Kuhn Rikon Serrated Paring Knife Review

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Score By Feature Based on 32 ratings

Maneuverability 5.0 
Light weight 5.0 
Easy to hold 4.8 
Easy to use 4.7 
Versatility 4.6 
Value for money 4.6 
  • Stainless steel built.
  • Non stick coating.
  • More expensive than other choices.

Kuhn Rikon Serrated Paring Knife Product Description

Slicing tomatoes, as well as fruits and vegetables, is easy with this tool. Featuring ultra-sharp, hand-ground, Japanese stainless steel blades that are long-lasting and lightweight, these knives are fast and easy to carry. Featuring non-stick coatings, which allow food to slide easily and neatly from the cutting surfaces, and ergonomic handles which contour to the hand for maximum comfort.

  • You can use it for slicing tomatoes and other soft fruits and vegetables, as well as bread, croissants.
  • The blades of these lightweight knives are made from Japanese stainless steel that is ultra-sharp, hand-ground and long-lasting.
  • Cutting surfaces with non-stick coatings allow food to slide off easily for cleaner and easier cutting.
  • Comfortable handles contour to your hand for maximum grip.
  • Having matching sheaths means the knives can be stored safely in kitchen drawers, and are great for use outside the kitchen as well (barbecues, camping, on vacation, etc.).

Questions & Answers

In any proper angle.
I've had great luck with these knives and they are not expensive either but rather quite affordable. They appear to be made in Switzerland, at Rikon near Zurich, and the blades appear to be Japanese blades with Teflon coating. So no Chinese made items, it appears. I would recommend not putting them in the dishwasher though even if the manufacturer says you can. They say that you should wash them by hand. If they say you can, then you should.
This is what is written on the blade There is a KUHN in my kitchen that says IKON SWS, which I don't think means it is actually made in Switzerland.
Yes, it is safe to use.

Selected User Reviews For Kuhn Rikon Serrated Paring Knife

Non-Response to Kuhn Rikon -- Knife for paring stick (5/5)

I've been using Kuhn Rikon knives for more than five years now Several decades. COLORI's blades are ergonomic, versatile and end up being sharp for quite some time after cutting. I like their I can “color code” whether I'm slicing, dicing, or rough chopping food by using the different colors. The color red denotes Green for veggies, etc. I was disappointed to see that the knife was The shoes were supposed to be made in Switzerland.

Hannah Pugh - 22/01/2021
These are my new favorites! Both of these knives are amazing to me and I am very particular about knives (5/5)

I like the way it feels. There is a lot of safety in the sheath, and they are very sharp. It surprised me to discover two new paring knives that I now love. We guarantee that this will not be a regrettable purchase.

Kimberly Cantrell - 22/03/2021
This knife is very lightweight, but it can cut through a variety of foods, such as It is my habit to bake a lot, and my husband likes to cut food into bite-sized I bought two knives for him because he loves this knife (5/5)

I did not find it in the color I wanted, but the red looked really nice as well. Snacks like these are used a lot around here. Despite their sharpness, they are protected by a cover to prevent fingers from getting cut. We like the knives because they're small, but they're very good.

Maximus Reid - 20/02/2021
It's a sharp knife, but the length is too short (2/5)

I have knives from the same brand and can't rave about them enough. This was an additional knife that I purchased. However, I found that the blade was too short, and it cut my fingers both times. In exchange for the knife, I returned it to the shop.

Rowan Cole - 01/01/2021
Knives I like to use most (5/5)

I'd have to say that my favorite knives are Kuhn Rikons. These are the only knives I use at this point in my life. The price is great, they are comfortable to hold, and they are great value for the money.

Aydin Mann - 01/01/2021
I have always thought that the grapefruit knife was the best (5/5)

The reason this type of knife is so good is because it is amazing for slicing half grapefruits for breakfast. My $40 Japanese Damascus steel paring knife cannot compete. Buying this knife would be a good investment if you like grapefruit for breakfast.

Memphis Martinez - 23/07/2021
You can't get a better knife than this one (5/5)

It has cut like it did when I first got it years ago. I have one that I purchased years ago and it still works. The one I had was in a different color, so I wanted another one. It is a must have knife, do not hesitate to buy it you will not regret it.

Joseph Blackwell - 04/03/2021
Knives that shine only when they are wet (1/5)

This is horrible. I was very disappointed with these knives. They get dull in a few short months and it is nearly impossible to restore them to a sharp state.

Alyssa Curtis - 26/05/2021