MANBA Ice Crusher Review

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Score By Feature Based on 48 ratings

Easy to clean 4.6 
Value for money 4.3 
Easy to use 4.3 
Flavor 4.1 
  • Has high quality blades.
  • Cuts with precision.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Portable.
  • Has a plastic smell when new.

MANBA Ice Crusher Product Description

You plan to use the appliance just for making mint juleps and snow cones on the weekends, there’s no reason you need to spend money on an electric appliance that takes up a lot of counter space. your best bet is to make use of this compact Manba tool. Ice is crushed using stainless steel blades that resist rust and are durable. The ice crusher comes with a hand crank and clear plastic basin for collecting shaved ice. As a bonus, the grinder comes with a mini ice tray.

  • The set includes 2 x Ice Crushers, which can be used to crush ice cubes into white fluffy snow-like ice, as well as a 15 pc. Ice Cube Mold for freezing ice cubes cubically. Ice blocks and snow cone shaved ice for slushies, margaritas, funny drinks and more will be available for your convenience.
  • Stainless Steel Blades The blades in this crushed ice maker are made of 18/8 stainless steel so they will never rust and they are durable for long-term use.
  • A 3 Blade Shaver allows the user to shave ice much faster and more efficiently than a single blade, which can be operated easily by everyone from children to old age.
  • The Easy System is a portable system that is easy to use, easy to clean, easy to carry and easy to store. Snow cones for fun drinks even outdoors without electricity with this portable manual hand crank design for shaved ice and snow cones.
  • GIFT Flexible Silicone Ice Cube Tray makes it easy to make 15 pieces of perfect-sized ice blocks for all kinds of drinks at home, at the office, or for The ice cubes can be released by pushing them with your finger or simply by turning them

Questions & Answers

We tried it out and it works and gives a full cup of shaved ice. The lid and pusher don't crack, and the pusher itself is sturdy. can be hard to remove, especially in frigid weather, but I wouldn't recommend banging it in. Just run some warm water and it should slide right out. Ice cubes are not as good as this. It is a one-time effort to fill the pusher ice twice with ice cubes for a full cup of ice. You made a great suggestion! Thank you!
Barbara I'm glad to hear from you. You are welcome. Thanks for asking. It is easy to turn the ice shaver and can be used by even 10 year old children, thanks to this product.
You can certainly make a snow cone by adding some flavor to this, too. The final result is shaved ice but you could make a snow cone by adding some flavor!
The only thing that has been shaved is the beard. There is a misunderstanding in the title. The ability to crush ice is not present.

Selected User Reviews For MANBA Ice Crusher

Whenever I eat it, I get a plastic taste (2/5)

I think it would be really cool to use this contraption. Only two things are wrong! The first was that the first couple of times I used it, it left small pieces of plastic in the ice. This was from the ice grinding down the plastic on the inside. The second was that the ice cube trays That has caused me to have to buy new ice trays. The rest of it is great, though I don't care for those two things. Note *br> I always notice that the ice tastes like plastic after using this machine. In thinking it was related to the ice trays, I bought new ones. There is still a horrible plastic taste to it.

Julieta Mayo - 11/07/2021
The blade had been cut into the device, so it was I thought it was great when I first got it (1/5)

This shaved ice machine was easy to use, easy to clean, and it made really good shaved ice. *br>I've used it about 15 times now. I noticed there were tiny blueish green spots in my glass a few days ago when I used it. Seeing how small they were, I couldn't tell if they were plants or insects. The tiny specs are still apparent to me today after I used it. In the next moment, I looked carefully at the blades and saw they were filled with tiny specs. This thing is basically garbage and could be dangerous since the blades are cutting the divider that holds ice. *br>I am not sure I can get my money back on this thing but it’s garbage and can be.

Kate Lane - 28/02/2021
I love it! The gadget is awesome! There is also an ice cube tray included, which works There is no way you can go wrong with this ice crusher -- it works great (5/5)

This has been a huge hit with my kids for slushies and snow cones! Very satisfied with this purchase. I would definitely recommend it!.

Clementine HOUGHTON - 31/01/2021
machine for chewing on crushed ice (5/5)

I bought this for my husband as he loves chewing on frozen cubes. This machine does exactly what it says and it's extremely user-friendly. As a bonus This little thing is extremely inexpensive! I have no idea how long it will last, but since it was so cheap, I won't have any problems buying a replacement, in the event one is needed.

Irene Nguyen - 11/02/2021
A great ice cube tray with flexible blades and a great ice shaver (5/5)

Whenever I go to the grocery store, I buy snow cones for my son. My goal was to make ice cream whenever he wants it. So I bought the ice shaver. It's been about a month since I bought the product, and I'm loving It is something I have used quite a bit. I like how it looks and it's very durable as well. While crushing, the lid has to be pressed firmly to work, however, it's very simple to do. I love how the final product turned out! There is no end to the fun my son has with Similarly, you'll be surprised by the amount of shaved ice you get. There were 4 cubes of ice in the bowl, so it was full! Likes the ice cube tray that comes with it as well. It is a breeze to take the ice cubes out due to the flexible silicone. It is a product I would definitely recommend!.

Oaklynn Chung - 20/03/2021
You'd be surprised how quickly fur and lint find their way in (5/5)

Clean it really well and before trying to use it, it didn't come to me dirty or anything, but you'll need to take your time. My favorite part about this ice cube tray is how easy it is to use! Since I am not yet confident enough to lift them out on my own, I have to place the tray on a plate. It is so easy to open! You should put one cube into the grinder at a time, and apply pressure to the top of the ice when grinding it.

Reina Green - 27/04/2021
The combination of products is excellent (5/5)

The product itself is great as well. In response to my papa's crushing of the ice block, my 6-year-old brother rolled it on the ground We plan to take this on our next mountain trip, I'll probably be ordering one for my sister. I saw that, haha, she can do it very easily, and she can do it very fast, very easy to use.

Artemis Rodriguez - 15/02/2021
A snow cone maker would be great for this (5/5)

This machine is simple and easy to use but it takes a long time to get a good amount of ice and the ice looks like snow when it comes out.

Jakari Thompson - 03/08/2021