Mercer Culinary Non-Stick Paring Knives Review

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Score By Feature Based on 13 ratings

Versatility 4.7 
Light weight 4.6 
Easy to hold 4.4 
Value for money 4.3 
Ergonomic 4.3 
Maneuverability 4.0 
  • Comes in a set of three.
  • Affordable.
  • With sheath included.
  • Dulls quickly.
  • Prints on blade chip-off easily.

Mercer Culinary Non-Stick Paring Knives Product Description

High-carbon Japanese steel offers ease of edge maintenance and rapid sharpening of its razor sharp edge because of its high carbon content. It has an ergonomic handle that allows users to handle it comfortably and a non-stick coated blade that releases easily. Safety is ensured by the protective sheath that comes with the set.

  • Japanese steel that is stain free and high carbon.
  • Knives that are coated with a nonstick coating.
  • Handle designed for ease of use.
  • It has been surrounded by a protective.
  • Knives with razor sharp edge made by Razor sharp.

Questions & Answers

An inch and a half.
In this case, we are not talking about ceramic knives.
The knife I am holding is the only knife we make in China, all of our other knives are made in.
The handle and blade are almost one piece, but both are made from stainless steel. It's great to have knives like these!

Selected User Reviews For Mercer Culinary Non-Stick Paring Knives

After 5 months, here are the pros and cons (3/5)

The use of. The pros include Then continue reading -Low cost - An arrival with sharp edges* - *br>- By wearing a sheath, it is easy to take it along for picnics and potlucks. It should be attractive and colorful When you attend a party, it is easy to identify and not lose it* Pros Then continue reading The color fades fairly fast*br - In the event of color prints on blades, they can chip off. About a month ago, I had to dig through a dish to find a bright blue paint chip. As always, YMMV. It's a great deal for a lot of toys. They feel nice in the hand, and they are very well-priced. I don't see why you'd need three of them. It's likely I'll give one to someone as a gift. Make sure you keep your sharpener on hand, and use it regularly (which is what you should do with your knives anyway).

Linda Camacho - 07/01/2021
These are cheap and do not deserve your money (1/5)

Two months after the knife was made, it broke. During my use of the knife, the blade broke. The item was just a week or two past the return date, so it was no longer eligible for a refund.

Frank Hart - 04/06/2021
They are now added to my collection as extras (1/5)

This is garbage. No one can tell how sharp the blades are. The first one I opened a few months ago, then the second a couple of months ago. I bought them a while ago, but just opened them recently. Lastly, there is a third that is open, but it is too blunt to par It doesn't seem like they are sharp enough to do Putting it on a steak won't cut it! Even though this is a paring knife, it's still pretty cool.

Emilia Gonzalez - 16/03/2021
The Kuhn Rikon method is not as good (4/5)

Like Kuhn Rikon knives, these are also very similar. There is no difference in the handles or the sheaths. When compared with more expensive brand knives, the blades are not as sharp or of better quality. These are good deals for the price, and have held up well after many washes in the dishwasher.

Casey Cameron - 04/08/2021
China is the source of Mercer (2/5)

The name Mercer appears on these is surprising to me. German knives are not as sharp or as good as those made in the United States. I sharpened them after putting them through the lime cutter, and they cut a lime exactly.

Caden McIntyre - 10/07/2021
The edges are not as sharp as those of other models (2/5)

I like the print on the side of these knives, and the colors are quite nice too, but they are not as sharp as my other knives of the same style and size. Although I sharpened all of them, they were still not as sharp as the others I had.

Silas Saunders - 23/03/2021
I am disappointed (2/5)

At the time of purchase, the knife was not very sharp. I am not as satisfied with the knife's ability to maintain its edge as all of my other Mercer There are several things about this knife that disappoint me. There are several of these mercer knives I own, and this one is my least favorite. It is not even used by my wife.

Emelia O’NEILL - 10/06/2021
The better I have had, the better my life has been (3/5)

The handle of one of these broke after a few months of use on one of these. Their sharpening isn't as good as that of other ones that I've The results are not bad, but they are not ideal.

Amber Flores - 08/02/2021