Linoroso Paring Knife Review

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Ideal para regalar 4.8 
Fácil de sostener 4.8 
Maniobrabilidad 4.8 
Egonómico 4.8 
Excelente inversión 4.7 
Comodidad 4.5 
  • Stainless steel built.
  • Extremely sharp edges.
  • Expensive than other choices.

Linoroso Paring Knife Product Description

Stainless steel, one of the best materials for cutlery, is used in the Linoroso Classic knives. This paring knife is designed with a short blade for enhanced accuracy and precision, making it ideal for tasks requiring total control. It is a straight edge paring knife that may be used for mincing, peeling, dicing, and garnishing.

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  • One of the best materials on the market is forged German stainless steel from ThyssenKrupp, making Linoroso Classic knives one of the best in the market. As a result of a rigorous hardening process involving vacuum heat treatment and rapid cooling, the blade comes in at a staggering 56+ on the Rockwell hardness scale. A high quality product with technology that is cutting edge. There has never been a better price for such a good performance.
  • When chromium is incorporated into stainless steel, it provides a material that is extremely robust, durable, firm and rust / corrosion resistant. There are 3 inches of blade on the paring knife. Each 5 in is hand polished to a precise 11-12 degrees per side, to maintain its maximum amount of sharpness and edge retention. The blades are gently tapered to improve sharpness and flexibility, as well as minimal cut resistance.
  • With an extremely short blade, this paring knife provides precision and accuracy at the same time, making it most suitable for tasks where control is key. Paring knives with straight edges can be used to garnish, mince, peel, slice, dice, and crumble food.
  • Forged reinforcement at the tang and shank ensures great strength and a perfect balance between blade and shank. Designed for comfort, control, and agility, the unique shape offers optimal comfort, control, and agility.
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Selected User Reviews For Linoroso Paring Knife

It really serves the purpose of cutting up vegetables well

I have many knives and have been looking for a sturdy, sharp paring knife for a while. It works with this one. I appreciate how well built this is, how well it fits my hand, and how sharp it feels. If you get this one, make sure you get a sheath. My order of sheaths from Amazon arrived today. The following link will take you to them Go to http//www. The Amazon website. With UTF-8 encoding PSC=1, and these are the Cangshan 61741 6 This knife and others should be kept out of reach of children since they are very sharp. I had a Knife Edge Guard Set in black which had sheaths for a number of my older knives, including the new Linoroso Paring Knife.

Natalia Watson - 01/08/2021
This product is extremely well made and has a great value! Rank the following items from 1 to 10 The knife would score a 9 on a scale of 10

The balance is perfect, the sharpness is exceptional, and the construction quality is excellent. There is no brand in Germany that is as well known as this one. Given the quality of this knife, the price that appears to be low does not reflect its quality. I was so impressed with the quality that I ordered another for.

Lorelai Gonzalez - 17/01/2021
The edges may be too sharp

Since I was replacing only the paring knife from my block set, which I use frequently, that one was the only knife missing. I had a cut thumb after using this Linoroso knife to cut onions the first time it took me over an hour to stop bleeding from it. Since it has a longer blade than I'm used to and is much sharper, I am now extra cautious but also hesitant to use one now. It probably should have been a chef's knife to dice up onions, but I will use it more frequently in This can be used in conjunction with a small cutting board to prepare Brussels sprouts, for example!.

Rhea Klein - 21/05/2021
Handle has a solid feel

Investing in a good paring knife will pay off in the long run. There is no bending of the handle, so arthritis-suffering hands will have an easier time with it than the cheapie. It holds edge well and when sharpening is necessary, it is easy to do.

Ambrose Sutton - 29/07/2021
Taking a bite out of it is worthwhile, however it is quite heavy to hold

Yes, I agree! In a nutshell, From the moment the product was delivered, it felt great in the hand. It is a bit heavy on the handle, but not too Let's put it to the test with a tomato (watch This is awesome! It's now possible to cut with a knife that actually works! I never would have thought it would be so easy. That was a knife that easily sliced through the tomato. Now that's what I call a knife. *br>It has some weight to it, which I also like. Unlike most cheap, lightweight knives, this one comes with a blade. In addition to these knives, I have some Wusthof knives that are over 20 years old and that I've had to sharpen regularly, but this one is better. You can give it a try - It is at least assured, which is nice, that you can return it if it is not what you want. My copy will definitely remain with me.

Kole Abbott - 22/07/2021
Perfect for every paring need, this knife is beautiful and sturdy

There is nothing I dislike about this little paring knife. The handle is perfect, the weight is perfect, and it is very sharp. The definition of a good knife should be something like that. In some cases, it is easier not to switch back and forth between knives when I am using it instead of my really sharp chef knife. With its cutting blade, you can cut tomatoes with ease, and push apples, grapes, and frozen fruits through the machine with ease. There's no sheath included with this knife, so if you plan to store it in a drawer, you might want to get one. These are the links I used to purchase them Go to http//www. The Amazon website. What is Amazon. com/dp/B005P0OS9E? With psc=1 and My order was referenced as ppx_yo2_dt_B_product_details and I am very happy with it.

Bradley Erickson - 20/01/2021
As a restaurant owner and avid collector of knives, I have to say that this knife is excellent

This is an exceptionally sharp paring knife that you will be able to use right out of the box. It is ergonomic in the hand and very practical as well.

Ace Flowers - 11/02/2021
Knife This knife is very nice

It is well made, has a nice balance, and is as sharp as a razor blade. A kitchen knife this sharp should come with a scabbard for safety. Since it did not, I had to give it 3 stars instead of 5. My kitchen knives are ceramic and I wouldn't have bought a magnetic knife rack if the rack was magnetic. I ended up attaching a small magnet to the side of the refrigerator to fix this problem. Yet, a scabbard would still be more comfortable for me. In addition to my ceramic knives, I also have a cheap, but effective polymer scabbard. I would have gladly paid a little more for.

Marceline Hicks - 09/02/2021