Mercer Culinary Channel Knife Review

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Robustez 4.4 
Fácil de limpiar 4.3 
Fácil de usar 4.2 
  • Time-saver tool.
  • Makes unique garnish design.
  • Sharpness may decrease with time.

Mercer Culinary Channel Knife Product Description

The eye draws the eye of the palate, so food that appears visually appealing tastes more appealing on the palate as well. When the surface of the food is more exposed, flavors can be added that the palate might not otherwise find appealing. You can use these tools to create jaw-dropping presentations that will impress your clients no matter what the event may be.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Stainless steel of professional grade that resists stains.
  • For safe, secure handling, Polypropylene handle is moulded to resist slipping when wet.
  • The warranty is limited to a lifetime.
  • The design is unique, and materials are of exceptional quality.
  • Using a hand wash to take care of surfaces.

Selected User Reviews For Mercer Culinary Channel Knife

No sharpening has been done on the knife part

The screen came up all dull, so forget about slicing your limes and lemons. I'm sure putting a cutting edge on it will be a challenge too, since it's so small.

Jakobe Obrien - 02/05/2021
I'll help you

This is a great channel knife for making cocktail garnishes that are shaped like citrus rind curls. It is simple and works well.

Alijah Tate - 02/05/2021
This is an elegant and sturdy design

I like the sturdy, yet elegant appearance of the melon baller.

Madalynn Wall - 24/01/2021
We give this review five stars

I love it!.

Ashlyn Heath - 29/04/2021
Melons are shaped like balls

Does what it's supposed to do These are balls of melon. The product is excellent.

Lucian Townsend - 08/05/2021
A dull color

This product is sturdy but the blade wasn't sharp so it's hard and dangerous to use.

Veronica Church - 10/06/2021
The first time I used it, it broke

That's a total waste of time. I broke it when I peeled a cucumber for the first time. We were unable to return the packaging yesterday since it was thrown away with the garbage. Are you able to rate your experience with zero stars?.

Aisha Klein - 18/01/2021
We give this review five stars

I'm happy with the result.

Rosemary Kent - 11/01/2021