Little Snowie Ice Crusher Review

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Easy to use 4.9 
Value for money 4.8 
Safety Features 4.8 
Easy to clean 4.8 
Durability 4.8 
Noise level 3.5 
  • It's made from high quality material.
  • Easy to use.
  • Crushes ice quickly.
  • Suitable for parties.
  • It's expensive.

Little Snowie Ice Crusher Product Description

Using a refrigerator as the source of ice, it can churn ice directly. Even if you have a big crowd, the machine will work just fine when using store-bought ice. The machine has a similar design to a commercial ice churner, so it is able to handle a lot of demands. You can use it like an ice crusher at a bar. A 1000-watt motor, on the other hand, provides enough power to handle ice that is irregular. In addition to this, it produces a fast outcome, as you get shaved ice very quickly. It is also possible to make cold desserts, drinks, and snow ice using the machine, and stainless steel is helpful in all of these processes. In addition to these safety features, the device is equipped with several others. The fact that this brand comes in so many flavors is also sure to make all kids happy. Powdery at first, these syrups become liquid over time. So it floats on top of the cup rather than sinking at the bottom.

  • SNOWIE LLC, a world leader in commercial shaved ice machines, licensed and patented this machine for home use and backed it with a no-questions-asked.
  • Ice no longer has to be a hassle with our fastest in-home ice shavers! Snow is whipped into perfect, fluffy forms in just 3 seconds with the Little Snowie Max, which has a high-speed motor and stainless steel blade that are hardened.
  • A Little Snowie Max snow cone machine can serve any occasion, such as holiday celebrations, birthday parties, barbecues, or concession stands. It is easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to clean.
  • The ice shaver uses ice cubes straight out of the freezer in your home or out of a freezer at any convenience or grocery With this method, there is no need to freeze shaped ice drums, which take up valuable freezer space and are time-consuming.
  • Little Snowie sticks include six flavor powder sticks (makes six pints of liquid flavor syrup), two mixing bottles with pour spouts, and each snow cone shovel comes with an eight and a half inch reusable Snowie spoon.

Questions & Answers

There is a difference in size and strength between these. Small enough to fit inside a blender, it is about the size of a coffee maker. There is ridged plastic on its body, and its blades are made of metal. By filling it with ice and pressing the lid down, you create instant shaved ice that can't be matched by block shavers. One thing takes about 30 seconds, so I would say it is quite fast, however, it is very loud. Your use of it will be obvious to everyone. Making a few at a time is great, but for a business this is not feasible. All you need to do is plug it in and it's ready! You can take it anywhere and use it any time! A home unit that is hands down the best Shave the snowie 2000 professional concession if you want to compare Apple to Apple. There is no better or faster product on the market today.
The typical snow cone cones we use are the standard ones Although there is some escape of the shaved ice, there is some escape of the shaved ice. I agree with others who have already answered your question that the best size is a large cup (this also makes almost no mess I found the best product to use to be an 8 oz Styrofoam cup (4 oz can work as well for smaller ones) sold on Amazon The following link Go to http//www. The Amazon website. Website A corporation - The 8J8-position Does White/dp/B01LYVNCTZ/ref=sr_1_4 work? Use UTF-8 encoding Id 1520259764 & It's an 8- 4 & 5 Those who search for the term must include the word 8 oz. If you are on the lookout for them, look for ones with a wider diameter at the top to keep the ice shavings contained.
It's easy to make snow ball effectwith regular ice- I fill a glass with it or you can buy cheap snow cone paper cups. You can pile the snow cone melt as high as you want and then add one or two syrups and let it run down the cup If you would like to add more, do so - it works perfectly What a great idea!
Using the high sugar content syrup will make the blades dull by coating them in sugar, causing them to bend and damage the machine. In addition to drying to a sticky mess, sugar would also clog the machine's internals.

