Kotai Copper Cocktail Boston Shaker Set Review

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Score By Feature Based on 97 ratings

Easy to clean 5.0 
Value for money 5.0 
Giftable 4.4 
Sturdiness 4.0 
Durability 3.3 
  • Sleek design.
  • Durable.
  • No strainer included.

Selected User Reviews For Kotai Copper Cocktail Boston Shaker Set

This shaker set looks attractive from the outside, but on the inside there are dark spots (3/5)

At first glance, this shaker set appears to be well made. It has been about a month since I bought it and I have used it only a few times so far. I like the fact that the shaker tin is quite sturdy. Separating them from the glass can be a challenge at times. In the beginning, the bottom area of the tin looks great. However, after a short time, I realize that there are some dark spots on the inside of the tin. There is no clear explanation as to why this is happening, but it is certainly not what I had expected from a "premium".

Juelz Butler - 24/06/2021
A seal does not work! I can't shake my shaker because it's A seal does not work! I can't shake my shaker because it's The industrial kitchen was where I worked as a chef (1/5)

The thing that everyone else is buying because it "looks nice" is not something that I should have bought. The answer is yes. It has a tight seal, but it's not very tight. As long as you don't force it, it's impossible to pull apart as your cocktail gets watered down while you waste time trying to pry it apart. I'm going to buy something more industrial instead of this expensive.

Freya Novak - 12/06/2021
It would be nice if you would It would be nice if you would It has only been a few months since I have used them and the "copper" paint has already began to chip off into the cocktails (1/5)

During busy periods of service, I'm forced to strain out the orders or remake them, which causes me to slow down. Three sets cost me $60, and I am completely dissatisfied with the quality. I'd like the owner to contact me so that we can arrange for a refund to be issued. Please note *br*br*- The email address for Tyler Unson is Vaughnunson@gmail. com. The web site.

Royal Buck - 01/03/2021
The design is sleek and functional (5/5)

A Boston shaker had been on his wishlist for some time, and I got him this as a gift. He was excited about the black color of the shaker. The glass fits perfectly into the metal cup because of its color and fit. As a former barback, he loves making cocktails and this brings about memories of his first job. It would certainly be recommended.

Malaysia Griffith - 03/03/2021
Cocktail shaker with a pretty design (5/5)

Definitely a cocktail shaker I would use! I like how easy it is to use and clean and how pretty it looks! Was really helpful during the summer air raid drills for COVID 19! I love it!.

Dahlia McGrath - 10/06/2021
An excellent Boston shaker set at the right price (5/5)

This has a very high quality. There is a very sharp black in this picture. The Boston shaker set is definitely the set to consider if you're looking for a resonable price for your shakers.

Hazel Burns - 12/01/2021
Gifts like this are very nice (5/5)

This cocktail set is the best one I've ever.

Rayden Mills - 04/01/2021
I love it! That's an awesome piece of artwork! What a gorgeous copper color! It's a very good seal, and my boyfriend learned that the hard way (5/5)

Don't jam the shaker and the glass together too hard. I'm thankful that some warm water enabled us to separate it.

Kendra Stephenson - 04/06/2021