Mercer Culinary Oval Melon Baller Review

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Sturdiness 4.4 
Easy to clean 4.3 
Easy to use 4.2 
  • Gives great finishing.
  • Sturdy look.
  • Can get bend.

Mercer Culinary Oval Melon Baller Product Description

All of Mercer Culinary’s activities are aimed at enhancing the quality of life for those who enjoy cooking. We strive to increase your enjoyment of cooking by making it easier and more efficient, whether you are a professional chef or just a passionate home cook. We have decades of experience as chefs behind the kitchen line and have a solid understanding of the elements needed to engage, listen, and provide innovative solutions that meet today’s culinary needs. With more than 30 years of experience, Mercer has partnered with chefs, industry leaders, and cooks at every level to develop quality tools that offer value. The collaborations led to the development of a line of food preparation, cooking, and serving products that continue to elevate the food preparation, cooking, and serving experience.

  • Stainless steel of professional grade that resists stains.
  • For safe, secure handling, Polypropylene handle is moulded to resist slipping when wet.
  • The design is unique, and materials are of exceptional quality.
  • Using a hand wash to take care of surfaces.

Questions & Answers

Taiwan is the country of origin.
Knives that cut channels or strips from food are called channel knives. A thin layer of oil is often used on cucumbers and other vegetables before they are You can also use these tools for making simple fruit carvings.

Selected User Reviews For Mercer Culinary Oval Melon Baller

No sharpening has been done on the knife part (3/5)

The screen came up all dull, so forget about slicing your limes and lemons. I'm sure putting a cutting edge on it will be a challenge too, since it's so small.

Vihaan Salinas - 24/06/2021
I'll help you (5/5)

This is a great channel knife for making cocktail garnishes that are shaped like citrus rind curls. It is simple and works well.

Leonidas KAY - 20/05/2021
This is an elegant and sturdy design (5/5)

I like the sturdy, yet elegant appearance of the melon baller.

Catalina BULL - 22/06/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

I love it!.

Eithan Kane - 21/07/2021
Melons are shaped like balls (5/5)

Does what it's supposed to do These are balls of melon. The product is excellent.

Marshall Huff - 05/08/2021
A dull color (2/5)

This product is sturdy but the blade wasn't sharp so it's hard and dangerous to use.

Kenji Melton - 31/01/2021
The first time I used it, it broke (1/5)

That's a total waste of time. I broke it when I peeled a cucumber for the first time. We were unable to return the packaging yesterday since it was thrown away with the garbage. Are you able to rate your experience with zero stars?.

Bjorn Wells - 09/03/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

I'm happy with the result.

Nicholas Humphrey - 02/01/2021