Koolatron WC20 Thermoelectric Wine Cooler 20 Bottle Capacity Review

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Noise level 4.5 
Temperature Control 4.4 
Energy efficiency 4.3 
  • works a bit like an old, non-self-defrosting refrigerator.
  • It doesn’t have a fan (meaning no dust build-up).
  • A bit pricey than its competitors.

Koolatron WC20 Thermoelectric Wine Cooler 20 Bottle Capacity Product Description

With a thermoelectric cooler like the Koolatron WC20 20-Bottle Wine Cooler, you’ll have no worries about noise, and your wine and you will both appreciate the fact that it maintains accurate temperatures. Koolatron WC20 20-Bottle Wine Cooler has a dark glass door that block UV rays and can be stylish while keeping wines cool. With a temperature range of 46 to 66 degrees, this single-zone refrigerator stays cool.

If you want your fridge to age properly and settle in, a vibration-free thermoelectric fridge is a good idea. The device contains clear controls to adjust the temperature and toggle it between Fahrenheit and Celsius, though some users complain that it can get stuck in Celsius mode. If you find yourself doing mental conversions, you may need to get used to it. Light can be turned on and off without opening the fridge door thanks to the interior LED lighting.

A convenient feature is the removal of five shelves to make room for bottles with large or irregular shapes. A little under 22 inches tall, this cooler is a compact option that you can use on your counter or mount on it. Although it does have a lock, it does not have a locking mechanism.

  • DIGITUAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL - Adjust the temperature to suit red and white wines using the temperature control buttons and clear digital display.
  • OUTSIDE TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLS - You can easily control the temperature in each zone by simply tapping the display. When the LED interior lights are on, you do not have to open.
  • The attractive, compact unit can be placed anywhere there is a power outlet, so you can keep your favourite wines by your side at all times.
  • VISUALLY ATTRACTIVE - The stylish mirrored glass door protects your wine's colors from harmful UV rays while the delicate lighting within subtly highlights your collection of wines.
  • A maximum capacity of 20 standard 750 mL wine bottles can be accommodated with removable wire racks for customized interior fitting of large or irregularly shaped bottles.

Questions & Answers

By 22 degrees C, the ambient temperature will be lowered. It is not recommended to operate this wine cellar.
It is not recommend. Neither weather proof nor able to drop lower than the outside temperature by more than 18 degrees.
There are 33 inches of height, 21 inches of width, and 16 inches of depth.
The room is too small to accommodate another rat.

Selected User Reviews For Koolatron WC20 Thermoelectric Wine Cooler 20 Bottle Capacity

There really is not much to dislike? Well, controls mostly (4/5)

There was no precise way to measure the noise level, so I gave five stars. I noticed that there is no noise, and the controls are easy to use. The machine holds 20 bottles comfortably and it looks great. Edit With no trouble, I was able to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can do it with A while back, it was Fahrenheit. Now it's Celsius or nothing at all. Since conversion is not a huge issue (for us Americans who have not yet figured out how to deal with modern measurements), it is possible. There is, however, a much worse problem Increasing the temperature would be extremely challenging, if not impossible. I have my house set at 16 degrees Celsius (30 degrees Fahrenheit), which is too cold for red wine, which is all I As far as I was concerned, 18C (64 F) is too low an upper limit to begin with. I was able to get to 18C before, but now it's impossible. We have a constant 80 F room temperature here in the Desert Southwest, which is far too hot. There is a 41-degree temperature in the refrigerator, way too cold. My wine cooler was so I could serve my wine at the perfect temperature. Despite the fact that it still appeals to me, I have downgraded it from 5 to 4 stars due to its poor control. Are there any other people having this issue?.

Ariel Colon - 19/01/2021
There is a level of noise (3/5)

As soon as the temperature is set, the wine cooler reaches it very quickly. There is only one negative and that is the noisy and incessant fan who never stops. While the unit had been placed in the dining room, I am now trying to figure out whether it should be moved to a different space because it is distracting when eating.

Amanda Arias - 27/03/2021
It was so refreshing to be surprised after being so skeptical (4/5)

It has been almost 30 years since I replaced the compressor unit in a 200 bottle wine cellar and I only found out how to do it myself after recharging the coolant with the low side line. But after a decade of that, the heat exchanger itself had become clogged, and I knew it was finally time to replace it. After a few moves, however, I simply did not have the space or need for a For storing special bottles, I bought this unit in addition to a wooden rack for holding small bottles of everyday wine. It is a little too small for me as I wanted something double the size, but thermoelectric units are limited to As I knew I didn't want to deal with the failure of cheap models- I had to get the thermoelectric version A refrigerator lasts 15+ years, while a freezer lasts five years). In addition, a wine cabinet with a compressor and 55 bottles would easily cost $1000, but this one was only The deal is still better than the compressor versions even if I have to replace it every two years. Here is the good stuff first. There is no noise at all. The sits in my living room between the sectional and the A/V center and I sometimes am not even aware that it is on. Its solid black design matches well with the A/V gear, and the internal light is useful when you are going to open the door and you want to check for a bottle at the back. I'll now tell you what's There are a few things that could be improved. The shelves are extremely cheap and bend There are some oversize bottles that fit and some that Last but not least, it is at its happiest in the air There is no way to cool a home with an air conditioning system since it only cools about 20F under A bit of trouble with mine occurs in late summer when internal temperatures reach close to 80 degrees. This may affect the longevity of the unit, so I am glad that I spent the extra $8 or so for the 5 year In the event that the unit dies after 2 Although the warranty is a scam and the unit is only 3 years old, it's still an excellent deal for such a small gadget.

Hakeem Schaefer - 01/01/2021
We can make wine according to your preference (5/5)

In the wake of a hurricane, I had to purchase this wine cooler after losing my other one. It is much bigger than my older unit. This wine cooler has a capacity of 18 bottles and all of them fit nicely within the cabinet. The exterior of the cabinet has beautiful lines that keep the temperature just where you would like it. Ideal for holding red wine, you can set the temperature easily.

Eden MIAH - 08/02/2021
My wine storage needs were met with this inexpensive solution (5/5)

Since I am renting, I wanted a good storage system to safely store my wine. There is a reasonable amount of noise, but it can't be considered However, it gets the job done.

Sara Moss - 26/03/2021
It looks good and works well, too! These caps fit almost any bottle (5/5)

There are some bottles of course that are bigger, and they may be difficult to The size and shape of 20 bottles cannot be accommodated unless you chose smaller and narrower bottles. With most wine coolers, this seems to be a normal issue. I think that the cooling system works very well with the larger fans. There is no noise, with maybe a slight hum if you are nearby. I am happy with how it is going.

Bella FitzGerald - 22/02/2021
Product is nice (5/5)

It looks good, has a lot of space, and is quiet. It was a gift for my husband.

Samson Costello - 02/06/2021
I am very pleased with this cooler (5/5)

It is easy to set up. It is the right size and price. I have been using it for a few months now. This refrigerator is the ideal size for people who store no more than 20 bottles, and fits neatly in a small space. The temperature control works well. As well as being relatively quiet, it is also a great place to live. The most important benefit of this system is that it preserves wine and maintains the ideal 55 degrees, eliminating the negative effects of temperature and humidity swings. Each of the whites and reds is the same. This is an excellent product at a good price for modest wine collectors.

Paityn Wright - 05/07/2021