Maketh the Man Art Deco Whiskey Tumblers Review

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Sturdiness 5.0 
Durability 4.9 
Giftable 4.9 
Comfort 4.9 
Value for money 4.8 
Easy to hold 4.8 
  • Crystal that is free of lead.
  • Includes a lovely gift package.
  • Dishwasher-friendly.
  • Retro style isn't for everyone.

Maketh the Man Art Deco Whiskey Tumblers Product Description

It’s hard to find another product that looks this nice, many thanks to the designers. These tumblers are made of space-age material and feature Art Deco-style art. With a 10-ounce capacity, these whiskey glasses are also great for cocktails. GIVE IT AS A GIFT AND YOU’LL FEEL GREAT – Our sophisticated presentation box offers durable protection and makes gift-giving simple. Make that enthusiast’s day by giving them this beautiful set of tumblers as a gift. Their face will light up when they open their present to find them. An ideal gift for a groomsman or as a gift for any occasion, whether it be an anniversary, birthday, Father’s Day, or engagement. Don’t be afraid to spoil yourself or someone you care about.

  • WE THINK YOU'LL LOVE GIVING THIS WHISKEY GLASS SET AS A GIFT - The set comes in our exquisite presentation box, allowing you to present this truly unique gift with no wrapping required. Give a gift that will make the enthusiast in your life smile and watch their eyes light up when they see this beautiful set of tumblers when they open it. It's a great groomsman gift or an ideal gift to give at a wedding, anniversary, birthday, Father's Day, engagement, or other special occasions. Whether you're treating yourself or someone else, make sure to treat yourself.
  • PAIR OF STUNNING PREMIUM QUALITY BOURBON GLASSES IN TIMELESS EUROPEAN DESIGN - Each lead-free Be The Man bourbon glass has been crafted with exceptional craftsmanship and care for a total of 24 hours. Glassware that is refined and sophisticated is a blend of timeless designs and a contemporary twist. The weight of the old fashioned glass and its pleasant feel in your hand are evident.
  • Intended for those who want to enjoy more than just one shot of their favorite spirit. Each 10 oz (300 ml) scotch glass has ample room for water, ice, ice ball, whisky stones or rocks as well as plenty of room for ice. These are also ideal for mixing vodka, rum, and other spirits. Rocks glasses have a solid base, so they can be used to make cocktails such as Old Fashioneds.
  • A PEACE OF MIND IS YOURS WITH 100% NO-LEAF SODA - As opposed to traditional crystal, the entire range of our drinkware is carefully crafted from 100% no-lead soda ash, allowing you to safely enjoy every taste. Furthermore, the dishwashing machine is safe to use on this stylish glassware set.
  • A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND - Because our brand values are Quality, Trust and Integrity, all of our products are accompanied by an excellent customer service team.

Questions & Answers

I have five boxes of these at the moment, and they all have them printed "Made In China" on them.
China is indeed the country where it is made. A product of European design. My experience with them is that it is well made and very well made product.
Without a doubt! They are perfect to serve vodka as well as any other spirit of your choice. Furthermore, their thick base gives them an excellent base for making cocktails as well. During a dinner party, one customer used the treats to present her favorite dessert, and she was amazed at how beautiful they looked!

Selected User Reviews For Maketh the Man Art Deco Whiskey Tumblers

It's a Jetsons show! Both The Jetsons and these glasses were inspired by the "Art Deco" style, being described as a time of innovation and innovation at the dawn of the modern era of rocket technology in the 1930s and 1940s (5/5)

