Luigi Bormioli Brandy Glass Review

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Easy to clean 4.7 
Easy to hold 4.7 
Giftable 4.5 
Value for money 4.5 
Sturdiness 4.5 
Durability 4.4 
  • Crystal-clear.
  • Economical.
  • Unstable rim and edges.

Luigi Bormioli Brandy Glass Product Description

These brandy glasses are made of lead-free glass and exhibit exceptional brilliance that captures the golden hues of the liquor. It is also ensured that these come out with fine and smooth ridges so that they can be easily sipped throughout the night. We like the stems on these brandy snifters because they are neither too long nor too short. If you like this feature, don’t forget to check out these glasses.

  • The Bormioli Michelangelo Masterpiece Napoleon Brandy Set of 4 contains 13-1/4-ounces of brandy.
  • Glass made from crystals.
  • For exceptional clarity, this item is blown from pure lead-free crystal.
  • A glassmaker's innovative techniques produce rims and edges with the highest degree of smoothness.
  • The dishwashing machine is safe.

Questions & Answers

A base of 2 is needed Three-fourths of an inch.
Brandy is meant to be poured into these glasses. The ice ball I own is too big to fit in there.
They loved these so I bought a set for myself. Yes, I gave a set as a gift, they loved them, and I purchased a set for myself.

Selected User Reviews For Luigi Bormioli Brandy Glass

We are trepidatious that they may have top-notch skills In six months, heavy will report on his progress (5/5)

By the same manufacturer/brand I bought enamored by the quality and aesthetics that I purchased 12 of these 11oz wine glasses. We were happy with the packaging, the wine glasses arrived in a box so well packed you probably could throw the box against a wall and nothing would've broken. *br>*br>The wine glasses themselves boast of being You can see the box's side in the picture below. As far as I can tell, everything that is listed there is true when you I really like the way the glass looks, it actually resembles crystal and has a silvery fleck A reflection of the moon. This is the set of glasses I use every day and they are holding up well. The only thing I have a problem with is the height of the stem (not stemmed iced tea) seems to be a bit small. I'm wondering if they might be top-heavy. The weight of the boat causes it to tip over once the wind starts blowing. I will update you in six months on how they are doing and if the smaller vase caused any casualties or if there are any other unforeseen problems. As I mentioned earlier, I'm confident that these are going to work just great, even with the smaller base, as they seem very solid but fragile if you get what I mean. I noticed that the description says that they are 8 inch tall, but the measurements are 8 1/16" tall, which isn't a big deal, but they fit just barely into the shelf that I needed them to so I thought I would mention it.

Carter McCarthy - 01/03/2021
Pay what you want and you will get what you desire (3/5)

The quality of some of the work is low. I ordered the exact Cognac/Brandy snifter I wanted, and it is exactly what I wanted in terms of shape and size. I even think that it's a better value for the price. Is there any reason why a review won't be outstanding? Because of the unevenness of the drinking edge and rim, I deducted a few stars. With your finger, you can feel it, but with your lips, you can feel it more strongly. So every time you drink, there is this rough/sharp texture on your lips. It feels like little bumps, but it can also feel like little cuts. My first experiment was to try three of the four glasses that arrived. Two of the edges were "rough" finished. Nevertheless, 1 of the 3 was perfect, so I may throw out the other 2 or use them in some other way (I wouldn't serve them to guests). However, it's difficult to argue with what you get for that price, but there is no quality control, so you can be guaranteed to get what you pay for. The only final comment I have is that Amazon Shipping was a star for getting me these glasses, which I thought had no chance of being delivered intact. Although they were unharmed, they managed to get to the other side.

Elisa HUSSAIN - 23/05/2021
Pay what you want and you will get what you desire (2/5)

The size of the glass is just right to hold In addition to being durable (at least they survived one dishwasher cycle), they look good (until you look at them closely) and it would seem that they are reasonably priced. how can a review with only two stars be justified? These are noticeably uneven at the rim and edges, as others have pointed out. One out of four of the glasses is uneven, but the other three At this price point, it would appear as if you are getting 4 glasses for a bargain, but you are only getting two of them that are usable. It took me seven days to contact the seller for a refund, and I never received a response. The return period has passed so I have to throw the defective ones away and get another brand. *br>Later on you can buy 2 better quality glasses for the same price so I can fool myself into thinking I got a deal. You should switch brands.

Jericho Aguirre - 18/07/2021
They are one of the best cognac snifters I've ever had! I like the cognac snifters very much - they are truly great and not tiny like so many other snifters (5/5)

Their capacity is admirable, especially if they are filled from their horizontal position at the top of the This is a superb set of four high-quality cognac glasses and we will enjoy them for years to come. We are thrilled that the set comes on a four-piece base so that friends and couples can enjoy them with us as well!.

Janiyah Marsh - 27/03/2021
There are no flaws and it is perfectly symmetrical around the drinking rim (5/5)

There are no flaws and it is perfectly symmetrical around the drinking rim. It does seem like the drinking edge has a very slight rounded bevel, but I guess that's to be expected for the price. There is no cut crystal here, but its size is nowhere near that of a typical restaurant-style menu board You should wear glasses of grade 10. That they can be put in the dishwasher is awesome. Despite having yet to break one, I own wine glasses made from Sparkx, and when they break (very rarely), they do not shatter, instead breaking into a few large pieces that can be easily cleaned. What a great idea!.

Heaven James - 23/03/2021
What kind of a person takes a beating and keeps Due to my tendency to drop things easily, I was concerned about the fragility/durability of these wine glasses (5/5)

They haven't broken yet, so I'm happy about that. I've knocked them over twice since I bought them one week ago, and they haven't broken. Additionally, the glasses are extremely attractive, refract light beautifully, and work like a charm! In addition to the price, I appreciate the quality. My finger around the rim technique doesn't seem to be working for getting them to sing well, but I'm trying to improve. It will take only a short time for that to work!.

Alex Atkins - 15/07/2021
This is a beautiful and practical design (5/5)

My favorite part of the line is the whole thing! As of now, I have three glasses a highball, lowball, and white wine glass! It was at the restaurant Splashes in Laguna, California, that I first saw this line. ordered these water glasses from the dinner table because I loved them so much! gave the wine glasses as wedding presents, and then I bought them for myself after that.

Kallie FIELD - 14/01/2021
A nice, versatile pair of I had a little problem with Apex and Apex was able to fix it efficiently (4/5)

We already had a set of four and want to purchase One of the nice things about these glasses is that they are hybrids As far as I know, it's a little taller than the older ones, but I don't care. I've noticed from another review that the newest ones are slightly taller than the older ones. I received my glasses from Apex in a timely manner and they were well packaged and survived the trip. Although there is an initial disappointment, two of the four glasses have curved bases, causing them to rock a little This would be unexpected for guests to see, and wouldn't be a very pleasant presentation. Furthermore, there is a higher risk of spillages and breakages. My initial contact to Apex was in response to Michelangelo's insistence that an imperfection of this kind would be unacceptable. It has been accepted by Apex, and it is currently sending out two new ones, as of my writing this. The fact that Apex provides such great customer service and makes me more inclined to buy more items from them is appealing to many sane people. A firm that stands behind the products it sells Making this request is the decent and reasonable You're the best!.

Frank McKinney - 18/06/2021