Minjie 2 pcs orange peeler tool Citrus Peeler in Bright Orange Color Review

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Fácil de limpiar 4.7 
Excelente inversión 4.7 
Fácil de usar 4.6 
Robustez 4.6 
Fácil de sostener 4.5 
Durabilidad 4.3 
  • Fashionable.
  • Convenient to Use.
  • It's satisfying to have convenience.
  • Durability is a major concern.

Minjie 2 pcs orange peeler tool Citrus Peeler in Bright Orange Color Product Description

A good peeler for many fruits: The colors of the orange rind are orange, citrus, lemon, grapefruit, and lime. With its safe plastic and elaborate orange peeler set, this peeler makes peeling citrus fruits fast, easy and less messy, saving you time and energy. This material is made of plastic and is safe for your hands.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Dishwashers that accept plastic can be used to wash them.
  • I chose Naranja Brillante as my color.
  • The size of this item is 6 inches long.
  • This is an easy-to-use appliance that is ideal for any kitchen.
  • It enables you to make a score on citrus, then close it back up again.

Selected User Reviews For Minjie 2 pcs orange peeler tool Citrus Peeler in Bright Orange Color

Your search is over! We have the orange peeler for you (5/5)

door was set in motion by an unknown force An orange peeler was a bonus added to every order by a door-to-door sales company. There were no stores that sold these little gadgets. My orange tree was destroyed when we moved, and I grieved every winter when oranges appeared on store shelves. When I stood in front of these beauties here on Amazon, I knew I had to have them. Joy to the world! Yes, I am. Even though they don't work exactly the same, they work just as well. around the orange's outside once, then at right angles again (I do it four times like a segmentation tool. Next, you slide the curved end under the peel at the top, and voilà, the peel comes off very easily. I find it fascinating. Afterwards, rinse it off, dry it, and place it back in the drawer so it doesn't come into contact with any flesh. No more painful bits of orange peel under a fingernail. This is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets since it is fast, easy, and fun to use.

Marianna Chavez - 18/06/2021
Worked for me (5/5)

As a result of getting tired of peeling oranges with my fingers, I bought this. In addition to getting discolored nails and the smell of citrus on my fingers (which isn't so bad), I was tired of having discolored nails and peeling nails. The first thing I did after buying it was to wash This is a great tool! I really like how easy it is The fact that I hadn't bought this sooner makes me mad.

Dorian Dean - 23/03/2021
My only wish is that they were stainless steel (4/5)

Although I love these citrus peelers, I wish they would also make them out of stainless steel so I wouldn't have to purchase them every now and then. Until they break, which seems to occur at least once a month, they are easy to use and work great. They break too easily at the base where the blade is located, so can you please make them stronger there.

Bennett Bennet - 10/04/2021
I was very pleased with the price and the work (5/5)

It's easy to peel oranges with this tool! The process of peeling an orange sometimes took me so long that I wouldn't eat them. I would sit there and use my nails and it would take me forever. I really like these tools, and they make eating oranges so much.

Gianna Phillips - 19/02/2021
Choosing this one is the right one for you (5/5)

A few days ago, I also bought some others. I knew I had made a mistake when they arrived. Their construction was very cheap, and they scored shallower than they should have. In order to change my existing one that I'd had for a year, I originally had a fantastic model. I finally broke it Plastic is used in their construction). My next step was to find one that was as close as possible to my original I think this is the one. My replica arrived today and is exactly like the original in appearance, feel, and peeling. There's a good chance that this will last several years, and then I'll need to look for something else. I thought I would pay a bit less for these than I actually did. In my original purchase, I only paid 49 cents.

Eliel Hubbard - 04/08/2021
Are you really in need of I figured this would be a good purchase since we eat at least 20 pieces of citrus every week (3/5)

Under my nails, keep the orange away. Essentially, it's a plastic knife. It opens up the peel to the right depth so that it fits citrus fruits of a normal size. When you meet citrus with thicker or thinner flesh, you end up pinching or cutting with your fingers anyway to get deeper into the fruit or you end up needing to squeeze the juice out anyway. Although I use the knife, I would probably not have purchased it and have just used a serrated knife that I can gauge the depth with.

Annie Guzman - 07/07/2021
The pictures are great (5/5)

I remember having these when I was a child, and they were wonderful for getting an orange started if your thumbnail was too little. I've been looking for them for 30 years, and I have When he had a hangnail, my husband used this to save his poor thumb from getting stung by citric acid. Originally, he made fun of me for needing this to peel an orange, but now he uses it when his finger gets hangnailed. This is such a great little item, seriously.

Milo Armstrong - 17/01/2021
I like this product very much (5/5)

It was a Tupperware peeler that I lost in a move, and I have yet to find one that I like to replace it with. I tried this one from Amazon until I was convinced. That's what I'd like to hear! This is where it gets good. The order you placed includes 2! This is a great product for me because I'm vegan and I own a juicer, so I use it for juicing oranges, grapefruits, etc. I'm so glad I found it. And it's a.

Kieran SINCLAIR - 22/01/2021