos - 17/04/2021
The necklaces are very pretty and don't seem to be overly fragile

I was worried, but they arrived unbroken, and are holding up quite nicely. Common sense suggests that you just handle them with a little more care than It's really cool how the colors differ from one another! I definitely recommend it.

Khalani Bernard - 24/03/2021
Party glasses that are great for parties

On Saturday afternoon, I had a group of martini lovers over to watch the Belmont Stakes. The folks who make these drinks know everything there is to know about In fact, they bring their own vermouth with them. In my freezer I could only fit three stemmed martini glasses they were too big for 6 stemmed glasses. The glasses were brilliant, and we liked the fact that they were color coded so we could refill them easily. They are kept in their shipping boxes until the next party for safe keeping.

Kashton Cowan - 11/01/2021
This is not a martini glass with a fu fu lid

Buying these glasses for my husband for his birthday was a nice gesture. It was really nice that they looked a bit more manly than the common fu fu martini drinking glasses. It was nice to have thickness to it. I like the glass a lot.

Santos Robertson - 14/07/2021
I really like your style

There's just something about these glasses that I love. It has a very chic look to it. A different color is assigned to each base. There are no chips under the lenses and the glasses are sturdy, not fragile. I was concerned about shipping, but there are no chips. Compared to other companies, the price was competitive. As I just purchased a Bartesian drink machine, I wanted something stylish and durable to match with it. Since I bought this machine, I wanted to match it with something stylish and durable. There should be a beautiful glass on it. In terms of price, style, and durability, this product did not disappoint!.

Ailani Cowan - 19/06/2021
Love it to the core

There are six different colors in this lovely set of glasses, as well as a sturdy base and delicate rim. As of now, I haven't used them to test their endurance around a cheerful toast and a perfect chill and I feel they hold up well. Only one of the glasses has a minor manufacturing defect, but it is neither obvious nor serious Attached is a picture so you can see it.

Jaziel Larsen - 20/03/2021