Lexen The Original Healthy Juicer Review

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Easy to assemble 4.6 
Durability 4.5 
Easy to clean 4.4 
Easy to use 4.0 
Sturdiness 4.0 
Blending power 3.8 
  • Pour out natural juice.
  • Stylish look.
  • Great color combination.
  • Likely, to get a breakdown.

Lexen The Original Healthy Juicer Product Description

Even vegetables and fruits that you cannot typically juice with a regular juicer can be squeezed out of the Lexen GP27 Original Healthy Juicer with a little bit of muscle. Lexen GP27 Original Healthy Juicer works with anything from kale and spinach to wheatgrass and collard greens to make a fresh juice. With the Lexen GP27 Original Healthy Juicer, even novices can create delicious juice in just a few minutes! Simply place the fruits and vegetables in, turn the crank, and your juice will be ready in no time. In addition, you will find that cleaning the Lexen GP27 Original Healthy Juicer takes just 30 seconds once you have gotten to know how it works. It includes both a suction base and a table clamp, so it can be mounted virtually anywhere.

  • THE MANUAL NUTRITIONARY JUICER IS RISK-FREE A 30-day money-back guarantee makes it easier to juice with the manual device. You can do it if you want to.
  • I JUICE EVERYTHING! Celery, Wheatgrass, Kale, Spinach, Collard Greens, Chard, Parsley, Lettuce - anything leafy can be juiced Is it possible to juice carrots and other foods? You're right, it does, but if you're primarily interested in juicing for that reason then we'd probably recommend something else instead.
  • WE DECIDED TO DESIGN THIS SYSTEM FOR EASE OF CLEANING AND EASE OF USE Early on in the design process we realized that easy cleaning and effectiveness were the two most important factors.
  • STAY HEALTHY WITH THE MANUAL HEALTHY JUICER No amount of physical activity or diet can ever replace an overall healthy lifestyle, but with the manual Healthy Juicer you'll start feeling amazing right away. Vegetables and wheatgrass can be juiced in an efficient manner to provide an optimal quantity of vegetables to your body.
  • A DEVELOPMENT BY JUICERS We developed the Healthy Juicer because we were tired of the high price of electric juicers and low quality of manual juicers. Since we had a bad experience with one of those, 10 years ago, we decided to create a system that ACTUALLY WORKS without ever breaking!

Questions & Answers

I'm glad to hear from you! She's Wendy from the Yes, I agree! BPA-Free Parts - The Healthy Juicer is BPA free There is no BPA in anything that juices (Stainless Steel End cap and Auger Tip, Auger and end cap). In spite of this, the handle and base are made of plastic and simply because of its strength.
In addition to the foam, there was juice that came out with the foam into a screen trap on top of the If your spinach leaves are dry, allow them to soak in water for a few minutes before purchasing. In the process of breaking down the cells by the auger, the leaves will soak up some of the water and that will allow the auger to pull out more juice, which could ultimately help the foaming situation (perhaps the leaves had very little moisture in them to begin with, explaining the foaming). In addition to leafy greens, you can alternate carrots with leafy greens to make it easier to squeeze the pulp out of the leaves. Also, I found out that too many greens can jam up the auger and damage the handle The best results will be obtained by using a controlled number with slow and steady turning.
It works very well with the built-in suction cup. It is not necessary to use.
You can find the site at The Healthy Juicer. The products are cheap, and you can find spare parts there!

Selected User Reviews For Lexen The Original Healthy Juicer

I like it a lot! One year on, and I hope I still get it! In a nutshell, The update is After owning this juicer for nearly a year, I would definitely recommend it to anyone! So far, this purchase is still going strong and I am extremely pleased with it (5/5)

Please note The juicer is amazing! I love it! In search of the perfect solution for me as a beginner, I did a bunch of research. In this short video, I attempt to cover all aspects of this juicer that are critical to understanding it. You'll definitely want to buy it! Below are some of the things I talk about in this video Observations 1. This video shows how it works. The juice I made, was a mix of fruits and vegetables Among them are celery, cucumber, kale, grapefruit, carrots, apples, etc. There are pros and cons to all things. Lastly, 3. 4. Here are a few tips. Comments from some negative people were addressed.

