Libbey Heidelberg Glass Beer Mugs Review

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Comfort 4.9 
Sturdiness 4.8 
Giftable 4.6 
Durability 4.5 
Easy to clean 4.1 
Easy to hold 4.0 
  • Lead-free.
  • Designed to help keep beer chilled.
  • Curved bottom of the mug means that it stores water when washed in a dishwasher.
  • Might be too heavy.

Libbey Heidelberg Glass Beer Mugs Product Description

Four thick, durable beer mugs that’ll help keep your beer chilled, enhance the flavor of fuller-bodied beers such as ales and lagers, and — most importantly — celebrate everything from housewarmings to bachelor parties to that report you’re pretty much almost done with.

  • Keeping beer cold and enhancing the taste and aroma of thick ales and lagers are the defining characteristics of this German beer mug design.
  • A perfect birthday, housewarming, or bachelor party gift.
  • Four 16-ounce beer mugs are included in the package.
  • It is lead-free. The order fulfilled by Libbey comes directly from the manufacturer, so it is securely packaged in its shipping box and should be cleaned before use.
  • You can save time and money by placing your products in the dishwasher for quick, easy cleanup the Libbey website provides care and handling instructions to help preserve your products' quality.

Questions & Answers

It is clear in there, I have just checked. Angled sides give it a triangular appearance. It looks like they cost much more. I will buy them again in a heartbeat.
In short, yes. Neither the freezer nor the microwave can be accessed directly from the other. If putting glasses into either of these, make sure that they are close to room temperature.
$12 was the price I paid. About a month ago I paid 99 dollars and This was the full set of 4.
sure, but perhaps the mugs will be OK if they are warmed in hot water before filling with.

Selected User Reviews For Libbey Heidelberg Glass Beer Mugs

The best mugs to drink Root Beer out of! A&E was a favorite spot in my childhood, and my family would frequently go there Food and their famous root beer in a frosted mug are available at W Root Beer (5/5)

My taste for root beer still changes, but I miss the taste of the root beer I used to have pre-fita Cold, heavy glasses that are both insulated and chilled It would be in this container that the root beer would be served. There are a lot of similarities between these mugs and the A&W, except they're thicker Those were the days of the W mug. We put these mugs in the freezer for an hour, and then we poured a root beer from a 12-ounce bottle into them If you pour the contents of the can into the frosted mug, you'll get the exact same taste I remember the taste of that drink. A can or a bottle of root beer will never taste as good as this. Cold mugs with the full opening near the top cause microscopic particles from the root beer's "head" to effervesce into your nostrils as you drink, transforming the taste experience in a delightful way. Almost 12 ounces of liquid can be poured into each mug This is the perfect size for a 16-oz root beer can. Only problem is that I have been drinking root beer a lot.

Vihaan Smith - 02/07/2021
There was a $0 (4/5)

50 price tag on these same mugs. They cost 99 dollars each at Walmart, and they are the same size as the next one up - Due to this, dishwasher complaints have increased. This is just your basic mug, but when upside down you can easily fit about 1/4 cup of water in the bottom. As a result, we understand why previous reviewers complained about the water the dishes retain after being placed in Although I didn't completely grasp how much water they were talking about, it's quite a lot, 14 The same mugs were found at a Walmart by my house for $0. Sadly, I cannot use them as I found them at a Walmart. After purchasing them from Amazon for substantially more, they are priced at just $99 each. However, this was overshadowed by the fact that right beside these 16 oz Libbey mugs, with the exact same footprint, was a Libbey mug with a similar footprint but a much larger capacity, approximately Some had a bit of a thinner base, but many did not have the vast lake at the base. The upside-down way. I purchased the Libbey mugs I bought via Amazon, and they hold 16 ounces when filled to the brim, while there are some Libbey mugs with the same footprint that hold about 8 ounces As far as your kitchen cabinet is concerned, they stack the same and take up the same space. Those with lower capacities are thicker, shaped like lakes, and have a bowl at their base (which holds 1/4 cup, when upside-down). If turned upside down, the mugs with a higher capacity are thinner and do not form a massive lake. It was very helpful that both the 16 oz Libbey mug I purchased on Amazon as well as the larger mug I found at Walmart are made in the United States.

Siena McGrath - 25/01/2021
A mug too heavy for drinking out of (1/5)

As other reviews have mentioned, I purchased this set of 4 with expectations of amazing beer mugs. I was disappointed in them. The 16oz are exactly what I expected, but my arthritis hands would not have the strength to handle them. Glass is thick, but empty it weighs a lot. It is unclear where they are made, as there are no Libbey stickers on mugs. What is clear is they are the same size and weight as the Walmart mugs. There are ones at Walmart with physical "Libbey" labels on the bottom of the mug and they hold 24oz, but the At $1, the inside is slightly rounder. My opinion is that these mugs are too expensive at 74 cents per cup. Walmart had 4 available for $7. I returned and purchased them. The State of Michigan is one of the 55 total states. You will need to pay 5%.

Cairo Campos - 06/01/2021
There's No Way That You Can Go Wrong With These Great Mugs! It's hard not to love them! What beautiful glasses! I'm in love with them! With age, a handle is easier to handle for me/ shipping from Libbey was quick and helpful/ good weight/ sturdy bottom/ handle height/ works well for people who prefer a handle so they won't spill the drink (5/5)

The next time I need more, I'll definitely order again.

Makenna SWIFT - 07/06/2021
The dishwasher may pool water at the bottom if it's heavy duty (4/5)

I couldn't have imagined how heavy this would be since it is much thicker than I expected. In the case of this wine, I wouldn't hold it out longer than required to take a sip and put it down again. The bags keep our beer cold for about 30 minutes when kept in the freezer. The thick glass keeps it nice and cold for a long time, however, there is a 3/4" dimple in the bottom of the glasses, so when you put them in the dishwasher, a lot of water will pool in the This is the first time we've washed our hands.

Iris BEGUM - 06/03/2021
The solid, heavy, & traditional sound (5/5)

They're normal beer mugs made of heavy duty plastic, which are perfect for freezing ahead of time so that they are frosty and the beer stays cold so long as possible. You could be in a beer commercial or maybe a bar scene from a movie - they look just like they've stepped out of them. The difference is you wouldn't just shake it off and punch the person if they clocked you with one of these. When the paramedics are asking you questions, you would be in good shape if you only managed to babble incoherently at them. The issues that have been noted by the other reviewers Your information is very helpful - thanks! My feelings about them are inconsequential to me. It appears that the mugs were made by pouring molten glass into the mugs. It has a slight seam in the handle because of the shape of the mug. The reason they cost so little is because they are made of rubber, not metal Not only are they beer mugs, but they also have a traditional hollow bottom - making them perfect for any beer drinker. It is the dishwasher water that stays in the dishwasher. When I'm done with the dishwasher, I pour out the water and put it in the freezer. I am very pleased with the price and the shipping time. It came in a bubble - Protection from breakage is provided by a plastic wrap. It is best to keep the beer chilled. It is a city in the Australian state of New South Wales Is there anything else you want? Are you looking for something intriguingly feminine?.

Amos Miles - 01/04/2021
That is a lot of weight (4/5)

The weight might be too much. One of the three broke in transit, leaving three. I don't mind, as they are so heavy, I just put one in the freezer for some frosty glasses in the morning I kept the other two in storage. The weight of them is so great that you could knock your front tooth out with them if you weren't careful. A tiny air bubble can be seen in the glass. It was a different manufacturer I chose for the large water glasses.

Eli Orr - 27/04/2021