KooK Tall Square Glass Beverage Dispenser Review

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Score By Feature Based on 84 ratings

Leak proof 4.7 
Easy to clean 4.4 
Easy to dispense 4.4 
Value for money 4.4 
Sturdiness 4.3 
Durability 4.3 
  • Elegant pitcher design.
  • Sturdy and durable glass built.
  • Small capacity.
  • Much expensive than other choices.

KooK Tall Square Glass Beverage Dispenser Product Description

This versatile pitcher is perfect for cocktails and cold drinks such as iced tea, lemonade, cold brew ice coffee, kombucha, sangria, and bloody mary. The base is made of clear glass, which lets the color of the beverage show through allowing for maximum stability. You’ll be the talk of the party with its elegant design and brilliant size that everyone will compliment your choice.

  • The Yorkshire Mason Tall Square Glass Drink Dispenser with Glass Lid, 2, is square in shape. The 5 Quarts are 100% lead free. Cold beverages such as iced tea, lemonade, cold brew ice coffee, kombucha, sangria, bloody mary, and the list goes on can all be served in this dispenser.
  • It is perfectly shaped. Stability is ensured thanks to the base. It is made from clear glass so that the color of the beverage can be easily seen through it.
  • Your event will be that much better with them. If you have this beautiful design, you will be the talk of the town.
  • In addition to enhancing and preserving the aroma and flavor of beverages, glass offers excellent protection. It is an asset to any event to have an elegant look. Adding some ice tea mix makes it easy to have a party, you save money on bottled drinks, you relax and it is a mess-free option.
  • It is only possible to drink cold beverages. It's time to wash your hands.

Questions & Answers

In one hand, this dispenser is crafted to fit on a counter edge or a shelf edge. There are other types of dispensers that come with stands.
I use it to make lemon water in the fridge. I have so far had no problems using it.
The jar holds more than half a gallon of liquid and stands about 12 inches tall. It's very heavy when full. With water or iced tea, it works well, and it would probably work with a thin layer of liquid laundry soap as well.
In the absence of a fully protecting cover, 100% of the water will leak out.

Selected User Reviews For KooK Tall Square Glass Beverage Dispenser

I love the way it looks and it As of yet, we are very happy with it (5/5)

Water is being dispensed from it in our refrigerator. It is a tall product with a small footprint, so it takes up very little space. There is no issue with the spigot. If the weather gets hot, I might try another glass for iced tea! shows a gallon jug next to a half gallon.

Reginald Underwood - 05/02/2021
Slim fit in a slim size There is a dispenser in the refrigerator Don't wash your clothes too often (5/5)

We bought this so that we could keep infused water in the fridge so it was easy to access for us both. You can easily and healthily drink more water if you make the habit of doing so. I like how slim it is, and how it fits into the height of our fridge- it's quite small and doesn't take up much room I can lift the shelf above it to access it, as long as I lift the shelf first. Nevertheless, I kept a close eye on it when I took it out of a cold fridge and washed it in water that was even close to warm. There was a crack in the bottom. *(But I liked it so much I'm just going to order another one and take more care moving the items from cold to warm If you're using this for parties where the glass canister will be outdoors, this will likely not be a problem, but If you plan to use it If you are going to wash it, let it come to room temperature first.

Romina PICKERING - 21/04/2021
I like that the device can be used for a variety of liquids in my laundry room (5/5)

There are no leaks and it is easy to disperse.

Braylon Evans - 14/06/2021
You should check them out! It's great to have these dispensers (5/5)

They are very high quality, no leaks, and perfectly suited for what I would need A rustic brunch is being hosted, and I would like some dispensers that match the theme. It also worked out to buy a wooden crate from Michaels and have them fit inside (which my husband had to cut off a small piece of wood to make the spout fit) and I'm so happy with how they turned out. Perfectly priced as well. It doesn't come with 3 of them, I bought three of them.

Johanna POWER - 31/05/2021
The desire to love it was great! In the two months since I started using this product, it has been awesome (2/5)

My only regret is that when I went to set it down on my counter after cleaning it, I found that the bottom corners were so thin that they We set it down normally-we didn't drop it or slam it down, just set it down like a normal light. There were so many nice things about this set! Wish it were made of a more durable material!.

Zayden Jacobs - 22/02/2021
This dispenser with stainless steel spigot is attractive and small, and has a clear glass foot print (5/5)

It is used to dispense filtered water to me from my counter. A water pitcher with a pur water filter that I keep in the fridge works fine, but I wanted something in glass for room temperature water that looks nice and does not take over too much visual When I discovered this dispenser with a stainless steel spigot from KooK, I was so happy. Unlike the thin and fragile glass of some watches, the glass isn't super thin However, I am still cautious when handling glass because it is still fragile. In my case, the lid was capend in such a way that one portion of the gasket was flipped the wrong way around. This spigot is working well, thanks to the fact that it was not damaged. No leaks have been reported. (My bolt was already tightened, although the instructions said it had to be, so I'm not sure how hard it would have been to do that. On top of it is a marble cheese slicer, which is rarely used. There is still a need for me to lean my taller mugs. Pros The water faucet is attractive, has a stainless steel spigot, and is made of glass (no plastic taste). It would have been nice if there was an option to add a stand. Cons related to its pros are that it is more heavy and has a smaller footprint, as well as thicker glass - which I think is a pro. This is not a device for large parties or dispensing a very large quantity of liquids, unless you frequently need to re-fill. It is both functional and attractive. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Cesar Robinson - 23/01/2021
I like wine, infusing water with herbs, and sweet The sky is the limit (5/5)

Despite being thick, the glass is wide open, so you can easily clean it. The spike works well, too. I sold it, and so far it has not leaked. In the event that it does, I will update this post. They are small enough to store in the refrigerator and they are nice to have In case you drink a lot, I recommend ordering 2 of them so you can have one going while you are drinking the other.

Marlee Kramer - 06/04/2021
It's slim, classy and gorgeous design makes it ideal for the fridge! 10 cups of water can be held inside (5/5)

It has a nice classic design and is made of glass. I can fit the slim fit perfectly on the top shelf of my refrigerator. The product is of great quality and does not leak. The label states it weighs 4 pounds. The empty weight is not more than a pound and a half. That was what I was worried It is heavy enough to lift even a weakling like me. I just ordered a second one as I liked it so much. It always seems to be my luck when I love something and it is Glad to hear it!.

Dior Snyder - 27/06/2021