Selected User Reviews For Little Snowie Ice Crusher

This is a deal that's worth every penny! Is The Best At Shaving That is a very fluffly cat! In a nutshell, This has to be one of the best shavers! The snow is fluffy and easy to eat, with no ice chunks to fight with! I really like the build quality and feel like it will last for years to come! The blade can also be changed, which is It seems a bit expensive to get a shaver, but believe me, it is worth every penny! My response is that the included snowie syrup samples are delicious (and that I've ordered 8 pints since then) (5/5)


Andrew Wyatt - 22/05/2021
It's the best shaver ever! Definitely the best shaver on the market! My introduction to this shaver was a long one, so I have included my experience below for anyone interested in shaved ice as much as I am (5/5)

The short version is that for home use this shaver is the best option I've found The majority of people do not really need an ice shaver at home, but if you are going to buy one, this is a good option. I am completely satisfied with my purchase. Here is why this is a good A large block ice shaver that I had originally purchased from another manufacturer was not working. There was another machine on hand that looked like a large blue drill press that had been modified to shave ice. This machine arrived dirty and a swab test of the shaving plate revealed lead contamination. My goal was to find a safer option and the Little Snowie 2 fit the bill. Although it is made in China, the Little Snowie 2 has a very high build quality and everything about it is food grade (as far as I know). The Snowie has also been very responsive and helpful when I contacted them through their website. Their ice was of high quality. *br> *br>I had great confidence in their product. Unlike block shavers, this generates ice that is almost as fine as that produced by cube shavers. After I emailed the company prior to purchasing, this is what they replied This ice shaver scores an 85 on a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being the old crushed ice shavers and 100 being a block ice shaver. *br>I would say that is a good description of the situation. Almost all of the ice that is produced by this process is powdery perfection, occasionally mixed with a few flakes. The differences aren't sufficient to reduce the quality of the snowball. A description of the product is as follows In terms of size, it is similar to a coffee pot and would be perfect for a counter top. This is an extremely well designed website. Although I initially felt so worried about the weight and size of it given the price I paid, I quickly gained confidence after the first use as the build quality and the quality of the ice it produces is great. Its small size and light weight make it a good choice. There are replacement blades available and the manufacturer told me that the blade is good for about 1000 cones. It is quite loud from the ice bouncing around as it shaves, so I would recommend wearing ear plugs. Here are some thoughts on how to *br> It will take a little while to figure out how to make the best ice. Generally, larger, rounder, and colder cubes will yield a better product. I use bagged cubes and they work well. It is better to use more sugar in your syrup, as it produces a smoother product. *br>If your syrup is too watery or too warm, the snow will melt and refreeze. After you have developed a good technique, you can reduce the sugar content, if you like. In most cases, I can now use a syrup that is greater than 3 parts water to 1 part sugar. Make sure the cup and spoon are in the correct place. Glass cups and metal spoons will melt ice on contact if they are used in a warm environment.

Alisson Lang - 28/03/2021
There is a lack of quality construction today compared to when they were first manufactured (3/5)

The first model I bought was the very first one to be released. The hopper came with a 3 year warranty and was built well with steel parts. After about two and a half years, we moved and the movers damaged As a result, I ordered another one. In this model, only one year warranty is included, and the stainless steel parts have been replaced by plastic ones. It makes me very angry when companies take shortcuts like this one.

Ivanna Kuhn - 31/01/2021
I bought the machine 4 months ago and it broke four months later (3/5)

As of July 6th, 2018, there has been no update. I was able to get a response very quickly A company representative has explained to me that they will be sending me a new machine today, as well as a prepaid return label, for my broken unit. Their engineers are researching the issue with this one as they do not know what happened to the other one. The machine will be used to make snow cones and Taiwan snow ice, a recipe I found on the internet. The temperature in my freezer is A 10 and a My doubts were answered when I was assured that the ice was not at a problem temperature of 7 degrees. There was a time when I was able to get into it but I'm not sure what happened. My favorite part was the music. I will update as soon as I have the new machine installed. Date July 5th, 2018 - I have had this machine for only 4 months and the center plastic piece has broken. I am now out $199. Please take caution! The broken part didn't last very long, and we did not use it all that much! A few weeks ago, I purchased it for my autistic son's birthday party, but he will not now be able to use it on his special.

Avah Contreras - 17/04/2021
Quite the work horse, this little guy! Quite the work horse, this little guy! I'm a small-time shaved ice business owner, and this Snowie gets the job done great! I've used it consistently for events with more than 2,000 attendees, and my company served nearly 500 people at one occasion (5/5)

It was a smooth, soft shaved ice each time. I have never seen such a small machine shred ice like this! Several notable features of this product, such as its unique design, powerful motor, and ease of use, make it a favorite. It's a handle-mounted dome ice shaper with a carry handle! My recommendation for Snowie products is 100%, and I enjoy the advice Snowie provides on the website and on YouTube. It makes me feel as if I could ask for help if I needed it. I'm really sorry, but I'm sorry, S. Lorrie.

Deandre Cabrera - 20/01/2021