Microplane Classic Zester Review

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Easy to use 4.8 
Easy to hold 4.7 
Easy to clean 4.5 
Versatility 4.3 
Durability 4.2 
Quality of material 4.2 
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • It's made of top-quality stainless steel.
  • It's versatile.
  • Has an reliable tooth set.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Plastic handle is BPA free
  • The curled edges can get stuck and hurt the fingers.

Microplane Classic Zester Product Description

A model like Microplane Classic Zester could be ideal for you if that’s the case if you’re looking to upgrade your bar equipment. Surgical-grade stainless steel is used to make the tool’s blade. With dimensions of 12 x 1.31 x 1 inches and a weight of only 8 ounces, this product holds all your essentials in a compact package. In addition, it comes with a plastic handle that is BPA-free. Dishwashers are also safe to use on the device. When using a razor, however, make sure to rinse it after each usage. A lemon or lime zester like this is useful for removing the rind from citrus fruit. A further benefit of this product is that it quickly turns cheese frosty. As an addition to salads, you can sprinkle the small pieces over them to enhance their flavor. With the Microplane Classic Grater, you get an extremely sharp and durable blade that has been photo-etched instead of stamped.

  • A line of ultra sharp US-made Microplane grating blades a photo-etched process allows us to make ultra sharp blades right here in America. The handle is made of plastic that contains no BPA.
  • Using the zest citrus blade, the blade specifically designs its teeth to remove the rind directly from the fruit, but not the bitter white pith that remains behind. Adding zest to vinaigrettes, stir fries, salads, and baked goods gives them more flavor!
  • If you're treating yourself or family to rustic bowls of pasta, grate cheese into fluffy mounds that can quickly melt and look beautiful while doing so. Parmesan is a great addition to eggs, salads, or any dish for a delicious.
  • The true stainless steel of this item is magnetic, so it can be used on any magnetic knife strip. Surgical Grade Stainless Steel This keeps its sharpness over time and remains rust free and corrosion-free.
  • Simple to clean Once the tool has been used, simply rinsing immediately is sufficient. Cleaning out tough to reach particles with a kitchen brush on the underside of the blade will help. Zesters and graters can be put in the dishwasher as well.

