Kolleya Bullet Whiskey Glasses Review

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Kolleya Bullet Whiskey Glasses Product Description

Each of the 2 whiskey glasses is embedded with a real .308 bullet and are lead-free, containing no gunpowder, and making them safe for drinking – 3.5 oz. Perfectly packaged for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement party, festivals, Father’s Day, Christmas, and New Year gift. We are committed to your trust and satisfaction.

  • The 308 BULLET WHISKEY GLASS SET includes two whiskey glasses that are made from real bullets. With a 308 bullet embedded inside, 100% lead-free, has no gunpowder, and is safe to drink - capacity 10 oz.
  • CRAFT BOURBON GLASSES - Our bullet whiskey glasses are made from premium crystal for the most perfect clarity for a wide variety of liquors including whiskeys, scotches, bourbons, and more.
  • The Bullet whiskey glass set will be a perfect gift for any hunting lover or soldier, especially if your dad, husband, boyfriend or brother has served in the military or loves sports like hunting.
  • The best way to give to someone special on any occasion - Kollea gift boxes are ideal for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, parties, festivals, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, and New Year's Day.
  • KOLLEA IS COMMITTED TO THE BEST - Kollea is dedicated to your trust and satisfaction each time you purchase this set of 2. You can return our 308 bullet glasses for a refund within 45 days, or replace them for a year.

Questions & Answers

These items are not for sale.
Glasses of this type are usually seen at High Ball tables. We know the base is solid, so we won't have to worry about it tipping The diameter is 5" and the height is 3". It is a nice size for a shot on the rocks or a neat shot.
Due to the fact that I purchased this set as a gift, I do not know, but he really liked it. Thanks for your interest, but I am unable to help more!

Selected User Reviews For Kolleya Bullet Whiskey Glasses

This would be a great addition to your wardrobe (5/5)

These are so cool! As a gift I bought this, but I think I want one for myself as well! They arrived very nicely packaged, with some minor scratches, but nothing major. The packaging is very nice, the quality is excellent, and my daughter loved the toys. I also got some bullet and pistol shaped ice trays to go along.

Peyton Price - 23/02/2021
It was a gift of great value (5/5)

This product did not disappoint me when I ordered it for my son. I have no doubt that they will look exactly like what is Bubbles don't appear on the glass because it's clear. This set is a great weight and size. Each one is cushioned in its own special In fact, my son is buying one for his future father because he likes them so much- For Christmas, my law will be there for me.

Edward Whitehead - 28/04/2021
I am so happy to give you this I am so happy to give you this I was pleasantly surprised at how fast I received the order and how well packaged it was (5/5)

I like it.

Aubriella Davies - 07/07/2021
The real thing is even better! As a result, this was much more attractive in person than it appeared online (5/5)

It looked plain, but it is definitely going to be a hit with the person we bought it for. This drink is the perfect size for on the rocks, and the packaging was perfect, since you can save it to store the glasses in if you need to or to take them with you. The product was exactly what I hoped it would be! Very pleased and happy I peeked at it before awarding Comparing it to others, its price is well worth it.

Haisley Leon - 14/07/2021
The gift is excellent and of high quality (5/5)

A very high quality product! I love it! Father's Day was a great time to give them to my boyfriend! It was love at first sight! Moreover, the packaging which they came in was very classy yet still very manly. I love it!.

Juniper Hudson - 29/07/2021
I am so happy to give you this This was a gift for my father-in-law (5/5)

Gift it to any veteran or gun enthusiast you know.

Lilliana Mejia - 06/01/2021
Wear these glasses to catch the eye (5/5)

This was given to me for Father's Day and I love it.

Adan Andrews - 23/04/2021
I appreciate your gift greatly! It was a great gift to receive these glasses! They were given as a gift to a friend who is in the military, and he I was really impressed with the packaging and how they looked! The next time I buy them, I will surely (5/5)


Frida Winters - 23/06/2021