Libbey Purpose Stemless Wine Glasses Review

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Score By Feature Based on 31 ratings

Easy to hold 4.6 
Light weight 4.2 
Giftable 4.1 
Durability 4.0 
  • Elegancy is reflected in it's design.
  • Can optimize 17.75 oz.
  • It seams visible.

Libbey Purpose Stemless Wine Glasses Product Description

A gorgeous design with a textured surface makes these stemless wine glasses the perfect shape. sunlight shines through the hammered design on each glass, the scene is beautiful and reflective. These stemless wine glasses are more comfortable to hold because of some gripping points. Additionally, people who are always looking to impress their guests with their dining room will be able to use this glassware. These stemless wine glasses can be the ideal gift for those who place a high value on presentation and quality. A lot of people can also afford this set because it is not too expensive.

  • An ammered design results in mesmerizing reflection of light when the stemless wine glass is lit up.
  • The chiseled grooves on the glass provide added gripping points to facilitate picking up and holding the glass these are perfect for wine, bourbon, cocktails, and water.
  • The number of participants is 8. The number of participants is Glasses for all purposes that hold 75 ounces A circular hole with a diameter of 85 inches and a length of four feet. The height of 2 inches).
  • A lead-free product.
  • Care and handling instructions on the Libbey website can help preserve your products to help prevent them from discoloring, fading, or absorbing odors.

Questions & Answers

That is a great question, thanks! It is made in the U.S. If you would like to reach out to us, please email [email protected]
That is a great question, thanks! Glass is used to make them. If you would like to reach out to us, please email [email protected]
That is a great question, thanks! We currently do not sell these items individually. Reach out to us by email at [email protected]
That is a great question, thanks! It is not possible to stack these. If you would like to reach out to us, please email [email protected]

Selected User Reviews For Libbey Purpose Stemless Wine Glasses

This is horrid! This was an order for Mother's Day since they looked unique and matched other drinking glasses we purchased, but they were so disappointing that we returned them (1/5)

The two seams in every glass, along with many other imperfections, are extremely visible. As well as the glass, it was These should be skipped It is nicer to find glasses at a dollar store. My intention is to return them as soon as possible.

Edward Park - 25/02/2021
It has a very noticeable seam (3/5)

Despite the fact that the seam where the two sides of the glass are joined is very noticeable on all of the glasses, I was disappointed when they arrived. Plasticizes them and makes them look cheap.

Killian Daly - 08/04/2021
I like the light weight of these I like the style and the weight, but I think they should be a bit smaller they are a bit large for my liking (5/5)

This is a 5 star rating all the way! There's a chance I'll place another order if there's a smaller size.

Alfredo Wyatt - 05/02/2021
The sides of these glasses are tacky, but the frames are very pretty (3/5)

I really like the size and shape of these glasses, although as other folks have mentioned, there are seams on both sides that are It was just yesterday that I received them and I have them out trying to decide whether I will The only problem is the seams on the sides. They could be perfect if only they were not there.

Aitana Gomez - 08/02/2021
It is serviceable (2/5)

It is a cheaply made pair of glasses. Our intention was to buy patterned ones so the seams wouldn't be It does take a little while to notice them, even though they are still there. Glass of poor quality is sold at the store. Compared to other tumblers, they feel cheap. You get what you pay for (sadly. Use the "up" feature You may need it if and when it's necessary. I would NEVER buy this product.

Wade Meadows - 27/06/2021
The cost is affordable and elegant (5/5)

Very satisfied with the customer service and the quality of these glasses. It feels great in the palm of my hand. Due to their low price, I was concerned that they would feel or look Not at all. There are no flaws in their appearance, and they are elegant. I use them for my wine coolers since they hold a generous amount. I also like the wide mouth of these, which I was looking Having purchased this item, I am so pleased with it. As an additional note, I had an issue with FedEx, so I emailed Customer Support because I was not happy. The customer service was prompt, thorough, and courteous. Thanks for sharing.

Allison Smith - 14/06/2021
The wine bottle holder is perfect for wine (5/5)

It has a beautiful pattern and fits perfectly in the hand.

Brooklyn Hale - 03/04/2021
As pictured, it's not what it looks like (2/5)

It took me a long time to realize how beautiful these glasses actually were It is easy to see that there is an obvious pressed-in spot There is a glass seam that runs from top to bottom on every class and not pictured in In other words, they are incredibly cheap-looking. The packaging is in excellent condition, which I wish I hadn't thrown away before noticing, else I would have submitted a refund request. As pictured, it's not what it looks like.

Presley Kuhn - 16/05/2021