Questions & Answers

Premium grater is the latest version of classic grater technology without the blades Its end tabs protect against scratches and has a softer interior Different colors are available for the touch handle.
Grater for premium black spices made by Microplane. (Retail price, ten dollars, nine dollars. It is 95 degrees better than the one here for spices, # 40020, since it grates spices like nutmeg very finely, so the flavors are released and are distributed well in a recipe. A spice grinder does not have The #46016 grater has rounded edges to ensure you are grating in the right area, so you can pour out the end of the grater where you need the liquid to go. My thinking is that there is very little chance that your fingers will be cut. Avoid placing anything greasy or wet on it, like cheese, as it is a coarse grated surface. This makes it difficult to clean sticky foods off it that were never supposed to be used. As a result, the sharp cutting edges do not stick out as much on the spice grater either, making it safer when working with small items including cinnamon sticks and whole nutmeg. I'm not sure that I would use the spice grater #46016 on fresh ginger nor nut meats for the same reasons I wouldn't recommend it for cheese. To be honest, I think it was really designed to be used as a grater for dry spices. It might be worth your while to look for a stainless steel grater I once found at Crate and Barrel if you're looking for an easy place to store a few nutmegs and use the grater for just small, dry spices. On top of a cup is a grated surface. I just took some from a nutmeg pod, and that stays in the cup whenever it's not in use. The nutmeg powder goes straight into the cup for easy measurement in a recipe. It resembles the one on Amazon that can also hold a partially used nutmeg pod for the next time Microplane Grate and Shake Nutmeg Grinder. a quick check, Carol & Co. It is no longer available from B that Microplane one referred to above is ss. At another house, I have the Microplane cup and the top model The lid is a little hard to keep on, and it's easy to slip into a drawer. Nothing sharp to catch you in the drawer, but on the one I have, the lid doesn't Depending on whether you value having one tool for several purposes or if you believe two tools will give you better specialized abilities, I am sure you will have two that are best suited for your purpose The first is for grated ginger and cheese, and the other is for your fresh nutmeg nut and other dry spices (for example The cinnamon flavour). As for my choice of two tools, I would not have changed it for anything. Among the options discussed, the Microplane 40001 Stainless Steel Zester is inexpensive and simple to use. It features a coarse texture and can be used on all of the activities listed above. Has a protective plastic sleeve to store in safety, can go in the dishwasher. Does not take up much space in a drawer or dishwasher. On the downside, there is no handle, which I have never had a problem with before. There is currently only about a dollar difference between this model and model 40020. Retail price for the 40020 is $1 less than the one currently available for online purchase. A long time ago, someone gave me mine as a gift along with a subscription to Am Test Kitchen's magazine, Cooks Illustrated. (Sorry, long description) is another brand that can be used to replace Microplane 40020 on this page The Microrozest Premium Grater and Mill I am Zester, Contains a professional kitchen tool and bonus recipes The ingredients - Cheese, Lemon, Ginger, Garlic, Nutmeg, Citrus, Spices, Carrots, Vegetables, and Fruit - are considered healthy. The blade is sharpened stainless steel and protected by a safety cover. The retail market The text for 97 and 13 is not available. There are 97 people on the planet On the other hand, the Microplane 40020 on this page does not come with a safety cover or removable blades The end has rubber tips so you can rest it on your counter between grating smaller items like nutmeg and not scratch your countertop. There is a slight price difference between this and the Microplane version shown It should be noted that Microplane also offers the following grater in a premium version A microplane 46020 Premium Black Zester/Grater, a grater with a safety cover, a metal band at the grating part, and a soft grate on the soft part In addition to the protective tip at the bottom, the grip handle is available in a variety of attractive kitchen-like styles. They retail for 16 dollars in matching colors. The word "(14. A birthday today is 60) For comparison, I have provided what Amazon shows as full retail. The prices on Amazon are subject to change daily, as regular shoppers are aware. You should check what offers and discounts are currently available for every one of these when you're serious about shopping. My best wishes to you in making Whenever you use star anise, cinnamon, fresh nutmeg pods, and so on, you should be sure to get a separate grater for powdered spices. This will ensure that your powdered spices are always fresh and at the peak of flavor. There are several other options to consider, in addition to the ones I mentioned. In order to select one of the four items I listed above that can handle finely grated hard cheese, fresh ginger, and garlic, you have to choose one of the following One brand that appears popular is Microplane, which has four different models with increasing levels of quality features. Even if you just need a handle, I feel the simple ten dollar #40001 would be plenty of rasp. No matter which grater you use, you can use it for zest.
it is extremely useful. Even throw it in the dishwasher. Everything works as it should. My hope is that my will last for many more years to come. The frequency of usage is about twice a day.
Garlic is finely grated into tiny flakes using this machine. You can easily use it and it's fast. Then I wipe the garlic residue in the opposite direction to when grating to remove what's left. After it's banged on the edge, I remove as much garlic as possible. To prevent myself from grating my fingers, I am very careful when performing this task. I am very impressed by this. Thank you for your help!

Selected User Reviews For Microplane Classic Zester

It is possible that the item is The following is a description of my mother It was purchased both by my mother in law and myself for my husband (1/5)

She also purchased it The two were quite different from one another. The sheath was attached to hers. There was something different about the "made in USA" and it was slightly deeper. It was dull, however, which was the most noticeable difference. The edge of hers was so sharp you couldn't run a finger over It's hard to imagine how two products with the same model number and manufactured by the same company could be so different from one another. The item I received appears to be counterfeit, but I have no way of knowing for sure. There is a lot of concern about it I wish my mother had- The way I see it, if my husband had not purchased the same item, I would have simply assumed it was a low-quality product. I have lost a lot of trust in Amazon because of this kind of thinking.

