Libbey Craft Beer Goblets Review

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Sturdiness 4.9 
Durability 4.8 
Giftable 4.8 
Value for money 4.4 
  • Easily accessible.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • The sets are long-lasting.
  • For everyday use, it's quite fancy.

Libbey Craft Beer Goblets Product Description

A top pick for us would be the superb Libbey Craft Beer Goblets. Glasses of this type are the archetypal beer goblet, beautifully shaped and functional. You get four Belgian ale beer glasses in this set, each with a capacity of 16 ounces. They have a nice weight to them and even though they are lead-free, their glass is really clear. Luckily, the stem is thick enough to prevent the warmth of your hand from spoiling the taste. As a result, the narrow top keeps the aroma well and helps focus it when you put it to your nose. We use the Libbey goblets to showcase what makes a fantastic beer goblet when demonstrating what makes a fantastic beer glass. To prevent streaks on these robust glasses, you should clean them with a cloth after putting them through the dishwasher. They are imported direct from Europe, to be exact. A diameter of 3.75” and a height of just under 8″ make these a little under 8″ tall.

  • These stemmed tulip-shaped glasses are perfect for serving Belgian ales, as they are fashionable and convenient at the same time.
  • This is a great gift for the craft brew lover who appreciates how a specific type of contour enhances the experience of drinking beer.
  • The package contains four stemmed beer glasses each holding 16 ounces of Belgian ale.
  • It is lead-free. The order fulfilled by Libbey comes directly from the manufacturer, so it is securely packaged in its shipping box and should be cleaned before use.
  • You can save time and money by placing your products in the dishwasher for quick, easy cleanup the Libbey website provides care and handling instructions to help preserve your products' quality.

Questions & Answers

There's just something about these glasses that I love. These new items have become my favorites. As soon as I bought them, I used them to showcase my homebrews (tripels and dupples), and I use them for all types of beer now. These are tiny versions of Porter that I've tried at a bar that have very concentrated Porter. I'm sooo glad. In fact, with this glass you can smell the aromas of the beer as they rise.
That is a great question, thanks! Glasses like these should not be put into If you would like to reach out to us, please email [email protected] Any other questions about this item should be directed to the following e-mail address com.
I love it! Yes, I am. If this vessel is used for serving the Cobra, I believe it will taste excellent. The Old E Malt Liquor is another wonderful malt liquor you ought to try.
Is there a reason for anyone to use frosted glasses or mugs? Your beer will taste watered down if you do this. Furthermore, when your beer glass is placed in a freezer, the frost catches the flavors from other things in the freezer or air.

Selected User Reviews For Libbey Craft Beer Goblets

It will be clean as a whistle after a little sponge brushing (5/5)

Despite the fact that they're solid cups, I've run them through the dishwasher dozens The people in my room load my bags safely, but my roomies do not. There is no concern for the wire separators in their top rack as they haphazardly throw cups in. According to them, the dishwasher gains its sense of conscience upon turning on and delicately washes the cups without vibrating them and causing them to shatter against all of the metal spatulas and drip trays that my roommates have also stacked on top. To ensure that the hundred dollar chef knife did not end up in the dishwasher four times, I chastised them four times. It will be clean as a whistle after a little sponge brushing. I hate it. However, the cups are fairly hard to break for the most part. In over a year, I've managed to keep my entire set intact.

Cadence Reynolds - 30/03/2021
If your manufacturer has a defect, you do not need to go to Libbey for support (5/5)

These were purchased directly from Amazon in a set of 4. As soon as I received them, one of the glasses was defective (air pocket It came with a Libbey support form which I used if there was a problem (which there was). An Amazon representative responded to the customer by saying, "You were sold and shipped an item by Libbey". You can request a replacement by contacting their customer service team. We received a new set from Amazon, and they did a great job. The fact that Amazon had to replace something that had managed to get past Libbey's quality control is disappointing, but I appreciate that Thus, the review for Amazon is 5 stars while the review for Libbey is zero. This is my second pair of these glasses, and I really like them (aside from this one issue).

