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Value for money 4.4 
Sturdiness 4.4 
Easy to use 4.4 
Giftable 4.1 
Durability 4.0 
  • Totally stitched.
  • Cool color options.
  • Economical.
  • Narrow-shaped.


Featuring six bright and bold beer bottle sleeves, the set is designed for a fun party. As well as a bottle opener, it comes in a handy case. Those beer bottle koozies themselves are zigzag stitched and sealed with silicone to make them as durable and reliable as possible. Glue is not necessary in this case. A polyester binding adheres to the main body, while a neoprene body makes up the remaining part. They are extremely convenient because they’re zippered beer bottle koozies. The sizing of these bottles is designed to fit most 12 oz longneck bottles when it comes to the good stuff. Even soft drinks can be kept cool with these koozies. Hot glue, heat transfer vinyl, and waterproof markers can even be used to customize the items. Try to do your craziest designs and show us what you come up with.

  • This package includes a set of six bottles cooling sleeves and one (1) bottle opener.
  • A sealed, stitched, zig-zag seam exists on top and on the bottom - no glue needed! For easy access, there is a convenient zip opening in the front. It has a Neoprene layer and a polyester binding.
  • This ultra-thick (3mm) Neoprene bottle keeps your drink at a cool temperature and keeps your hands dry. Stack your coasters on top of each other! Make sure that you don't damage your furniture with water rings.
  • Use waterproof markers, apply details with hot glue, or decorate with heat transfer vinyl to personalize your sleeves. You have a lot of creativity options at your fingertips!
  • What a great idea for a gift! It's great for birthday parties, BBQs, family picnics, camping, bon fires, bridal showers, graduation parties, retirement parties, gag gifts, novelty gifts, hostess gifts, housewarming gifts, and family gatherings. This longneck bottle opener fits most 12 oz longneck beer and soft drink bottles.

Questions & Answers

Since I didn't have a 16-ounce bottle, I am not sure if it will work in a 20-ounce bottle.
However, these sleeves are much too small for a bottle of 24 ounces of Our Amazon store at Lazy Dog Warehouse is the only place you can find it. It will most likely fit a 24oz bottle of water, as it is a collapsible Beer Can Sleeve. Thanks for your kind words!
Waterproofing is not a feature of these bags. If they get dirty, you can wash them in the washing machine. You can use them in the pool if they get dirty.
We only carry the 12oz size of these at the moment.


We are in the middle of After our review of this product, "Lazy Dog Warehouse" has contacted us directly to discuss their product (5/5)

They emailed us right away. Taking an honest look at their business was appreciated. As a result they have offered to replace the zipper pulls for the ones that had bad quality. They really do want their products to live up to their advertising. It may be worth contacting their distributor about the zipper pull problem. I find that very cool. Moreover, we would like to mention that these bottle sleeves are superior in quality to other bottles sleeves that are currently available on the market. The edges of the zippers and the bottom of the bag are stitched by these stitches. In the past, we have purchased some from other stores that were glued and fell apart in no time. I even paid more for the others before. I find that these sleeves are a good value for the price. Only thing wrong with them was the zipper pulls broke on two of the sleeves. Instead we replaced them with small rings for fishing. I like it a lot".

Amora Rush - 21/02/2021
During the first five minutes of use, the zipper broke (1/5)

It's a shame you're such a lazy dog! So, here are the details. As soon as I placed an order for the beer bottle sleeves, it turned out to be When the bottle was put into the sleeve, the zipper broke within 5 minutes. This is not good at all. I then received an email from Lazy Dog after I posted my 1 star review, saying that they would send me another set, and that they were sorry for the experience. They at least stand behind their product, which I thought was great. Oh, wait, nevermind. They never sent the replacement, and I never heard from them after that. It is truly laziness to have a dog like that. A product of inferior quality can be produced but it is another altogether to simply disregard it.

Edward Davenport - 25/05/2021
I am so happy with these that I bought In the past few years, I have bought these from this vendor at least four or five times (5/5)

While I always have a good supply of them for personal use, I continue to share them with friends and family to spread the joy. An excellent gift to be tucked away for those moments when you have to make a quick exchange of gifts. My friends raving about them have never come to me without asking for As well as 12 oz, they work well too. By rolling over the top of the can, you can get the contents out. It is because of this why I always have at least one with me whenever I stop for a cold BTW, the quality of these is much greater than the competition at a much lower cost.

Zane Santana - 21/03/2021
I'm going to get a cold beer with a dry hand! In fact, I bought them for a "white elephant" gift exchange, however I wanted to make sure they fit before I used them (5/5)

Aside from the fit and appearance (no company logo), I was impressed with the quality of the material, the construction, and the fit. After all said and done, they are mine! As an alternative gift, I had to think outside the box. The perfect gift for the cook in your life, for picnics, or for parties.

Joy Rollins - 06/05/2021
They do a great job and the price is fair (5/5)

They do a great job and the price is fair. Every now and then, we have parties with the neighbors, and the feet of those I had kept growing. I wanted a lot of cheap ones, so I bought a lot of them. Whether they disappear or not is of little importance to me. You have done a great job.

Bjorn SINCLAIR - 07/03/2021
The Bottle Cozy is a nice, sturdy product (5/5)

We've made these cozies thicker and more durable than many of the ones you see with advertisements or ridiculous sayings. As well as the zippers, they are more substantial.

Jayden Chung - 18/05/2021
The product did not live up to expectations (1/5)

My order of glass sleeve sleeves came today in the product listing it says that it comes with a bonus bottle opener, but there is no opener, only 6 sleeve caps. In addition, there is no email button to contact the seller directly, so there is no way for the reviewer to avoid mentioning this in their.

Otis Sexton - 23/05/2021
I'm very disappointed with the quality of this product (1/5)

One day has passed since I bought this product. On the first occasion, I used a sleeve that was broken. There was a problem with the zipper. As a result of its poor quality, this is not a recommended purchase.

Lucian Marsh - 22/05/2021