Felix Graham - 19/01/2021
There is a counterfeit listing on this site (1/5)

There is a counterfeit listing for this item. The Microplane (actual item) that I purchased in 2009 shaved and lasted beautifully for almost 10 years until today. A MICROPLANE logo and a patent number were printed on the handle. My replacement, which bills itself as microplane from this very site, and offers the banner on Amazon stating "You purchased this item on XX/XX/2009" is NOT microplane, nor is it even close to the original, although it is worn out and aged. Blades like these don't actually cut enough to tear your bones or your knuckles, but rather crumble them. I have ten times more sharpness now than I did back then The year is Old rasps are much less likely to cause hospitalization, but are much more likely to result in trips to the ER. A patent number for the new item does not appear on the handle, and it does not read "microplane". As far as I know, no items on Amazon will be shipped by Microplane brand at the moment, but it sure as hell ain't this one. I don't see anything interesting.

Dior Yu - 12/05/2021
The product is a lower quality version of the past version (1/5)

This is the first time I have ordered one and my old one has gotten dull, so I ordered this one Even though it is still the same brand, the handle of the new one is hard, cheap plastic as opposed to the soft rubber of the previous model. A second problem is that the new one lacks a rubber grip at the bottom that will prevent it from slipping on a cutting board. A sheath was missing from it as well. I am sending this back since both the rubber bottom and sheath are listed in the feature details. There is a chance that this is a counterfeit microplane.

Keilani Bates - 24/03/2021
I don't like the design (1/5)

Grate garlic is fine if all you want to do is grate it. You are in luck if you wish to zest a lemon or lime. As a result of the dull grate in the middle, you get little zest for your fruit, but if you run it over the edge and dig into the pith, you get some. The curled-up hairs are what make it look so attractive All the grated stuff gets stuck over the edges, so you have to keep running your fingers along them to remove it. As the edges are sharp as well, you'll cut your finger if you're not careful. I learned this from tonight's experience. It's been a few years since my old zester cracked so I had to replace it. The reason I bought this one was because it was Amazon Choice and it looked more sturdy, a My old one lasted a few years and I bought a new one. Putting this in the trash is a good idea.

Kevin Carpenter - 10/03/2021
The materials are inferior and the operation is challenging (1/5)

I don't understand why Microplane is so Taking it apart even to clean out the inside will easily cause a cut on your finger, the inside edges are sharp and will easily cause you to slice your finger, and the teeth on the side of the grating are recessed resulting in less effective and more difficult grating. Replaced a Microplane I had in the past and this is substantially inferior to my old Microplane. THIS IS NOT A GOOD ITEM TO BUY. You may want to upgrade. This grater is what you've been missing. I promise, if you've worked with a similar grater before, you will be dissatisfied.

Millie Hart - 17/06/2021
That is all there is to it! Despite the price tag, I have never understood why anyone would purchase I've got a box grater for zesting citrus, so why would I store another single piece of grating equipment Can you tell me what the purpose of the utensil is? Therefore, when I had to make a recipe that called for zest in terms of 1/2 a cup, and knowing how long it takes me to grate up 1 Tb on my box grater, I decided to give it a try (5/5)

It was amazing and boy am I glad I did it! It would be like comparing a golf cart to a Ferrari to compare a box grater to this! It won't even take pressure to use this as it is highly sharp. Simply rake it over the surface of a lemon, orange, lime, or grapefruit, and it will remove small and fine When your zest needs to be finer, adding a few more pulses to the food processor will make the job easier. For spices, I use a small processor that I purchased specifically for that purpose. Adding a couple Tb of the sugar called for in the recipe prevented the zest from sticking to the blades of the food processor since the recipe was sweet. Excellent. I'm very happy with the results. The cutters on this puppy are super sharp, and to avoid injuries to your fingers, it comes with an additional guard to store it in your gadget draw in order to protect them. Cleanup is a breeze if you keep an old, sanitized toothbrush nearby. It happened as I had a quarter of a lemon left over for juice, and as I do so often, I thought, If I had zested those lemons first, before cutting them, I would have appreciated However, I proceeded to squeeze the pitiful quarter with the zester, not wanting to let it go to waste. It worked like magic with the microplane! If you have a box grater, try doing that. In a ziplock baggie, I managed to store the zested lemon in, which I later used. Honestly, I don't know what I've done for the last 50 years of cooking without this device. The result is that I have wasted a lot of time and have skinned my knuckles.

Jamison Conrad - 15/06/2021