LIITON Grand Canyon Whiskey Glass Review

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Value for money 4.8 
Durability 4.8 
Sturdiness 4.8 
Giftable 4.7 
Easy to hold 4.7 
  • Glass that is completely free of lead.
  • Thick, heavy-weighted sides and bottom.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Makes a fantastic present.
  • As far as appearances go, it could have been more lovely and exquisite.

LIITON Grand Canyon Whiskey Glass Product Description

Liitons Mountain Whiskey Glasses: A NEW AND UNIQUE DESIGN: A whiskey glass unlike any other currently available on the market, the Liiton is light and elegant. On the sides of the glasses, it has a unique mountain range design. Rocks and stones in the design of the mountainside gently aerate the whiskey. The act of swirling around your drink is a great way to enjoy a whiskey tasting. There is no need for an aerator or decanter to help the whiskey breathe and open up. DURABLE AND SOLID: Commercial-grade crystalline liquid is used to make Liiton’s glasses, which are thick enough to handle cocktails and other beverages. Your next house party would be an ideal time to enjoy some old-fashioned cocktails with this recipe. You can use this glass for your next backyard barbecue party since its heavy weight keeps it from shattering. Your thin, fine crystal whiskey snifter glasses are no longer at risk of being broken by your friends. This whiskey glass matches any bar rail, making it a top choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

  • UNIQUE AND NEW LIITON MOUNTAIN WHISKEY GLASS The Liiton is a very different whiskey glass from anything else on the market currently. On the sides of the glasses there is a design of a mountain range. With the help of mountainside rocks and stones, air is gently mixed with the whiskey during the aeration process. A truly enjoyable whiskey tasting experience can be had by swirling your drink around. There is no need for an aerator or decanter to let the whiskey breathe and open up.
  • LIITON GLASSES ARE THICK ENOUGH TO HANDLE COCKTAILS AND OTHER DRINKABLES The Liiton glasses are made of premium quality, commercial-grade crystal that is durable. Drink this at your next house party when you want a good old fashioned cocktail. It is made from heavy tempered glass that is shatter-resistant, making it an excellent choice for your next barbecue We handle all aspects of handling these products for you, from shipping to customer service to shipping to packaging to shipping to packaging. This whiskey glass is a cool accessory for any bar area, whether it be for amateurs or pros.
  • GLASSWARE MADE WITH 100% LEAD-FREE CRYSTALLINE MATERIAL Each glass is hand-pressed and made of the finest material like lead-free crystallized glass. Each glass weighs over 3 pounds, so you are sure to appreciate the difference. Its thick sides and base ensure that your drink will stay cool and will reduce the risk of breakage. Featuring a heavy weighted whiskey glass with a capacity of 10 ounces, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite single malt. Also convenient is that the glass set can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • THESE GLASSES HAVE A WEIGHTED BOTTOM THAT CAN FEEL ANY ALCOHOL COCKTAIL DRINK The strong base means they can be used for more than just whiskey tasting. It is a stylish glass that can be used for your favorite cocktail mix, mixed drinks, liquor, cognac, vodka, tequila, gin, or maybe just as a stylish, elegant cup for water or juice.
  • This set of whiskey glasses are great as gifts for any occasion such as a Christmas present or birthday present for a father, grandfather, husband, son, brother, or friend in your life. Makes a funny gift for an office party or for a white elephant secret Santa gift exchange.

Questions & Answers

The skin is not smooth, but the coat is very beautiful.
If a large ice chunk is used, it will rest above the bottom of the glass.
If you freeze them, then yes, you can.
Honestly, yes and no. The inside diameter of the glass is 3", but the mountain scene may reduce its diameter, causing the ice ball to rise dramatically up.

Selected User Reviews For LIITON Grand Canyon Whiskey Glass

What a beautiful pair of You have to see these in person to appreciate them! The gift I gave to my boyfriend on his birthday made him very happy (5/5)

They look even better when you add your favorite whiskey to.

Colby HUSSAIN - 19/01/2021
I enjoyed it for its price, but it was not very elegant (4/5)

In a nutshell, In my opinion, it's a great set of whiskey glasses for the price. Besides its weight, the mountains and the bottom give it a great appearance. If you must chill your drink, this glass will do the trick. The glass offers a comfortable grip while normal ice cubes fit well, but larger ice balls may be too high for one to drink from. It does not sparkle so if you're looking for high-quality crystal, this isn't the glass for you. In real life, the photos look better than they do in the photos.

Azariah Bishop - 08/03/2021
I didn't think they'd be as good as I expected (3/5)

I was a little disappointed when I unboxed the glasses after seeing the great pictures. Although they looked pretty in the photos, they weren't quite as good as they seemed in person. There is too much weight in the glasses. However, even though they appear perfectly round, the glasses are slightly oval in shape. When combined with the weight of the glasses, this leads to an awkward feeling if you don't grab hold of the flat side of the glass. The songs aren't exactly what I had expected, but they're ok.

Cameron Robbins - 27/02/2021
There is plenty of room at the bottom of the glass to accommodate the mountains (4/5)

They're really nice glasses, they're really stylish. If it were up to me, I would give it a five-star rating. Due to the fact that I use a 2, the two are not compatible. I had five ice spheres in my drink. Mountains in the glass inhibit ice from sinking to the bottom because they prevent it from being lifted.

Halle COLES - 26/04/2021
It looks great, but could use a little more thickness on the base (5/5)

For the purpose of deciding what kind of whiskey glass I should replace, I bought three different ones. There were five winners in this category. In the bottom of the glass, there are mountains that interrupt the flat surface. Ice balls and squares can float along above the whiskey, which helps to ensure it is chilled to the desired temperature faster. It is heavy enough for a proper impression to be created. It is welcome to have mountains that do not interfere with the visual of the drink, unlike crystal details that refract light and distort the appearance. There is a thick rim on it, which will prevent it from breaking The only downside is that it is tall. To my taste, it's a tad low. I would love it if the base were increased by Then, raise it 5 inches taller by adding 5 inches of thicker material. As well as increasing the weight, it would also be nice. I will still order 12 more for the Colorado house, even though I haven't used them yet.

Royce Smith - 24/02/2021
These glasses are awesome (5/5)

You have come to the right place if you are looking for the perfect glass from your favorite spirit. As you can see from the picture, these glasses are much nicer than expected. A thick and heavy bottom is present on them. This pair of glasses is perfect in weight, and the way the mountain design is done is unique and separates it from all the other glasses that have some kind of design on them. It's in a class of its own.

Yosef Bright - 30/06/2021
Those are some nice glasses (5/5)

You would not think they would be as heavy as they are. In reality, the artwork is actually rendered in 3D on the inside of the glass, making it a cool It makes a great gift because the packaging is so nice.

Jaxson Warren - 22/05/2021
Glass bits are left behind if packaging is not present (1/5)

Today, these were delivered. The boxes were white and came in a packing bag. Material for packaging is not provided It has never been a problem Black box is nothing but a black hole An empty plastic bag contains four smashed glasses. I am glad I got a good laugh with my kids. If you put glasses in a plastic bag and send them more than 500 miles, how can you possibly expect them to work? This is obviously a refund request. Unfortunately, this is a bad news story. I thought the picture of them looked great.

Reign Porter - 15/03/2021