Libbey Selene Punch Bowl Set with 8 Punch Glasses Review

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Value for money 4.8 
Sturdiness 4.1 
  • It can be used to serve punch, sangria, or drinks.
  • Great value—10-piece set coordinates with Selene family and other serveware.
  • Thinner interior.

Libbey Selene Punch Bowl Set with 8 Punch Glasses Product Description

You’re sure to catch admiring glances when you serve your beverage in the Libbey Selene 10-piece Punch Bowl Set. Adding polish to the graceful ladle and, of course, the stunning bowl are eight rounded punch glasses. At your next party, your friends and family will be blown away by how the bowl blends in or stands out among the rest of the table decor. There is a good chance you have encountered Libbey by now if you have sipped from a glass. A leading glassware manufacturer in the Americas and a leading supplier of tableware worldwide, we manufacture premium quality tableware for a variety of applications. In keeping with the belief that every occasion is a chance to celebrate life and own the moment, Libbey offers drinkware, ceramic dinnerware, metal flatware, serving ware, and home decor to help you make the most of your special moments.

  • This versatile pitcher can be used to serve punch, and sangria.
  • It coordinates with serveware from the Selene family and other brands at a great price .
  • Included are 8, 11, and 12. One 12-inch by 9-inch punch glass one 7-ounce punch glass one 12-ounce punch glass. A punch bowl with a diameter of five inches and one with a diameter of 11 inches. The measurements are 7 x 3 inches. The ladle is one-inch in diameter.
  • It is lead-free. The order fulfilled by Libbey comes directly from the manufacturer, so it is securely packaged in its shipping box and should be cleaned before use.
  • Hand laundry see the Libbey website for specific instructions on how to take care of your products.

Questions & Answers

It is made of glass, as are the bowl and glasses. There are no metal parts in the ladle.
I don't know if it holds a lot, but mine shattered when I used it for the first time (after cleaning).
There are nine different designs in the Selene Punch Bowl by Libbey. The diameter of the wheel is 12 inches and it is 5 inches high.
The Plastics Industry.

Selected User Reviews For Libbey Selene Punch Bowl Set with 8 Punch Glasses

I smashed the bowl in my hands when I reached for it (1/5)

It is at your own risk to buy. It is not usually my habit to read reviews thoroughly, but I was in a hurry when I purchased this punch bowl. From reading the reviews, I now see that others had the same In 1984, I used this bowl for a party and spent a lot of time cleaning it very carefully with hot (normal hot, not boiling) water. The bowl exploded in my hand, and I had to get 6 stitches in my finger at the ER. It is extremely thin and fragile, and temperature variations could easily cause it to shatter. I had a similar bowl for years, bought over a decade ago, and it was fine, but this one is extremely thin and fragile. You can save money on a hospital trip if you invest in a better quality bowl. It is a mistake for Amazon to stock this product on their.

Lennox Randall - 04/08/2021
Compared to what was expected, the glass is thinner (4/5)

During the bridal shower of my daughter, I needed to get a punch bowl. The only thing I will be serving in it is pink lemonade. In addition to this, I ordered some stemless plastic wine glasses from Chinet. There will be no problems if it is done Because the bowl is much thinner than I thought, I'm concerned about damage caused by breakage. My plan was to use a glass ladle with it, but I am not sure if the punch bowl would hold up to the task. Considering that it is made of plastic, there should be a lower risk of the punch bowl breaking. The opening in the punch bowl was quite narrow, so I had concerns about fitting an ice mold with a heart shape through it. I turned the mold sideways and it fit perfectly, which was a relief. The punch bowl is crystal clear and should perform well However, this is not one that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Aubrielle Frye - 05/07/2021
Is owning a punch bowl evidence that I have truly become an adult? In preparation for a bridal shower, I bought this to mix with sangria (5/5)

To be honest, I feel so grown up with my own fancy punch bowl now. Despite being well packaged, this is a LARGE container, so you never have to worry that there won't be enough of whatever you're packing inside. What I am going to say is this. The package feels a little thin, like you might snap it if you pick it up the wrong way and swung it around, but so far, it hasn't happened. The following is my recommendation. It is a good.

Brecken Bradley - 04/01/2021
I urge you not to purchase this product! The only thing I would like to give is Had the product for only a few hours (1/5)

I washed the bowl because it had cardboard dust in it, but when I went to dry it off, the bowl cracked. Moreover, the laydle is made of plastic rather than glass like the rest of the items and the cups bulge. BUY THIS PRODUCT AT YOUR OWN RISK!.

Killian Blackburn - 01/07/2021
The product is too fragile and unpractical! About four times I have used this punch bowl since I bought it one year ago (1/5)

This is a VERY FRAGILE piece of equipment. The way you handle it has to be very careful. If you lift only from the bottom, you avoid breaking it in your hands. I broke my coffee cup when I was washing and drying it this evening! The container is empty of liquid! The outcome will not be worth it. I am left with a broken punch bowl and a nasty cut on my hand. This is a poor quality product!.

Brooke PARKES - 08/04/2021
This is the perfect holiday gift for those who want something both functional and light (4/5)

I chose the Libbey Punch Bowl set as a replacement for my old, large, crystal punchbowl which give up the ghost after so many years. There is something very modern looking about this There are no decorations on the bowl, it is plain and unornamented in a fishbowl Despite being relatively thin, it is rather thick. It is something I try to handle with great care. This item can be hand washed, but I have only dishwashed it. In addition to my own cups and ladle, this is my own equipment. Despite that, the set also includes 8 The holiday season is going to be a great time to use this punchbowl as an interim solution.

Blair Buck - 20/07/2021
I love it! It's wonderful that there's a punch bowl set like this! Because I was on a budget, I didn't expect much My admiration for you is very high! I should point out that the package came very well packed (5/5)

Please consider purchasing if you're considering it. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I'm not bothered by the plastic ladle, but I would if it were stainless steel.

Clyde Butler - 03/06/2021
An especially thin and fragile piece of When I pulled it out of the box, it looked great (3/5)

In addition to the size, it was very spacious. I had 20 guests at my party, and the punch was plenty. Nevertheless, when I went to wash the punch bowl after the party, I was extra careful. However, it still broke and I got a pretty deep cut. Buying this set will require you to be very careful because the glass is very thin and fragile.

Felicity Joseph - 16/03/2021