Lofekea Wall Mount Bottle Opener Review

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Score By Feature Based on 19 ratings

Easy to use 5.0 
Sturdiness 5.0 
Giftable 5.0 
  • Iron built.
  • Fast opening for standard-sized bottle.
  • Easy put in any surface.
  • Can damage bottle's top.

Lofekea Wall Mount Bottle Opener Product Description

A bottle opener mounted on a wall from Lofekea will add a touch of the vintage to any wall, without being offensive or out of place. It is a sturdy opener, but some concerns have been raised about its design as it allows the cap not just the top of the beer bottle to fit into the cutting area. In other words, it is very easy to break the glass by accident.

  • It is cast iron that is used to make the wall mounted bottle opener.
  • Approximate size of the product 35 x 26 x 35 cm. There are six in one. The diameter of the hole is approximately 5cm. Measurements 7 cm.
  • An easy and fast way to open standard-sized bottle caps is given by this wall bottle opener, which is suitable for most beer and soda bottles.
  • Whether for bars, cabins, game rooms, hotels, restaurants, kitchens, man caves or KTVs, we have the perfect beer bottle opener wall mount for any location.
  • Any surface can be used for this product. These screws are included with the unit.

Selected User Reviews For Lofekea Wall Mount Bottle Opener

As expected, it does its job (5/5)

I found this product to be much more rugged than others I've This will hopefully be the last one I buy because it should hold up for a long time. I also think this is a great gift idea.

Trevor Reynolds - 22/07/2021
The program is very useful, and it is That was a plus (5/5)

I got there after I got off work so that was great! With the supplied screws, it can be mounted on a pillar or a.

Nyla Suarez - 30/07/2021
You can use this opener to open bottles (5/5)

This product is perfect for smoker shelters My sincerest gratitude goes out to.

Amaris Olson - 09/03/2021
I found exactly what I was looking for (5/5)

This is what is needed.

Kinley Weber - 14/05/2021