Kitchentoolz Glass Beverage Dispenser Review

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Durability 4.7 
Easy to dispense 4.7 
Easy to clean 4.6 
Value for money 4.5 
Easy to assemble 4.4 
Leak proof 4.2 
  • Easy to clean.
  • Cannot be used with hot water.
  • Small capacity.
  • No metal stand included.

Kitchentoolz Glass Beverage Dispenser Product Description

The heavy-duty metal spigot on Kitchentoolz’s dispenser can stand up to the daily wear and tear of daily use as well as be used for brewing Kombucha tea, but it should not be used with hot water. A wide mouth capacity of 1 gallon is perfect for caterers and party planners or anyone looking to add a touch of class to their next event.

  • With the original Yorkshire engravings and a Stainless Steel Spigot pre-installed (DO NOT LIFT JAR BY GRASPING LID) this Yorkshire Jar features a traditional design.
  • A HIGH QUALITY METAL SPIGOT - Unlike other dispensers from KitchenToolz a heavy duty metal spigot that will stand up to daily use and can also be used for brewing Kombucha - NOT FOR USE WITH HOT WATER.
  • Catering businesses and party planners, as well as any other event that can benefit from a touch of class can use 1 Gallon wide mouth buckets.
  • CLEAN UP IS EASY Dishwasher safe glass makes cleanup an easy task.
  • We promise you a 100% satisfaction guarantee at Kitchentoolz, since we know you will love our product. In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with our service, you should contact us so that we may assist.

Questions & Answers

Whenever you're trying to dispense, make sure the lid is not on (or ensure that it is very loose), because if the lid is on then you'll create a vacuum and the liquid will not come out easy.
For a few reasons the lid is not water tight (may or may not matter), the spigot goes through the glass and has an opening that could be compromised, and generally you wouldn't freeze glass bottles full of liquid because they tend to shatter when frozen.

Selected User Reviews For Kitchentoolz Glass Beverage Dispenser

The product did not live up to expectations (3/5)

Amazon was a great resource to find the right glass dispenser for me. When I purchased it, I made sure the spigot was made of metal so it would be Reviews of this product have been excellent, and it boasts a metal spigot that is advertised as being durable. As much as I was looking forward to my glass dispenser arriving, I am somewhat disappointed now that it has arrived. Despite being beautiful, the spigot on the jar is made of plastic and does not look anything like the one illustrated. Because I thought I'd get a metal dispenser, I ended up spending twice as much as I should have. This dispenser can be found for less than $20 if you purchase one of the Yorkshire gallon glass dispensers with a plastic spigot and then pay $10 for a stainless steel spigot to replace it, which would be less expensive than buying this one. There does not appear to be any other evidence that this problem will occur to others, so it may simply be an issue with shipping. No matter how I feel about this item, I'm returning it. Oh no! That's too bad!.

Lorenzo Richard - 05/03/2021
Item IS NOT made of metal (1/5)

The spigot in this example is not metal.

Adelynn Roy - 26/01/2021
This is a revised version of the original (2/5)

Glass cracked while in the Sun tea "is" good for the sun. The glass within the jar cold cracked around the spigot. *Revised review 3/5/20* The glass cold cracked around the spigot. It was only used for tea, never for introducing "hot" into cold or vice versa, creating an unpleasant This type of item does not come with many options, so I am disappointed. All in all, this product has been very successful in meeting the needs of its intended use. It is easy to open and shut the spigot without leaks. It is only the lid that concerns me and whether it will rust over time. As a way to extend the life of my clothes, I hand wash and dry them.

Alexia Gaines - 27/02/2021
I'm so sorry! I filled the container for the first time (1/5)

Within an hour, half of the contents had been lost A large amount of water poured out of the spigot, over the fridge, and onto the ground. There is no doubt that the design/assembly is subpar. For the top cap, an additional gasket was also supplied. It was so loose it was not able to.

Laylani Jarvis - 04/05/2021
I bought a cheap There is descent glass and a good spigot here (3/5)

This is not good, but it is There is however no tight seal on the lid, which is paper thin. These are made out of super thin foam paper sometimes used as packing material, and I used it to seal the lid as well as insert the book. I'm worried that it will tear at any moment due to its poor fit. Its metal is so thin that it can be crushed without even using your Additionally, it is neither mentioned on the jar nor on the packaging where the products originate from. As a result, we have to assume it is "Cheap Chinese Crap (TM)" sold at Made in USA.

Raquel Love - 30/04/2021
I like the dispenser, but I had to be careful about As it happens, this is our second attempt to use The truth is, we like it a lot (5/5)

I keep a pitcher of fresh lemonade in the refrigerator, and it works just fine. It is true. She hit the dispenser with hot water when she took it out of the fridge to wash in the sink. After that, she learned about materials science. To cut a long story short, the glass broke. It is the uneven thermal expansion of glass that causes this. That was stupid! There is a possibility that I will need to purchase a third one in the future, but we shall What kind of version does this come in, a Pyrex one perhaps.

Noa Martin - 03/02/2021
I like it very much (5/5)

An item of this quality is extremely rare. Upon arrival, the nozzle needed a bit of gentle tightening, but it wasn't a huge When the nozzle was in place, I noticed the metal part of the nozzle was extremely sturdy. I also liked the jar and its lid both are classics and make for a great gift. We can expect. In addition to the bag, there are two parts that I did not expect. One part holds your fruit or tea bags, and the other part is the same as the other, but without any It seems to be for ice, so I'm not sure what it is for however, I am very pleased with this beautiful product.

Patrick Kirby - 29/01/2021
What a great idea! It is the perfect size for my refrigerator and came with two inserts I did not expect and have found to be very useful (5/5)

Thus, we have a My favorite part about the spigot is that it is easier to use than the ones that require you There has not been any leakage issues with these dispensers. When you shut off the spigot, there will be a few drops of liquid, but that is pretty normal. In addition to making sun tea, this has been a great container for making sun tea. It's convenient to be able to brew and dispense sun tea absolutely love this dispenser and recommend it for sure!.

Helena Nolan - 13/07/2021