Luxu old fashioned whiskey glasses Review

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Fácil de sostener 4.7 
Robustez 4.7 
Excelente inversión 4.7 
Ideal para regalar 4.7 
Durabilidad 4.7 
  • Maintains the flavour profile of the drinks.
  • 6 glasses in a set.
  • Made of crystal that is devoid of lead.
  • Some people were given the incorrect number of glasses.

Luxu old fashioned whiskey glasses Product Description

With this stunning set of old-fashioned glasses, you can enjoy all kinds of spirits. They can both hold approximately 11 ounces and are good for ice cubes and balls of medium size. In addition to feeling great in the hand, its classic design can be used in formal and informal settings alike. Glasses great for whisky on the rocks and cocktails are dishwasher-safe and lead-free. The set is best suited to those who are interested in getting the most value for their money. The set of six stunning glasses that you get with your purchase can be used for casual parties or even daily drinking. Having a featureless design and curves in all the right places is what the whiskey glasses are like, according to a customer. It’s perfect in every way for him to enjoy his drink. The ice cube trays can also take two-inch spheres without causing a mess, which is another factor he likes.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • SINGLE CRYSTAL QUALITY - A stunning antique style cocktail glass set that has a timeless design. This glasses are perfect for serving whiskeys and mixed drinks. Whether you enjoy single malt, Tennessee Rye, brandy, beer, vodka, vintage cocktails, gynetonic or whatever liquor you like, the cocktail glass is sure to please. It can also be used to serve water or juice stylishly on your dining table.
  • The Serious Whiskey Drinker Knows That Details Really Do Matter - The serious whiskey drinker knows exactly how important details are. An aged cask of your favorite liquor of choice has been waiting for 18 years. Pour your whiskey into a glass that maintains its full alcohol profile to give it the respect it deserves.
  • It's Exactly What You Need At Home - This short whiskey glass set includes 6 glasses that you can use for whiskey, scotch, bourbon, vodka, and just about any cocktail you can imagine. Small enough to hold your ice cubes, but not too small for you to hold in your hands.
  • These hand blown glass tumblers are lead free, so they would make the perfect whiskey gift. The color is very good in the light. This is a great gift idea for any occasion and offers an exceptional value. It's the perfect gift for men and women on their birthdays, for Christmas, for Mother's or Father's Day, for engagements, for wedding anniversaries, or for christenings.
  • The fun whiskey glasses are dishwasher safe so you don't have to worry about dirtying them. In the unlikely event that your set is damaged on arrival, we will send you a new one at no charge.

Selected User Reviews For Luxu old fashioned whiskey glasses

On Amazon, there is no better Whisky Glass value than this one

The pictures may fool you, but don't let them fool Six is going to be yours, that's right. This 6-piece whiskey glass set is classy, sleek, and durable. It looks nice because the curves are in all the right places and there are no features. It is perfect in every way to enjoy your drink. Their ice compartments can easily hold cubes up to two inches in diameter without any problems. I also really enjoy the fact that the glass has a nice sturdy feel in my hand and is the These glasses are perfect for regular water drinking as well as cocktail mixing. My favorite glasses as a drink maker are old fashioned and negroni because I enjoy the taste of these drinks so much. The best value on all of Amazon is in my opinion this one. This is the first time Kirkland signature has not slapped their brand on these puppies.

Shiloh Frank - 02/07/2021
Class sizes are small and classes tend to be It would be great if my husband could have old fashioneds in the glass

They are too small to fit in the square ice cubes that we made. I just wanted to point out,.

Arabella Ibarra - 26/07/2021
The glass is missing two pieces

There are six glasses in this set but I only received four. What happened to the two other glasses?.

Oaklynn Albert - 08/03/2021
The perfect glasses to wear on a daily basis and for special events

The short glasses I had from Ikea need to be replaced with a better quality pair. The quality of these is much higher. Almost none of them look weak. They seem stronger and sharper A) a high-style look without being overbearing. They are not crystal, but are great for your everyday use as well as for treating a friend to a nice glass of scotch. plus is that they were packaged very well.

Opal MAHMOOD - 05/03/2021
It is packaged well, has thick glass, and is of good quality

It is recommended to use whiskey glasses that are thick and heavy It is proportionate. The six packages were well-packed for shipping, and all of them arrived in good condition.

Wesson Shah - 10/07/2021
There is a lot

I have nearly used up all my previous glassware. In a nutshell, There is a lot. I have nearly used up all my previous glassware. This was quite a thin, simple pair. I use them for every day purposes with no problems. With this product, you can't go wrong.

Alexa Cobb - 15/05/2021
It serves as a good container for liquids

The word that it uses describes exactly what it The weight of this product, which is 11 ounces, is decent. The size of this device is a bit odd,.

Jolene Schultz - 26/06/2021
I highly recommend this product

This exactly what I was looking for when making thank you gifts for my colleagues.

Samuel Flowers - 31/07/2021