*)*br>*br>My glasses arrived in fantastic condition in their beautiful box The black & white design is crafted with care The gold box displays a gift. enclosed in a dense black foam that has four layers. Despite its elegance, the box top does not fall backward as long as it is kept from falling forward by a black silk ribbon on the left side. I bought it for myself, but the presentation would make an ideal gift for any sipper who appreciates art deco designs. According to their description, these glasses hold 10 ounces each and it is said to be quite large in the hand, which would make them suitable for a number of different types of beverages besides only With its futuristic art deco flair, the flare is perfect The bottom style ridges (as I call them) aren't perfectly symmetrical, rather they have an asymmetrical slant that brings more thoughtful attention to the design than if they were simply straight (it is hard to explain, but In the event that I removed the glasses from the box, I immediately cleaned them with soap and water, dried them thoroughly, and then took a microfiber cloth and polished them This is clothing. It is quite sharp and clear as well as having a mild color There is something very classy about the flecking of the crystal under halogen lighting. This is a highly recommended book. It would be hard for me not to give them a 100% positive rating - they're THAT good. Let me please! The matching decanter needs to be refilled. If you can provide me with a decanter and another set of glasses, I will gladly pay you handsomely.

Lawrence Gray - 02/03/2021
They're a big hit with hubby! My husband loved these Valentine's Day glasses! I had no idea what to get him for such a special My friend and I are both big nerds, and I included a picture of Tony Stark in the Avengers drinking out of the same glass and in the card, I said that they are for "Earth's Mightiest Heroes (5/5)

". It would have been impossible to find a better gift for him if he were a comic book fan and a scotch drinker. To top it all off, the glasses are absolutely stunning. It will be for Christmas that I get him the decanter. It's a secret.

Houston Bradshaw - 14/01/2021
A gift (5/5)

Bought as a present. These were purchased as a gift for a friend for Christmas. The love he felt for them was overwhelming. These glasses fit a lot in the box and the box is highly appealing to look at. They are also larger than normal, so the glasses stack very happily. I really like the craftmanship of the glasses - they're It would make a wonderful present.

Alexandria Jensen - 11/04/2021
The situation is now in order (4/5)

My review below was contacted by this firm after I left it. Upon request, the company arranged for another set to be sent. You could give it as a gift to a couple on their wedding day. It has been a pleasure working with I was very pleased with the gift box. As for the glasses themselves, they were of a poor quality. There are bubbles, pits, waves, and two small scuff marks on one of the glasses. You will receive a refund soon. A wedding gift of these would have been perfect.

Ansley Fleming - 14/03/2021
The most beautiful thing I have ever seen (5/5)

My recipient appreciated that the glasses arrived a day earlier than they had been scheduled, since the present was time sensitive. Having to give a gift with an Art Deco theme, these were just what I needed. This pair of glasses has thick, lovely glass, and the design on the bottom makes them look I very much appreciated how well they came packaged in a leather It's a terrific gift for any scotch/whiskey drinker in great taste or as a masculine gift!.

Bailey MORLEY - 05/06/2021
This is a nice price for a really solid, thick pair of socks (4/5)

These are very sturdy and thick for the price. For those who have small hands, this might be too thick. The glasses are made in China and they don't sound like Waterford crystal when they're clinked together in a toast. One might wonder if half the price of these crystal glasses is in the beautiful presentation case. Those are great for gift giving on a budget (and they'll look like your spent more than you did).

Kamila Ochoa - 16/01/2021
Good presentation and a sturdy product (5/5)

These were a hit with the recipients when I gave them as gifts. The glasses are hard to handle, even for me, because of my small hands, however, your average male should not have any issues. It doesn't take long for you to become accustomed to the shape, and then picking them up is effortless. To be honest, although the case they come in is very nice, they seldom go back in as they are frequently used by their owner for any type of beverage. are not only easy to clean, but they have a nice weight to them. If you are looking for something a little different than the standard presents, then this would be a good gift for an occasional drinker.

Moses Arias - 13/06/2021
Glasses of excellent quality (5/5)

Arriving at the address was the package. My eyes were drawn to the box, which was beautiful. A beautiful presentation greeted me as I opened the box. A close inspection of each glass was performed by me. The product is in perfect condition. A flawless job. There is no difference between the product and the advertisement. While these glasses are a tad big and stout, the ridges on the base of the glasses make them handleable. Your glass will be almost empty by the end of it. Besides belonging to the oversize glass tradition, I appreciate the way they show the enjoyment of scotch drinking It would be a good choice for you. The purchase was a great success for me.

Tobias Pittman - 18/05/2021