Nataly Farmer - 09/01/2021
Wheatgrass, celery, fruits, and greens - all at a great price! My only regret is that I bought this despite the few negative reviews (5/5)

It costs a lot to get a wheatgrass juicer and this little gem does a great job. It's been the hardest thing for me to juice fibrous celery that gets all tangled up in my masticating juicer, but this juicer, in contrast, has been much easier! It produces a very dry pulp, too. Though I was concerned that the suction cup would not be strong enough to hold, I am happy that it has so far held very well and I don't miss the clamp because it was getting in the way of the crank handle if a straight edge countertop wasn't available. I like the fact that it is able to handle leafy greens and it produces excellent juice, and I love the fact that it can be carried wherever I go. quickly for a few glasses, but if you plan on juicing a lot of produce, I recommend getting a cold extraction breville or masticating juicer for time management and for harder produce which I have not tried yet and probably will not. It has saved me a lot of time and money. Instead of going to a juice bar, I now soak wheatgrass, celery, and greens.

Ariah Francis - 18/07/2021
The product should not be purchased (1/5)

The functionality is not working. I am SO disappointed. As soon as I got it, I was so excited. Wheatgrass has become a vital part of my diet since I was diagnosed with cancer. We grew a virtual lawn and ordered it online after seeing how easy it looked and how much it cost! I think so. I have a lot of It happens every time when I turn the handle that the plastic part of the cup hits the side of the cup that is supposed to hold the juice, and the plastic is already worn there after doing have the wheatgrass in the unit and turn it, there will be small trickles coming out and literally dropping onto the floor when it is turned. In this case, the opening does not meet the cup on one side and the liquid drains down the side instead of entering through It drizzled down the side of the unit no matter if I held it straight or pushed it hard to make it line up. In addition, it takes a lot of wheatgrass to make a drop of water. There is nothing I can do about It is a horrible situation. The drops are coming out faster than you can catch them. This is being returned, and, although it pains me to say it, don't waste your money on You can let me know if you have an ice cream recipe for wheatgrass. One of the worst ones ever.

Watson BROOKES - 15/04/2021
This is my first attempt I am pleased with the With my hand grinder, I just made my first batch of wheatgrass juice (4/5)

Though it's a bit time consuming to do it with a hand grinder, it turned out to take much less time Grass does get used a lot when it's juiced, so I'll have to keep growing it if I want to do more of it However, any wheatgrass juicer will do the same thing. One of the features of this machine is that it really squeezes out the juice, and the extruded pulp rods are extremely By cutting them off with a pair of scissors There is no danger of them breaking since they are ropes. In response to one Amazon reviewer's recommendation, I shredded a carrot and then fed it to the masher, which ate it up in no time. In my first batch of wheatgrass, I used about half carrot and half wheatgrass. It is rather simple to clean up, just wash. Despite the cold, the pulp will go to one of my horses to eat as a small treat along with his feed. In conclusion, I think it worked OK for a first attempt. have given this juicer four out of five stars but will change that if it holds up and deserves another one.

Mariana Zhang - 08/05/2021
This is worthless (1/5)

As a result, the manufacturer should be ashamed of its sale, since the unit is worthless. As well as celery, cherries, peaches, strawberries, cucumbers, and carrots, I have also tried. One cucumber behaved the best out of all of these items. Your material will turn into pulp if it is too soft. Your hand will not be able to hold the suction cup if it's too hard. You can really have fun when it springs out of the sand with a single half-climb There is no juice left in the You say the clamp is on it. Grab the clamp and see how it works! You may be surprised to find that the clamp is so poorly designed that it can't serve as a clamp at all. You see, the pressure applied to the clamp when you tighten it cause the clamp to become unseated from As a result, it will never seat properly and slide out, creating a large gouge in On the subject of tables, I found that the handle did not have enough clearance for the suction cup to properly mount on my table since it has an ornamental lip. Thus, unless your table ends in a 90-degree angle, you need a 90-degree angle It will be a challenge cranking from an angle of approximately 30 degrees. Okay, now we come to that hole for mounting the clamp, because that's where the manual says explicitly don't get water in. The port for juice can be found directly above that hole. You need to think about that, and if you can't figure out why that is a problem, then I have just the juicer to help In the end, I decided to throw the carrot juice shower in the trash following my carrot juice shower.

Emmaline Wong - 28/03/2021