MAGCAP Magnetic Wall Mounted Bar  Review

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Easy to install 4.7 
Easy to use 4.7 
Giftable 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Durability 4.5 
Value for money 4.4 
  • Durable.
  • Powerful magnet.
  • Paint easily fades.

MAGCAP Magnetic Wall Mounted Bar  Product Description

In the MAGCAP magnetic set, you get both a bottle opener mounted on the wall, and a bottle cap catcher for collecting your caps conveniently below. Magnets are hidden within the design of the MAGCAP Bottle Opener so that they do not disrupt its aesthetic.

  • A MAGCAP magnetic set includes both the wall-mounted bottle opener and the catches that collect the bottle caps underneath, so everything you need is right at your fingertips.
  • INCLUDES MOUNTING HARDWARE - There is no excuse not to mount your bar-style bottle opener and bottle cap catcher on your wall as soon as you receive them. You can use the included hardware as soon as you open the box. Open a beer or a soda and have fun!
  • This bar-style accessory has a few innovative features such as neodymium magnets placed in such a way that they do not detract from its aesthetic. Caps are caught at the moment they fall, so your Bottle Cap Catcher won't let them get away. Do not forget to remove the cap when opening your bottle!
  • This wall-mounted bottle opener and bottle cap catcher set, which features a classic bar style design and rustic aesthetic, allows you to place it in any setting, including the bar, the kitchen, the garage or the living room. Check to see if it is close to your favorite chilling spot!
  • The simple set of MAGIC AND SURPRISE is great for any party. Impress your friends, amaze your children and save yourself the hassle of putting up all of the decorations. With the magnets on our bottle openers by MAGCAP, our visitors are always surprised and are always coming back for more. Bottle caps can be collected and stored in the bottle cap catcher for future.

Questions & Answers

A 2 3/4-inch diameter pipe.
There is only a magnet on the bottle opener so that the bottle cap won't fall to the Bottle caps fit into this container about 60 at a time.
Three inches would be about right. I have been surprised by the size of the whole thing, but it is incredibly well done.

Selected User Reviews For MAGCAP Magnetic Wall Mounted Bar 

There is a good price, but there is no benefit to having a magnet and catcher bin (5/5)

For the price of both together, this is a great deal. Despite my assumptions before purchasing, I was wrong in my assumption that the magnet of the opener would be redundant with The frustration is a little too great. My plan is to pry out the magnets because I find that I am much more efficient when I allow caps to fall into bins and have them available for the.

Cataleya Frye - 18/02/2021
The answer I was looking for (5/5)

Box fits well on my five. I needed something that would be durable and fit nicely in the box. It doesn't fill up with water or drinks since it has a 5 inch pole and a bottom with 3 holes. The quality of the opener appears to be excellent.

Sawyer Campbell - 12/06/2021
The cap catch bucket is a simple, solid, beautiful, and value priced wall mounted opener (5/5)

The bottle opener and cap catcher are of high quality for a reasonable price. On my patio, I mounted it to one of the 6" x 6" pergola posts, and it looks really nice. This small device is not obtrusive or intrusive, it is just a well made opener and catch bucket that fits that post nicely It is my intention to drill a couple of holes in the bottom of the catch bucket in order to allow winter rains to drain. A simple solid product that is well made and well priced.

Zoie Hutchinson - 17/02/2021
This bottle opener is of high quality (5/5)

My order was delivered exactly as I envisioned. Both the description and picture of the product give the most accurate representation of the product. I am adding this bottle opener/catcher to a poolside cooler this summer and I foresee it getting lots of use.

Kaiya Waller - 17/07/2021
When it was added to a painted board that had a saying on it, it made the ideal gift (5/5)

While this is a good idea, I wonder why we need a bucket if we have an opener that LOL *br>*br>We bought a board from our local craft supply store, painted it, and then added a vinyl saying to it. The MAGCAP was a fantastic Christmas gift because of its excellent craftsmanship, which we are proud to present to you today. My family and friends are already asking if I can make them a few more, so I am glad to purchase this product.

Darian Wilson - 23/01/2021
That is a very nice A stainless opener with a handy cap bin is a very nice item (5/5)

Having this on my deck will be nice.

Kailey GRIFFITHS - 05/03/2021
It was the hit of the party! For my friend's 60th birthday, I gave it to him (5/5)

He immediately stopped what he was doing (I was at his birthday party) and put it on the wall of his mancave next to the bar as soon as he saw it. There was no shortage of users! His birthday gift is one of the most used things in his life. I love the price and the.

Ellis Henson - 03/05/2021
Thanks! It works like a charm! The screw set consists of two short screws and two long screws (4/5)

Thanks! It works like a charm! There are two short screws and two long screws included. It seems the long screws are for the top part since the bottles will put pressure on it, don't you think? In order to screw it in, I had to cut a thin slot on the end As for the short screws, I had to buy some from my local hardware store because I needed four short screws. However, it works great!.

Gael Shepherd - 14/05/2021