Magic Chef 27-Lb. B07JK758S2 Review

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Score By Feature Based on 78 ratings

Easy to use 5.0 
Flavor 4.6 
Noise level 3.4 
  • Includes ice scoop and the removable.
  • Quick to make ice.
  • Not recommended for parties.
  • No freezing function.

Magic Chef 27-Lb. B07JK758S2 Product Description

With a height of 12.9 inches and a width of 9.5 inches, the Magic Chef ice maker is small enough to sit out of the way in your kitchen but is lightweight and portable enough to take with you – whether you’re traveling in your RV or visiting a friend.

  • It's easy to use and produces ice within a few.
  • Every cycle, the machine produces nine ice cubes.
  • There are 2 sizes of ice cubes to choose from.
  • The total weight of the finished product is 27 pounds. The 24 hour use of ice.
  • The drain is on the exterior and the window is see-through.

Questions & Answers

In fact, if you wait too long before using the unit, the ice will melt eventually. As soon as the unit is full of ice, I transfer the ice to freezer bags for the freezer. If I leave the unit on and don't transfer the ice, the unit will just keep producing new ice as old ice melts.
The unit is compact and sits nice on the counter. It is about the size of a bread machine. Ours is the best.

Selected User Reviews For Magic Chef 27-Lb. B07JK758S2

This ice maker works like a charm (5/5)

Ice is consistently made quickly, it is easy to use, for the most part it is very quiet, but once in a while it will make a whirring noise, as if the motor is working hard. There is a correction, but it is fairly quick.

Kieran Brooks - 11/01/2021
I would buy from them This is the style of one I used to have (5/5)

I enjoyed that book and this one as well.

Elisha Marquez - 04/08/2021
I bought this to replace my old one because it is the best product around (5/5)

My old one died on me and I had to replace it with the best product available. I love the fact that there is always ice available.

Lauryn SWIFT - 25/06/2021
We expected more but it turned out better than we expected (5/5)

This is amazing.

Amora Ibarra - 15/01/2021
There is a level of noise (5/5)

The product is great, but the noise level is a little high.

Joanna McGuire - 02/05/2021
This was exactly what I was expecting! The noise level may be a little high! In order to ensure that it works properly, I try not to run it at night (4/5)


Sariyah Gilmore - 05/01/2021
Buying this was a bad decision (1/5)

It stopped working after a month, the shipping label they send you to print is not prepaid, and you have to pay your own shipping fees to send it back.

Ocean Caldwell - 11/03/2021
This is a worthwhile purchase (4/5)

So far, I have not purchased a bag of ice since I got this It melts faster than fridge ice, but it also makes a decent amount of ice.

Genesis CONNOLLY - 25/01/2021