Kotai Copper Bell Jigger Review

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  • Seamless weld for clean lines.
  • Food-grade stainless steel.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • More precise 1/4 oz. increments.
  • Markings fade after some time.

Questions & Answers

Of course there In the large cup there is one line, and in the small cup there are three lines. Unlike other units, they don't measure in ounces. The unit of measurement is milliliters. The line in the large cup appears to be 1 in the picture, but this could be incorrect. These three lines indicate .5 oz, .2 oz, and 0.02 oz. The number is 5. One ounce weighs 75, one ounce weighs 1 ounce. In other words,
The other one is for one ounce and the other one is for two ounces.
There is no seam in it.

Selected User Reviews For Kotai Copper Bell Jigger

This is an excellent jigger (5/5)

This jigger is one of my favorites. The cups come in a beautiful black finish and the sizes are clearly marked on the cups since one side measures 1 oz and the other is 2 oz like you would expect. There are also grooves on the inside of the cup In addition to the functionality, it comes in a stylish box that makes it a great My solution was to do as I said Having obtained one for myself, I can report back to you.

Davion Byers - 09/06/2021
You can feel it as if it was Throughout my fingers, it feels very satisfying to wear this bell jigger (5/5)

This pours directly into your shaker/mixing glass and is very ergonomic. While the design is sleek and the feel in the hand is excellent, you might need to get used to the weight of the device.

Solomon Gates - 31/03/2021
the Leopold jiggers I bought from Cocktail Kingdom, this one has a bar (5/5)

I also was impressed that like my last two Leopold jiggers from Cocktail Kingdom, this one hasn't broken in half from.

Violet BULL - 27/07/2021
The 1/4 oz line is excellent, and the bell at the bottom adds to it (5/5)

The finish is smooth and sexy. My existing jiggers don't measure 1/4 oz accurately, but this jigger has an excellent 1/4 oz line and a lower bell that makes it easier and more accurate than any other.

Esther Fernandez - 29/07/2021
This jigger is what I've been looking for (5/5)

It has the measurement lines around the entire thing, like many other jiggers, but it also has the 1/4 line that I haven't seen on any other jigger. I give you a thumbs up. The product will be repurchased in the future.

Ahmad Brock - 31/01/2021
This is the same one we have at home, and I'm glad for it (5/5)

The jigger I use at work is the same one I use at This is the same one we have at home, and I'm glad for it. In addition to being accurate and easy to clean, the stainless steel makes it very durable. It is my intention to buy another one in the future.

Hugh McConnell - 22/03/2021
The markings on the interior are It's a sturdy jigger, but the internal volume markers are way too faint to be of any use! The 1/4oz line is not there on my label, but there was supposed to be (2/5)

Money didn't seem to go as far as I expected.

Emir O’NEILL - 11/04/2021
Half of it broke off (1/5)

Buying is not a good idea. Using the jigger regularly for a couple of months caused it to break in half. It took me a couple days to get a reply after I emailed the seller for a refund or replacement. Do not waste your time and.

Jett Stuart - 09/03/2021