Ronin Bates - 19/02/2021
This is a great craft beer glass (5/5)

It was time to drink home-brewed craft beer and I was looking for a nice glass. Changing over to homebrewing beer recently, I recently took up the hobby. To do home brewing takes a little time and effort, but the results are worth it 'Craft' refers to something done with hands. Taking the time to brew a beer from scratch takes effort and time, so I wanted something special to hold on to when I am enjoying I reviewed many reviews of this glass and found that the vast majority were highly My choice was to get a set of four. The packages arrived today - thanks a lot! I was not surprised by the positive reviews. A high quality pair of If given an option to buy more, I would do so without hesitation. This is the perfect thickness for an ice cream bar. According to some reviews, they are too thin, but I feel they are not that thin at all. It is not easy to hold thin wine glasses No, these aren't thin enough to be called wine glasses. For a beer glass like this, I think they are about the thickness you would find in a bar or restaurant Perfect. Just what you need. This material is thin enough to not feel like a brick in your hand, but thick enough to last if treated as if it were glass. There is no doubt they hold 16 ounces. since I think this glass can also be bought in a smaller size. *br>*br>No In their box was what looks to be a factory sealed box this was then placed in an Amazon box with those inflatable bags, and that was it after that they were nicely packaged Everything seems to be fine. In the shape of the glass, the aroma of what is inside the glass is concentrated The shape of the glass is similar to I also drink wine and can appreciate how important the right glass can be when it comes to having a good experience. Obviously, it is not a 10 to 1 difference, but there is enough of an improvement to make drinking more pleasant. Some reviewers might find the price a bit high ($32 for 4 - 32pcs. $88 for a glass), but I could not locate them anywhere near In any case, I consider these quality glasses worth $8 a piece The prices I have seen for them on other online retailers are more than that. This clear glass is flat and sits in a flat surface. I saw some reviews that said the glass has rings in it, or that it doesn't sit flat on a table, but the glasses I received were clear, had no defects, and laid flat on a table. A good pair of Libbeys is always a good choice As a general rule. Rather than making a trendy mid-century design, they make a useful one The bottom line great beer glass at a very reasonable price. *br>*br>highly It would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys beer You can give yourself this gift even if you are giving it to someone else.

(I'll update this review when.

Journey Atkinson - 01/05/2021
Glasses of high quality (5/5)

As a gift, I bought these for my husband. This was perfect for him, as he is a big craft beer fan. Count on them to hold a bottle of beer or a can of soda. It seems that the glass is very durable and heavy. They have been used several times, as well as washed several times in the dishwasher. There is a lot of value here!.

Maren Ewing - 06/06/2021
It's great to have these (4/5)

These glasses have a nice heft to them! You can drink your fancy beer with this or any beverage you want to smell a lot of while drinking it. Onto the little things there are vertical ridges on the inside of the glass as a result of the manufacturing process, so be warned that you might not be able to identify wine legs or anything else in these glasses. These seem very sturdy, but I will have to wait to see if they stand the test of time! I must warn you that if these arrive damaged, you will have to return all of them if you want a replacement or refund, as these aren't sold directly by.

Brooke HUSSAIN - 29/07/2021
Glass of the right type can make a world of After becoming a bit of a beer fan myself, I've realized the glass you pour your beer into significantly impacts its taste! Having grown to be a beer fanatic over the years, I've come to realize this is not something to ignore! doubt, I find that I can drink craft IPAs best in a goblet rather than any other glass (5/5)

glass, what else can I say. . . Great price, great quality!.

Callahan Larsen - 21/01/2021
This pint is perfect for a night out (5/5)

The first set I bought was so good that I bought another one! Glasses I like to drink beer from. It keeps my fingers cold, but not the rest of it. The wrapping resists being jostled around when it's opened and closed, as well as being stored in the freezer.

Otis Yu - 15/04/2021
Thank you! This is very nice (5/5)

A pair of these glasses will fit just right. We can use them to serve our pale ales, since they look nice and function well. This is one of the reasons why we use them so much. There is no cheap look to them, and they are sturdy. As well as washing up well, they are durable. Apparently they can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but I do not put them through it. This is the second time I've bought them.

Mohammad Hayden - 07/03/2021