Luigi Bormioli Sparkling Wine Glasses Review

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  • Light weight.
  • Break-resistant.
  • Elegantly shaped.
  • Smooth and gentle on the lips.
  • They are a bit large.

Luigi Bormioli Sparkling Wine Glasses Product Description

The ideal shape for drinking sparkling wine is a tall, narrow one (too much of a flat surface will cause the bubbles to disappear). In a flute, a delicate curve enhances the nose of the wine while maintaining the standard flute shape to allow for the enjoyment of rising bubbles of sparkling varietals like Champagne, Prosecco, and Cava. with lead-free crystal glass and manufactured using modern technology, this budget-friendly glass is incredibly strong and can withstand even the heaviest of impacts.

  • 2. Measure the height and weight. The size of this item is 8" DIA X 9". Eight inches high, zero inches deep. Weight 33 lbs.
  • A pair of 6 oz wine glasses comes in a package of two.
  • Color-coded collection is easy to use.
  • The Son. Hyx Lead-free crystal glass is breakresistant and dishwasher safe, and is made by a high-tech blowing machine.
  • Ti alloy reinforced - a permanent anti-abrasion treatment applied directly to the stems of the glass to enhance the glass' resistance to breakage.
  • The use of special treatment and/or enhanced epicure (indentation) create an extra persistent flow of bubbles.
  • Testing by the Italian Tasters - Products tested by the Italian Tasters Consortium.
  • A laser-cut rim that's reinforced and finely detailed.
  • The stems from pulled plants do not have any seams and are incredibly.
  • This product is Italian-made.

Selected User Reviews For Luigi Bormioli Sparkling Wine Glasses

I am in love with it! Seeing as it is made in Italy, it is my favorite! This wine glass caught my eye since I am crazy about Italian made and Italy (5/5)

The quality of Italian glass I observed during my visit to Murano and Viena is very high. When drinking it, it makes a great sound, it feels soft to the lips when drinking, it's light weighted, and it's larger than most glasses. If you would rather have a smaller glass, then this might make you uncomfortable.

Dorian McCullough - 18/07/2021
Glassware of a high standard (5/5)

The glasses made of these materials make drinking champagne a pleasure. They are a beautiful set of champagne flutes or sparkling wine glasses. It's not the first time I've had them. Getting them is very exciting for me.

Fatima Liu - 14/02/2021
The Bormioli Plan There's just no end to my love for I love how smooth these glasses feel to It is difficult for them to break The glass I own now has the ability to do more than any other glass I have The Bormioli Plan There's just no end to my love for (5/5)


Kadence Koch - 29/07/2021
Too fragile (1/5)

First glass broke when it tipped over in the sink shortly after being delivered. Almost a month after the first glass, the second also had the same problem.

Halle Hester - 26/07/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

As far as I can tell, it is crystal clear and pretty durable.

Jacob McBride - 26/02/2021
My only wish is that they would last longer (4/5)

In the end, the design is beautiful, but it is.

Harold Doyle - 27/06/2021
I got great wine glasses for the price I paid (5/5)

It was actually a discount store (Home Goods) that I bought these beautiful glasses from, but I had to leave a review nonetheless. Those are wonderful, and they are large! You may not like these if you are not a fan of large wine glasses. Even though the mugs are quite large (they can hold a little more than 22oz according to the box), they feel very elegant and nice in the hand. I bought these to replace a Libbey set I had that kept breaking over time. It's a big upgrade to have these! The stemware is easy to clean and looks great (I hand wash all my stemware). You can find these items at your local discount store (TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc. )! Please note Across the bottom of the glass is a scripted stamp in elegant cursive script bearing Bormioli's name. I thought I wouldn't like it at first, but I sometimes forget it exists. She said, "I like its lack of etching on the underside. " (Upon closer examination, I realize that it is lightly etched. ).

Maxine Acosta - 03/06/2021
I love these wine glasses for red wine, but they are more costly than they should be for a pair of glasses (4/5)

These glasses are just like other ones I have from Bormioli, so I knew I would love them. It looked great on my table with my favorite red wine tonight. They are the perfect companion for your favorite red wine. The only complaint I have is that they were a bit pricey for only two.

Andre Joyce - 15/05/2021