Mirus Plastic Champagne Flutes Review

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Value for money 2.1 
Durability 2.1 
Sturdiness 2.0 
  • Sleek and simple.
  • Light-weight.
  • Common design.

Mirus Plastic Champagne Flutes Product Description

Made from premium quality recyclable plastic, our one-piece design will add a finishing touch to any celebration. We recommend these flutes for weddings, holidays, brunches, and picnics – any occasion is the right occasion for this elegant plastic flute. In contrast to other disposable champagne flutes that need to be assembled, our plastic champagne glasses come with a fixed stem that is totally ready for use right out of the box.

  • The premium plastic frame design is a one-piece design that will provide a perfect finishing touch to any event with its elegance and stability.
  • These classy one-piece plastic champagne flutes are the perfect choice for weddings, holidays, brunches, picnics, or any special occasion you can think of.
  • In contrast to other disposable champagne flutes that require some form of assembly, our plastic champagne glasses are designed to be 100% ready for use with a fixed stem.
  • Plastic that is 100% BPA-free, food grade, and high in quality. There are no harmful chemicals in these champagne flutes, and they can be recycled. The product should not be used in a microwave or dishwasher.
  • In this Grand Pack, you will receive 120 flutes (12 packs of 10 flutes each).

Selected User Reviews For Mirus Plastic Champagne Flutes

It is both disappointing and terrible (1/5)

They were purchased to help kick off a major business venture. A lot of them leaked onto There was some sort of leak in the case, or perhaps it was poorly made, but all liquid slowly dripped out and caused a mess on the table setting, with a lot of champagne all over the guests. Adding more table cloths and glassware to the table in the dining room resulted in additional expenditures. The event was a total.

Olivia Morrison - 29/03/2021
This is terrible! The glasses leaked in over 80% of the cases (1/5)

A tablecloth that was expensive was destroyed. I ruined the mimosa bar at the wedding by ordering too many. Took a trip to the dollar store to get crappy glasses. Those who box this should be ashamed of themselves. Over 100 pairs were bought after I had only worked out 15 pairs! There was something embarrassing about it!.

Emmie Carr - 12/01/2021
The size is too small (3/5)

Despite being one piece, the cups are just too small and people used cups for drinking prosecco at the shower, despite the fact that they were one piece. You shouldn't choose a flute with a 5 ounce capacity if you are considering it. It's hard to hold anything in them. A second problem was that the plastic wasn't very clear, and they didn't look appealing. If I was forced to pick one thing that I liked, it would be that I was impressed with how well they were packed.

Milani Gomez - 07/07/2021
The product is defective (1/5)

I bought these to toast my birthday. The ones I used each had a hole on the side. Champagne poured all over the place and all over everyone. The whole experience was embarrassing and a complete waste of There is a defect in the.

Fletcher Gaines - 09/06/2021
Flute pieces made from a single piece are the best (5/5)

I used these for my reception, and they were lovely. It looked so good and none of the pieces.

Vada Tucker - 08/07/2021
There is a leak in the A total of 120 of these champagne flutes leaked champagne onto tablecloths and guests clothing during the toast (1/5)

We were all embarrassed for all guests who had these leaky Neither I nor anyone I know recommends this product.

Rafael Gates - 05/06/2021
This is baddddddd! My next purchase of this product will not be this one! My first order was cracked, and my second order was cracked too! It was for a wedding that I bought them (1/5)

It would be better if I didn't have to give stars. It was 150 people who needed other glasses, and I had to go get them from another store.

Louise LEES - 31/05/2021
THIS IS A ONE-PIECE SET! I am very pleased with this product! This was a gift given to our company to celebrate its 10th anniversary! They were so sturdy that I could not believe it (5/5)

The package was very well packaged. This is a very good product and I will buy again when I need it! Thanks for your kind words!.

Santino Snyder - 24/01/2021