Linon Austin Portable Bar Cart Review

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Durabilidad 4.5 
Maniobrabilidad 4.4 
Robustez 4.2 
Excelente inversión 3.9 
Fácil de montar 3.4 
  • 3 storage shelves.
  • Plenty of Storage.
  • Easy Mobility.
  • Tricky To Assemble.

Linon Austin Portable Bar Cart Product Description

Featuring a rustic and industrial design with storage capacity for small dining rooms and kitchens, the Austin kitchen cart is the perfect addition to any home. Its base is made from metal, while the top and shelves of the table are wood. The table’s base has a black finish, while the shelves and top are brown. Wine bottles and glasses can be stored in the unit, making it more versatile. The easy-to-roll casters make moving the unit easy.

  • The dimensions of this piece are 30.5 x 18 inches. It is a 5-d x 36-h image. The following are the entries for 42h English.
  • The wooden top and metal frame of this oak trolley make it a nice addition to any room.
  • There are black and brown colors together.
  • A towel bar and three open shelves are included as well as wine and glass bottle storage.
  • A set of wheels for transport.

Selected User Reviews For Linon Austin Portable Bar Cart

This bar cart is nice, and the price isn't too bad

The package arrived about two weeks after ordering. There was one bent piece of metal on the bottom. Putting it together was a bit difficult since there are so many pieces, but it still turned out pretty good. Unlike a normal wine glass holder, it is too narrow to fit any normal sized glass! It was necessary for me to bend the metal to be able to hang the figures. I was expecting some kind of wood for less than 200 dollars, but it was only a partical board. This looks pretty cute from the outside, but it probably isn't as good as you might expect for the price.

Porter Daniel - 30/06/2021
This was a good purchase at a good price

This is an excellent purchase. I'm very pleased. At the end, it was this one that was selected out of all the options on here and all the major sites. The furniture is very easy to assemble, and all the materials are of very high quality for the price. One of the pieces was mislabeled, so I was a bit confused at first but I understood what it meant quickly. It is a good size, with enough room on the bottom for a handle of liquor. This is a highly recommended book!.

Robert Moody - 16/05/2021
The bar cart was poorly made and the customer service was terrible

I was excited about the bar cart. It had everything I wanted, but when it arrived, there were a number of issues with the parts and assembly of the cart. There are no holes (zero) which are supposed to be there, and 3/4 of the wheels don't work because they're not properly positioned Initially, I thought I could ignore these issues, but after calling the customer service line twice and leaving a voicemail as well as submitting a request on their website, I have still been unable to obtain contact information from this business. It is probably best to stay away from this item as you might end up losing your money if there is any trouble with your order.

Edward Wilcox - 03/04/2021
This is a very sturdy piece

As far as building the crate went, it was fairly easy, but I had to drill a few holes that should have been pre-drilled As with the others, this one was drilled. There's no need for a genius to figure out how to handle this. A lot of bottles as well as a couple of wine glasses can be stored on this cart.

Galilea KAY - 19/01/2021
THERE ARE A FEW MISSING PRE-REPORTS I have drilled holes in the screen! Even though it's a bar cart (even though they call it a kitchen cart), I love it! As I expected, it was a pleasantly larger than I expected at a very affordable price

I took way too long to put this To mark out where the holes should be drilled, I had to take out my drill and use masking tape. I probably would have been more efficient if two people worked on this, but I was able to do it on my own. I think the manufacturer needs to think seriously about calibrating a production machine so that those pre-sets are put in In the places where the holes should be there, drill holes. The only con I can find is that it's not affordable. If I had been able to, I would have given it five stars Instead of four stars, give it three.

Violet Bernard - 29/03/2021
The cute little peacock is so easy to assemble! The price is great for what you get! The rustic feel of the design is appealing

All the parts fit together easily and there are no creaks in the wheels. This car is a big obsession of mine, I'm using it as a wine cart in my living room, but you need a screwdriver to assemble it! I don't know what else to say. In the event you are missing parts, the company will gladly mail every part you require. There were absolutely no problems for me!.

Marcellus Turner - 04/01/2021
Just like the picture (maybe a little darker wood, but at least it has the same overall look)

Just like the picture (maybe a little darker wood, but at least it has the same overall look). I took about one and a half hours to finish You might find that the lines don't line up exactly when you're building it, but if they do, it will still look great in the end. This cart is very stable and looks very expensive. It is very easy to push around, but it also won't move if you don't.

Karter Ross - 08/05/2021
The cart is sturdy, but it's not perfect in its Compared to my previous cart, this one is heavier and more solid, so it feels better and is Particle board may look like wood, but it could almost be a challenge

It is a very nice industrial finish with a matte metal. It was bought so that I would have more surface space for Thanksgiving entertaining and to keep people out of the kitchen during the process. The following is a typical disadvantage of bar carts of this type In addition to the two hanger shelves, the other two shelves are limited in their usefulness, as you can't really put much on the lower shelves when you have wine glasses and wine bottles hanging. Furthermore, whatever you put in that space is hard to see and reach. An important note on assembly and quality management Unfortunately, all the pieces did not fit well together, so it took a bit of bending, screwing, and bending and a bit of It was difficult for me to remain cool, since I am patient. (1) One of the frames was crooked so that it formed more of a parallelogram than a rectangle, which makes the shelves hang over in some places and not extend It doesn't really matter once it's built since you can't notice the difference- Surprised is the best way to describe it. (2) Two of the bolts used for the casters had bent or jammed threads, and I had to work on them for 30 minutes each. It ended up that I had to sand the first start of the thread on one (the thread was bad), and I pounded the other one in with a hammer as a last resort (the hole was too small and there were pieces of metal blocking it). I love how the casters look now that they are all on!.

Dustin Hubbard - 14/04/2021