Marquis By Waterford Flutes Brookside Review

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  • Lead-free crystal usage.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Extra-weighted.

Selected User Reviews For Marquis By Waterford Flutes Brookside

Despite the fact that my first order contained broken glass, I reported it to eDelivery shortly after delivery, it is a great product at a good price

The company replaced the broken items without charge as soon as they were discovered. The level of customer service provided by this seller is rapidly vanishing from our company environment, but I'm glad that Amazon continues to market their products and that sellers like this still provide five-star service to their customers. It would be perfect to give these glasses as a gift.

Ruby Hoffman - 09/03/2021
There are no crystals in these But you would never find out

Eight of these were already in my possession, and I There are no crystals on these but they appear to be crystalline. In any case, I still recommend hand washing them and not using One of the nice things about bicones is they don't have lead like crystal does. It looks lovely on a formal table and are beautifully crafted.

Elijah Hogan - 04/01/2021
This is the "8-" These cheap "Ounce" White Wine Glasses I received today are quite nice

This is the "8-" Among the white wine glasses I received today, I received "Ounce" white wine glasses that are poorly made and small, which will only hold about five ounces. The box in which they are shown is not the packaging. These are going back to Waterford as soon as possible because I am very doubtful they are Waterford Marquis.

Liv Cantrell - 28/07/2021
The product from this vendor was okay, but the packaging wasn't what I was expecting

It's a beautiful pair of glasses, and I'm very happy with it. I have ordered two sets with this one. The first set and this set had come from different Amazon vendors, which I didn't realize until now. It arrived in a very secure bag the first time, but not this time. A large box was put into the same case as the one with the Marquis by Waterford box inside (as the other box was). padding or kind of protection to keep the inner box from bouncing around in shipping (the first vendor had done a good job packing it). Because I was concerned about the goblets being damaged, I carefully examined them, but they did not appear to be The label on the bottom of one of them was missing. I will keep the goblets and I plan to keep them, but I would not purchase from this vendor again if given the choice.

Leilani Durham - 03/01/2021
This is so beautiful! I love it so much! It is an absolute pleasure to use these The glasses come in three styles wine, iced tea, and low ball, and they have gorgeous cuts on the crystal that make their design spectacular! I also like the size of these champagne glasses! Our family is completely smitten with them and we have never seen them anywhere before

The total number of boxes we purchased was 4.

Landon Carter - 05/04/2021
Let me have my money, just shut up! As soon as I moved out of my parents' house, I decided I needed a nice vase, so I purchased the vase that matches these glasses

I wasn't expecting much for the price, but it was amazing (you can read my review). So I decided a few days later that I did not want to drink out of solo cups anymore, so I bought these, and I expected them to be even better because I already owned Here you will not be disappointed! It's just a matter of being careful. There is a lot of weight in these Is it just that I became too accustomed to drinking out of solo cups while Would it be a good idea if I went As for the price and style, I would recommend them to anyone and It is especially good as a gift.

Briar Deleon - 30/04/2021
The Waterford Crystal is fantastic

The Waterford Crystal range is as exceptional and impressive as ever, in stark contrast to similar products from other manufacturers that have very little style, and sell smaller sizes of glass. As a result, Waterford knows what a glass is for, and they display it proudly with their 12oz glasses. There is plenty of room to hold your poison, as well as.

Houston Hughes - 20/01/2021
I would highly recommend this purchase

Well, I was concerned when I bought them that they would not live up to my expectations, but the praise I had heard was so positive I just had to have a look. Although the ad advertises that they are dishwasher safe because of the low lead content, when I bought them, that too had to be handled carefully as I always do with all my fine china, silver, and crystal. Apparently, it should be used every day, but I am not that obsessed with washing dishes. However, even with all of that I was pleasantly surprised when I received the product. At first I ordered the iced beverage ones since I have a large stock Since I was raised with Waterford glasses, I've always wanted a pair of my own, and again I love this pair of The rest of the wine glasses, goblets and champagne flutes that I can get are in my shopping list, as are the decanter and all the wine glasses. My only way of finding water goblets was to pay a fortune, and the only place I found them they were for sale. yes, they are made by machines but unlike other brands, it's hard to tell the difference between them.

Ryder Olsen - 16/05/2021