Luma Comfort IM200SS Review

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Easy to use 4.3 
Flavor 4.3 
Easy to clean 4.0 
Easy to install 3.6 
Longevity 3.2 
Durability 2.2 
  • Produces clear ice cubes.
  • Full ice indicator.
  • Sleek stainless steel finish.
  • Quite pricey.

Luma Comfort IM200SS Product Description

It produces clear ice cubes that don’t make carbonated drinks fizz or go flat the way cloudy ice does. It makes batches that are about three times as big as a small bullet-ice maker (but takes about three times longer.

  • Our ice is 5 times slower to melt than cloudy ice, making it perfect for restaurants and other hospitality industries.
  • You will never have to run to the store for ice again with this powerful compressor that generates 28 pounds of ice per day.
  • A simple, hassle-free ice dispenser that does not need any installation - just plug it in, add water, and wait up to 15 minutes for the first batch to arrive.
  • It is possible to create cube shaped ice as often as every 15 minutes, so you do not have to wait long before your drink gets chilled.
  • When you have a side-mounted drain, you can easily store water and don't have to worry about spills.

Questions & Answers

Approximately 14ppm (parts per million) of TDS (total dissolved solids) is what I use in RO water (Reverse Osmosis). I like the idea of having flavorless ice without chlorine. It's always worked well in machines and I'm always impressed by how well it works. My drinking habits probably reflect my "water snob" nature. You don't need to be as crazy as I am to try tap water or bottled water. (FYI, bottled "drinking water" typically costs between $10 and $12 per container. This is equivalent to 200 ppm The water in the tap is 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit A maximum of 500ppm TDS is required. The use of distilled water is not recommended since it has no TDS. A great deal of the sensors of some machines are incapable of detecting it, since it is unnecessarily aggressive. can make clear ice cubes from water that contains either low I don't think you need to worry. Your water used to create your ice cubes will still taste like the water you used to make them, although they may appear clear. You may have read articles in which "impurities" are blamed for cloudy ice, but they are incorrect. Cloudy ice results when there is trapped air within it, unless you make it from dirty water. During that time. Unlike clear ice machines, which freeze the water in layers, clear ice machines allow the air to escape before the ice is solidified. So that's all I have to say. It's all there is to it. It doesn't look like anything else is happening.
There is no way to keep ice frozen with it. As time goes on, it begins to melt. Please do not waste your time and money on this.
Sheets of cubes come out of the machine. I believe that the cubes are about 3/4 inch square.
On their website, Perry, Luma Comfort, the manufacturer, indicates they promise one year warranty on "materials or workmanship". "Materials or workmanship" include things other than normal wear or abuse, such as misuse or abuse by the consumer. If an item is insufficient or insufficient value, they will replace it with a new item. Since they indicate you keep the original box, and we are unsure if they pay shipping back, but we suspect they do since it is specified you keep the receipt. In order to return a product, you need to contact them (on the phone/via email). In addition to the 1 year warranty, a 3 year warranty can also be purchased.

Selected User Reviews For Luma Comfort IM200SS

My one and one month old unit has never worked properly (1/5)

It makes ice, but there is no filter so slime forms. I have used it daily to make ice for my iced coffee for the last year and one month. That year, I was thrilled to pay $240, felt it had been worth it, and I enjoyed using it throughout. A few weeks ago I noticed it was making a grumbling noise, so I called their customer service. The agent was friendly and offered to fix it, but it would cost $160. I took apart the machine to give it a deep clean in hopes that the issue will be resolved. I opened up the unit, cut the cable ties holding the tubes in place, and found a disgusting mess inside. The hoses were filled with slime. I cleaned it regularly with vinegar and diluted dish soap (as suggested Scooping the ice with your hands is not supposed to be done, only with It is filtered water that we use. Although there are supposed to be filters on this machine, they are actually small plastic strainers that can only filter things larger than a grain of rice. Thus, I shouldn't have been surprised at the slime I found.

