Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO Dice Cube Ice Maker Review

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Easy to use 5.0 
Storage Capacity 4.5 
Value for money 4.4 
Easy to install 4.3 
  • Produce plenty of ice
  • Needs to be cleaned frequently
  • Pricey
  • A little bit noisy

Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO Dice Cube Ice Maker Product Description

Manitowoc Undercounter Dice Cube Ice Machine – if you’re looking for loads of ice for entertaining or going on an adventure, this is your best option. A reputable brand offers a reputable machine with high output.

  • The cabinet is made of stainless steel
  • It has the model number
  • 34 cm is the package size for this item. The dimension of the paper is 31.5" L by 30" W. A 99-foot-long piece measuring 28 feet wide x 29 feet high. The high-numbered integer 31"
  • Weight of the item is 153 g. There is no weight to report

Questions & Answers

In this model, a "half-box" is made of UY (this model). The cube is three eighths of an inch by one inch It makes a cube of the size of a dice 1/8" x 7/8" & Approximately 7/8 in. x 7/8 in. x 7/8 in. "Regular" size cube is made by the UR model. The measurement should be 1/18 x 1 The dimensions of this item are 1/8" x 7/8"
Manitowoc's Neo UY-300 was hooked up to the system: Our existing 3M Aquatic ice machine will be upgraded with a 0140A ice machine Under sink water filter system, model AP-100, for pure water INVITE DWS1000 to attend this event. A water filtration system under sink is used for drinking water and ice production.
When our power goes out, our machines come back to life when the power comes back
In order to drain your train, you will need to extend the drain tube. Using pex as a drain for my floor drain was easy.

Selected User Reviews For Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO Dice Cube Ice Maker

This ice maker makes a decent amount of ice, is reliable, wastes a little water, and is pretty easy to The Manitowoc company has a great history of making ice machines for commercial use, I have used them for several The install of this machine is obvious once you see it, even with the documentation in the manuals and pdf's (5/5)

The top drain is a 1/2 inch NPT female, this is where the water from the making ice cycle is dumped when it is in the harvest Input for the fresh water is on the left and the drain is on the right. The bottom two connections are 3/8 inch npt female on the left and 1/2 inch npt female on the right. In the second diagram, you can see when a vent hose is required. During the drain installation, I used two 1/2" male to 1/2" barb fittings with 5/8 hose and two tee's to connect the two outlets as well as a vent and drain. It was simple and pretty In the fresh water section, we know what to do. The circuit is only 5 amps, but I was close enough to the main panel to make it its own circuit. It is true that it uses excess water to make the ice, but some people use condensate pumps and others have it connected to their dogs' The fact that these machines can waste potable water is a problem, but they don't have It is strongly advised you do not use GFCI Outlets as other reviewers had issues and the instructions clearly state not to use them.

Sky Best - 11/04/2021
Ice is being created by this thing in serious quantities! Ice is being created by this thing in serious quantities! When I was trying to decide which ice maker to buy for my Tiki Hut Bar, I was having a hard time deciding (5/5)

Many of the brands that are half the price are certainly cheaper, but from reviews I saw that they do seem to break down more quickly. it is a solidly built machine from the fact that it dropped 64 cubes every six minutes as soon as I turned it on I fixed the problem in eight It was hot in South Florida all of the time so I can tell you I filled up the large bin within three hours. I will be able to throw some serious parties or take large coolers fishing on the boat.

Kara Bond - 01/02/2021
A rough estimate (4/5)

Each time the ice cycle is completed, 8 fluid ounces should be poured into the sewer. A pretty quick way to make ice. It is extremely happy with the quality and quantity of the ice. There is just one complaint the ice melts off fairly rapidly. This was one area where Manitowoc could have done a better job insulating for storage. Aside from melting off the water and removing the excess after the ice is made, the machine also uses about 6 gallons of water per day. Since the drain hole is about a foot off the ground, you might want to buy a condensate pump to move the water up to a sewage line. I have a dog potty that I tied into so my dog can have cool water in the hot summer months.

Aries Wells - 13/01/2021
Those running their own businesses There is no better brand (5/5)

I currently own a Manitowoc 560lb machine that has been trouble free for years. A larger one can be found outside. The one in this bar is smaller than one I use in my other bar, which is The ice dropped so quickly and my guy hooked it up he said the Manitowoc machine will last for years and years. *My understanding is that Manitowoc uses a unique metal plate that makes their machines so reliable.

Paula Dickerson - 26/02/2021
All summer long, we entertain by our pool and use a LOT of ice (5/5)

This is my favorite ice machine. The ice maker makes a batch of ice in about 10 minutes. We use it to make ice for drinks, coolers, coolers for guests, etc. We use it quite a bit, so I can't tell its daily production or capacity, but I know it keeps up with quite a lot of demand. In addition, I want to note that it's very easy to keep I have found that I clean it more frequently than our old model, simply because it's so easy to maintain.

Tyler Tyler - 26/07/2021
Purchases I have ever made have been the best (5/5)

I own this machine to replace a home kitchen aid. It is inside my The cost was several hundred dollars less than replacing with a new The warranty on this machine is 3/5 years compared to 1 year on an appliance made by Kitchen A thick layer of ice filled the bin overnight. It has a louder sound than a kitchen aid because it makes 4 times the amount of ice. It is smaller and silent compared to We received it within one day of ordering with regular.

Keaton Washington - 11/06/2021
It took me less than a day to finish it (2/5)

It is easy to set up. Is fast at producing ice. He had the machine up and running in no time. After it had filled up the bin half way, the machine stopped making ice. It would only heat the water and run it through the machine for 3 weeks before it was There is a problem with the It's been a while since I had a problem.

Shiloh Barnett - 19/03/2021
Neither the Hoshizaki nor the Top of the Line was recommended by my refrigeration mechanic (5/5)

They are garbage, as are True and BeverageAire. This machine was, as far as a commercial machine is concerned, as near to plug and play as one.

Reese Harvey - 02/04/2021