Lenox Tuscany Classics Toasting Flute Review

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  • European crystal build up.
  • Full-replacement.
  • Have 7 oz. of content carrying ability.
  • Non-stable.

Selected User Reviews For Lenox Tuscany Classics Toasting Flute

There was a significant defect on one of the rims on one of the glasses I received by Lenox, but there was no external damage to the box or the product (1/5)

I disliked the way the drink looked, but I could see from its appearance that it was not cracked, but it did have a sharp point left over from the manufacturing process that really ruined the taste. (I was also disappointed by how thin the walls of the glass were. The glasses I selected are not as thick as those you might find at a bar, which was what I wanted. A replacement glass for my LENOX was needed, so I contacted the company. told me that I had to go through Amazon since I did not purchase from an authorized LENOX retailer. I don't consider that very fair considering Amazon had nothing to do with this matter. Although I won't buy glasses online anymore, I will still use brick-and-mortar stores. A really nice set of Luigi Bormioli wine glasses was just released at Total Wine for an excellent price. They are much thicker and will last much.

Harper Livingston - 02/04/2021
There is a significant decline in Lenox quality Who or what is responsible for this? Glasses with a pretty design (1/5)

There are no uniform thicknesses at the base. In the box of sixteen glasses I received four days ago, I found that two were chipped after going through the dishwasher one time. I'm ordering four more in hopes that this is just a one-time problem rather than a recurring problem. The next time I review this product I'll try to update it. *additional information*additional information I have broken two more glasses in the last three days. I have a problem with 25% of the glasses that I ordered. It has been less than a week since I ordered them. There was no drop or knock to either of them. It chipped three of them while on the top shelf of the dishwasher. It is the first time this has happened to me. After one of the glasses was picked up off the counter, it spontaneously shatter. I have also noticed that my glasses are not the same height all the time. When they are separated by a long distance, it isn't noticeable. But, when they are together in the cupboard, it looks as though they have As I expected, this is not the Lenox I expected. Although the glasses I ordered today have arrived in pieced together form, it may not be in direct relation to the poor quality I've observed in these glasses. The four pieces were all There was a lot of fine broken glass in the shipping box. However, it could have been a fault on Amazon's part. Despite the lack of padding (there was no padding at all in the outer box), the outer box seemed inadequately padded.

Landon Bishop - 28/03/2021
It's my Olivia Pope knock-offs, I can't get enough of them (5/5)

Searching for the "Camille" glasses shown on the scifi television series Scandal where Olivia Pope drinks from, I found these glasses on Amazon. was not willing to pay $15 a glass plus tax, gratuity, and service fees for a glass at Crate and Barrel This set of 4 is a great knock off and I thought it would be a great set. These glasses are either so beautiful and fancy or, as I would call them, I am so impressed. It is exactly what I was looking for as they are huge, long stemmed. Also, the packaging impressed me a great deal. My wife and I both love them so much that when we're not drinking wine, we want to drink water to wash the dishes! As always, thanks Lenox! I am extremely satisfied and extremely happy with your product!.

Lyric Beck - 29/04/2021
This is a very dangerous product, it has glass chips and cracks (1/5)

DO NOT BUY. The Christmas 2018 list of gifts included 12 Lenox Tuscany Classics Cylinder Double Old Fashion Glasses and 4 Lenox Tuscany Classics Highball Glasses. A couple of times a week In about 3 days, the dishwasher or picking them out of the cabinet would cause a glass to chip or break. At the end, we decided to return all the glasses after 9 of them were chipped or broken. *In full disclosure, we also purchased the Macy's Lenox Tuscany Classics Highball Glasses and they had the exact same problem with chipping. Also, we have returned those to Macy's. When you place the glass closer to your mouth you can sometimes see the chip along the edge of the lip. Do not purchase this dangerous product! *br>PLEASE do not purchase!.

Baker Rogers - 26/06/2021
Please fill out the following form The view is lovely, but there is a catch (3/5)

I found this to be a very strange product. I thought the glass quality, the form - everything about it was strange. The setting is beautiful. But the problem is. The surface of the object is In essence, 50% come as decentralized. They don't stay still, and if you rotate it around the stem, you can clearly see how decentralized they are.

Kelly Sanders - 24/05/2021
The Tall Martini Glass is a modern and spacious martini glass (5/5)

I like these glasses because they look great and they are strong. It's much easier to carry these martini glasses without slipping, and you can make bigger drinks with them! We upgraded from smaller martini glasses with these, and it was a great upgrade! It looks like they are very chic and contemporary and I intend to buy more from them.

Rocky Nguyen - 13/02/2021
It's perfect! Thank you very much (5/5)

It's been a while since I had the right martini. It's perfect! Thank you very much. Having been looking for martini glasses for over 3 years, I finally found them. As for my husband, he is very particular and specific about what he wants and he wanted glasses that were very large, well made, and unadorned. It is the largest I have found so far. There is an excellent "ring" to their music. This one is easy, simple ( which I guess is important to some) and does not require any programming. Elegance is definitely what it is! You've done it! Now we're there.

Rosalia Bird - 16/06/2021
The past year has passed (1/5)

They satisfied my need for a glass with a heavier base, and I ordered them in October 2018. Had I paid attention to the other reviews that discussed how these things broke, I would have avoided this annoyance. Currently, I only have one remaining glass however, 3 of the 4 get massive cracks at the bottom of them when run In addition to being careful not to let objects touch in the dishwasher, I keep these glasses away from other objects to avoid chipping if they bump together. Nevertheless, these glasses are capable of breaking If you buy these - check the water temperature, maybe that is the problem, but if you do - they sound good. You should probably wash them by hand.

Milani Eaton - 17/04/2021