Lenox Tuscany Classics Stemless Glass Review

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Score By Feature Based on 85 ratings

Giftable 4.4 
Light weight 4.3 
Durability 4.2 
Sturdiness 4.2 
Value for money 4.1 
Easy to hold 4.0 
  • Elegant.
  • Solid build up.
  • Edges are bit sharp.

Lenox Tuscany Classics Stemless Glass Product Description

Providing everyday moments of your life with an extra touch is the primary goal of Lenox. It is for this reason that their stemless wine glasses are made of transparent glass, emphasizing the original color of liquids. Lenox Tuscany Classics Stemless Wine Glasses are made of heavy-duty plastic that is a little thicker than crystal. They are also versatile and make an excellent gift choice. For them to last for many years, they need to be handled with care because they are naturally hard and firm. The best stemless wine glasses are made primarily for people who drink wine quite often. You will not be disappointed if you are also a party planner when you consider the Lenox Tuscany Classic. In addition, if you are concerned about giving the perfect gift to your loved one, these wine glasses will serve the purpose.

  • This glass is constructed of glass.
  • It can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • The material is resistant to breaking.

Questions & Answers

To the best of my knowledge, I have never received any broken glassware.
It has to be about 4 oz, and I make my Martinis according to the original recipe, which calls for 3 parts gin to 1 part vermouth. This is the old standard. There is nothing quite like an old Standard Half an ounce is more roomy in the glass.
I love these glasses because they don't have a lip!
The measurement is 10 and a quarter.

Selected User Reviews For Lenox Tuscany Classics Stemless Glass

I really like these glasses, but they are rather heavy (4/5)

I bought several sets for an event, and opened them on the same day I attended it - they are very nice glasses for the price. In my mind, I thought I would be good to go with a quick wash and rinse. We are not so quick to make a decision. The glasses were very nicely packaged, no damage to any of the glasses, and they look fantastic. Each glass is still attached with a sticker that has the details of the glass/cut, etc. Had I been able to just pull off the sticker, it would have been simpler, but I had to scrape, dig, soak, etc. each glass to remove the sticker. Also, to get rid of the residual gum product left after the sticker removal, we used cleaner. After I tried to get it all done, it was a hectic few hours. The failure to plan ahead was my own fault of course. just put the sticker on the bottom of the stem, I would pay a little bit more to not have any stickers!.

Adeline Yates - 21/03/2021
2 of the 2 were broken upon arrival (2/5)

There were two broken flutes when we received them In my case however, Amazon pointed me to a Lenox Product Support website. After spending a good deal of time on that site trying to find out about how to get a replacement, Lenox said I'm not qualified to receive one because I didn't make the purchase through Afterward, they offered to sell me new ones. I was able to find 4 flutes that survived the shipping process. They seem to be of pretty good quality.

Tomas French - 19/03/2021
The package was fragile and the stickers were annoying (2/5)

I dropped one of the glasses about 2 feet when I opened the box and it broke in half. They don't make a particularly nice clink sound when you toast, and all of the glasses have stickers on them that are difficult to remove and leave an annoying residue behind (while trying to peel off the sticker I dropped the glass). As they were inexpensive, I should have compared them to a nicer product, since they were not as good as the others.

Clyde Kramer - 20/05/2021
The product is good if it arrives in one piece (1/5)

One arrived broken, and I wrote that nobody responded to me. There's no excuse for that.

Ariyah Pacheco - 24/04/2021
The stemless wine glasses I use most often are these (5/5)

A stemless glass is very appealing to me. I've used a lot of different sorts, but these are the best. The only problem is that all of mine leak. I like the overall feel of them, but I just don't like how they feel in my hand. They keep losing their wine after I fill them up and the next thing I know, As of now, I haven't found the leak and for some reason there are never any messes to clean.

Alison Cain - 16/07/2021
This is so beautiful The Super Bowl is still on One of my Lenox flutes broke when I was washing it (4/5)

I bought this set of six flutes after breaking one of my previous four. All of the products were delivered in perfect condition, having been packaged nicely by the manufacturer Although, I immediately cracked another, this time while waiting for it to be washed in a soapy sink. There's nothing I'm doing to them in an abusive manner. There is no need to wash these, according to Lenox The safest and most reliable way to break-in A resistant substance. Not at all. The cylinders are made of thin, lead-filled sheets These bottles are largely free of crystal, and that's part of their beauty, especially when champagne bubbles are gushing This is also why they can be cracked easily. It looks beautiful when it is on the table and when it is held in the hand. I prefer my Schott Zwiesel titanium crystal flutes, because they are more elegant, but they are not as durable. Please note *br*br*- Wesselmann, Debbie Lee.

Maggie Hinton - 10/07/2021
I bought this for the price and it was very good (5/5)

Everything was intact and well packed. The design and quality of this product are both excellent! It's like looking through thin It is highly recommended!.

Cassius Cox - 09/06/2021
The problem here is that everything looks wonderful (4/5)

I have arthritis and I cannot hold the wide ones. These glasses are exactly what I was looking for. It's the little indentation at the bottom of the piece of glass that causes the problem. Possibly, there is a reason behind it, but what is it? There is soapy water collected in the dishwasher that does not drain, so I have at least a teaspoon of water in the bottom of my glasses instead of dry ones.

Derek Rush - 27/02/2021