Mind Reader Beverage Dispenser Review

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Fácil de limpiar 3.9 
Fácil de montar 3.8 
Robustez 3.1 
Excelente inversión 3.1 
Durabilidad 2.1 
  • Large capacity.
  • Can hold difeerent cocktail.
  • Not BPA free plastic material.

Mind Reader Beverage Dispenser Product Description

This gives you access to three pitchers that have lids in one container. This party bowl allows your party guests a deep reservoir of fun to enjoy from top to bottom! It holds 120 fl oz (3 gallons combined) for each tier. The three tiers of this oversized drink dispenser serve as pitchers with built-in spigots, so they provide a continuous stream of drinks all night long. Let your guests enjoy their favorite drink while being the host that everyone loves by having easy access to their favorite drink.

  • If this is not the same as your model number, check it.
  • This makes it possible to have 3 jars with lids combined into one. This three-tiered party bucket holds 120 fluid ounces (3 gallons combined) per tier, so your guests have a deep reservoir of fun everywhere they look!
  • The dimensions of this wooden box are 14 inches long x 14 inches wide x 20 inches high. It is really easy to remove, clean, and re-stack each tray, which saves you time and gives you the ability to refill, change the drink, and clean your container at any time.
  • The Three Spike Design makes it easy for your guests to choose their beverage of choice, so you become the party host everyone loves. This step-by-step bar system features six tiers, each with its own built-in spigot, which makes it possible to have a constant flow of drinks the entire night.
  • Triple Compartment Mix - You can combine your favorite drinks endlessly to create a unique and exciting party. You will be able to offer more beverage options with this 3 tier stacked beverage dispenser than with the traditional glass model. One fun is not enough, so why limit it to one?
  • You can keep your drinks cold without losing their flavor if you use icy cold flavor. The MIND READER dispenser offers three tiers of beverage dispensers, as well as a bottom compartment for ice to naturally chill your beverages. So your days of eating chunks of ice will come to an end.
  • Easily disassembled, cleaned and restacked, each tier can be easily removed, cleaned and restacked with very little effort, giving you the freedom to replace, clean and refill any tier as often as you like.
  • Stacked glass beverage dispensers stay intact Just imagine stacking three of them on top of one another. That would probably be a bad This is why we designed this shatterproof plastic pitcher with lids and spouts to give you peace of mind. We're confident that there are no leaks, cracks, or problems.
  • When you have a party full of people, food, and drinks, it can be difficult to find a place to sit. To prevent taking up an entire table with a set of different drink bowls, combine them all into one large punch dispenser that is ideal for parties both big and small.
  • When was the last time you tried a margarita machine or sangria dispenser purchased for a friend? It's probably never going to happen. MIND READER's 3-tier beverage dispenser features a unique design of three stacks of compartments which will serve chilled beverages to people in a way they'll remember.
  • Built to last - This water or beverage dispenser is lightweight, so it stays in position even when full. The only downside is that, when it's time to clean or store, it is light weight There are 7 components to the framework. This is an effortless task at 9 pounds.

Selected User Reviews For Mind Reader Beverage Dispenser

It is an amazing beverage dispenser! You've got to check out this dink dispenser! My party is themed and I wanted multiple flavors of drinks to be available

I chose this for my themed birthday party. The three separate sections are great for this, and they are made in a way that there is little chance of leakage into each other, plus I liked the fact that they just sit on top of each other so I can place the pour spouts however I want it. Having a chamber for keeping ice at the bottom of the cooler kept all of the drinks cold. love that it is made of plastic, as it is super easy to clean and not too It was extremely convenient to store each piece individually because they were detachable. In sum, I think that this is an awesome beverage dispenser, and I.

Fernanda Martin - 21/06/2021
Apparently, this part is defective as I just took it out of the box to use during a party I was hosting last weekend

Despite the fact that I am in love with the product, one of the compartments leaked when I poured a drink in *br>The plastic ring where the pour spout fits into was defective. It has passed the return by date but I am just wondering if there is any way to get a replacement part that makes it work This would have been my only issue, and I would have rated it much higher otherwise.

Mae Atkinson - 29/03/2021
It was horrible when the spouts went up! Nothing stays in place when the spouts move

This product I bought for a nursing home, and every time a resident gets a drink, the spouts slide out of place, and the fluid spills down the table and on.

Kyra Johns - 29/01/2021
This is the kind of purchase I would recommend! NOW THAT I HAVE PURCHASED THIS ITEM, I AM SO EXCITED! HER QUALITY IS ABOUT AS GOOD AS IT GETS, AND I AM GLAD to NOW OWN ONE! As soon as the package arrived, it was well-wrapped to prevent any breakage


Devon O’CONNOR - 18/05/2021
This is not a good quality product

Liquid kept falling on their shoes since the spouts kept coming off.

Cohen Novak - 27/01/2021
It is easy to pop out the dispenser handles

I really like the product because it makes a lot of sense to use it for multiple purposes. The only problem I saw was that you have to be careful with the dispenser handles twice I had them pop out of place and spill the juice, but otherwise it's great!.

Aarya Peck - 17/06/2021
If you want tea with lemonade, Arnie Palmer or lemonade

Lightweight and convenient, this item has all the features you need. There are a few improvements I would like to see on the taps. It is convenient that you can make the drinks ahead of time and store them all in the refrigerator, or you can put ice in the bottom and serve them all at once With just a few seconds, all 3 can be easily transported from the set up to the fridge.

Catherine Watson - 03/07/2021
It's ok, though the nozzle is flimsy and somewhat hard plastic but does what it's supposed to do


Weston Paul - 20/01/2021