Celeste Rocha - 27/02/2021
A very good ice maker that makes lots of clear ice for a very good price (5/5)

I have not encountered any of the problems others have. The device has been in my possession now for 15 months, and I've always used it. Tips for writing a good essay The water in mine gets flushed out once a month with bleach water. In this case, it produces dirty clear slime that forms To gain thicker ice, turn off the unit, hold the on/off button down for ten seconds, then turn it back on. manual suggests five seconds for the ice to thicken, but I find that shorter is more effective in order to make the ice thicker. Sometimes I had troubles making the ice thicker and it Minerals accumulate beneath the screw of the ice bucket. I think it's caused by mineral build-up. In the next cycle, I just clean around the screw with a paper towel and add more water drops. It is not unusual for melted ice to overflow the area under the ice bucket, resulting in ice melting as soon as it is created. It took a while for me to get it going again by just scooping out a bit of the water. My old solution had been out of date for a few months, so I discovered a better one. Under the ice bucket, I put a stainless steel fender washer behind the screw. In order to keep water from leaking around it, I used a little plumbers putty on the back side. The water fill now stops at the washer, and this problem is no longer an issue. If the ice gets very thin, dust will probably need to be blown from the condenser coils. You can't see contaminants from the back because air flows through the front of the system. The year after I cleaned out mine, I needed to do it again. For the past several years I've only used RO water in mine. As a result of softened water's salt content, ice is thinner, as well as contamination around the fill sensor screw is faster. My habit is to empty all the water from the buckets once or twice Clear ice is a result of that. Ice makers with clear plates flow water over a cold plate, and the water separates from the plate and freezes. Water contaminants remain in the water until the amount of contamination is such that it can no longer sustain that level of contamination. It is the job of a professional clear ice maker to flush the recycled water periodically to keep the ice clear, and this one does not.

Clayton HILTON - 18/06/2021
The buyer is advised to be careful (1/5)

It's better to be safe than sorry! It has a poor quality product and a poor customer service experience. I bought this in February. I tried it in 2015 for a few months, and it worked fine. This was followed by a complete stop. The ice machine served as our only source of ice and we had it running around the clock. Could it be that it only runs on special occasions all day and not at all other times? Have you ever had a holiday like that? We sent it back a few months ago, and it took a while to repair, so we are already into 2016. I was again unable to access it. My frustration has reached its peak at this point, so I have purchased ice to ease my frustration. I had to pay another $35 to return it for the SECOND time. It was sent to the same venue the first time, but the company had moved, so it was sent to the wrong location. In that case, I will own up to my mistake. Customer service confirmed a new replacement would be sent two weeks later after it was finally tracked down after a few months. There is nothing. There were over 11 individuals I spoke with in Luma, and over ten emails were sent. My next purchase from LUMA won't be from them.

Brittany Wolfe - 06/04/2021
I can't believe how little pride the merchandise has, it doesn't even What a great group of people you are (1/5)

My pump stopped working after I received the machine 58 days after I received it, even after I followed the directions for cleaning it. Pump that has become infected. In my communication with Luma, I used the following address I sent an email and got a reply back and I have a question in Ezzy, who asked what this charge on $192 was, replied, Oh! But I was wondering what it was that was charged. No problem, would you like to take advantage of the In the event that the ice maker cannot be repaired, we will mail you a brand new one. In addition to the $192 shipping and handling charge, there is a $122 handling charge. Our California service center can provide you with a prepaid FedEx label if you need to return the unit. There is an additional charge of $192. In a nutshell, The rules are the same. Purchasing a label from our customer support can be done by contacting our customer service personnel. And I said no thank you, $192 plus $20 more, and I can order a Reading reviews before making a purchase influenced my decision. Even though it didn't work, I tried my best. 58 days after leaving, there will be no return. I assume you don't take any pride in your merchandise, because that's how you rip people off! It's so smart! A dumpster will be used to dispose of it. What a great group of people you are! Your business needs to be done that way! Her reply was that the claim had been I am stunned.

Edison Lane - 11/02/2021