KitchenAid Gourmet Winged Corkscrew Review

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Giftable 4.5 
Easy to remove 4.4 
Sturdiness 4.2 
Quality of material 4.2 
Easy to use 4.0 
Durability 3.8 
  • Easy grip.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Loose wings with several use.

KitchenAid Gourmet Winged Corkscrew Product Description

This wine opener is thick and robust, and it’s lined with a non-slip material on the top handle, wings, and bottom to prevent the bottle from slipping. In the screw and wings, corks are inserted smoothly, while they are pulled smoothly from the screw.

  • Our cast construction is designed to withstand the test of time.
  • With the soft grip wings and knob, you will be able to grab and hold things more comfortably.
  • It allows removal of the cork from any wine bottle with minimum effort thanks to its special design.
  • As the cork slides from the corkscrew, the unique grip helps stabilize the screw.
  • The product is dishwasher safe and backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • Strong and durable, a cast construction is well suited for outdoor use.
  • It is comfortable to hold thanks to the soft grip wings and knob.
  • By design, a red wine cork can be removed from most bottles.
  • By stabilizing the corkscrew when removing the cork, the unique grip prevents it from slipping.
  • There is no need to hand wash this corkscrew.

Questions & Answers

While its tip is curved, it can still be easily inserted There is no doubt that this is the best corkscrew on the market in my opinion, and I possess many This is one of the features I like about it because it has been thought out well. Two wing-like appendages on the screw hold the cork in place when the time comes to remove it. A set of spring fingers centered the screw on the bottle when it was time to eject the cork. There is only one other cork removing device that is necessary a two-pronged device that slides sideways down the sides of deteriorated corks. The first time I see it, this is my go-to model. However, the only other accessory for a wine that is aged is a decanter.
It is not possible to cut foil. It beats every other corkscrew out there in every other aspect as well.
It has a curved tip that allows easy access.

Selected User Reviews For KitchenAid Gourmet Winged Corkscrew

This would have been much more helpful if I had received it As of now, there is nothing between me and (5/5)


Danna Booker - 22/06/2021
It is by far the best wine opener on the market (5/5)

This device is easy to use and works well since it is constructed from sturdy materials. In addition to the two inner "wings," which are located on the legs next to the screw, the Kitchenaid opener is unique among all others. By means of those wings, the cork is easily removed once it has been extracted and by simply twisting the handle in reverse, it can be disposed of. Every feature of this site demonstrates that the design was well thought out. This is a stunning start to the day.

Jude Suarez - 21/03/2021
It looks like a lemon (3/5)

What could have gone wrong? A great deal of attention was paid to the build quality when this bottle opener was unboxed. The construction is very solid and the materials are nice. This product was used twice. When I first used it, one of the arms was a bit Even though I noticed this, the page still appeared to be useful. On the second try, the arms ended up totally To synchronize the gears again, there is nothing that I can do. The gears of these arms move in ways they should not be allowed to because there is some magical angle where they can move. The two bottles of wine did not seem out of the ordinary, this only failed because it was expired.

Hayes McClure - 11/05/2021
The best way to open a bottle of wine (5/5)

The best way to open a bottle of wine. The new one is beefier and has more leverage than the old one And that opener lasted more than 10 years, longer than several other sophisticated openers, such as Featuring beefy joints and construction, this is a simple design. There is more leverage in this opener than in competing designs with smaller dimensions.

Removing the cork is also very easy to do. When you remove the cork from the bottle, it is held in place in the center by two edges. When you want to pull it from the opener, wedge it between both edges and unscrew the handle until the cork is almost free. By pushing out the handle, you can remove the cork There is no substitute for the viola. Remove it easily with a pair of scissors.

Jaxtyn Williamson - 09/01/2021
I am stunned (1/5)

Sometimes I think that people who say things break on the first try are being silly, but this cork remover literally broke the first time I used it. In order to get a better product, I believed the brand and price would indicate a better quality, but it is possible that a $5 version could perform better. There is a plastic component painted over to resemble metal, and it looks like it was made from that. There may have been a lemon in my case, but this is unacceptably poor.

Lyra Jordan - 25/06/2021
A KitchenAid quality product This is a super heavy duty machine (5/5)

It is the most sturdily constructed wine bottle corkscrew I have ever seen or purchased. A great deal of quality has been put into KitchenAid products. Simple to use, the wings removed the cork from the ease of any I've used, using the large handles as leverage for great power.

Hudson Briggs - 26/01/2021
I love this beefy corkscrew! My wife does too! We had a cheap made in China corkscrew in the drawer that my Wife requested a new one for Christmas to replace it (5/5)

Definitely one to check out! This is a very sturdy and well-built product I made it. Several reviewers have commented that it is difficult to remove the cork from a corkscrew, but I found it to be extremely easy. By twisting the knob in the opposite direction, the cork will be released As the corkscrew backs out, the fins on the corkscrew keep the cork from rotating as the screw forces the cork out. The design is super clever, and the user interface is really simple. The wife used to ask me to open her wine for her, but that is no longer the case. Her favorite thing to use is this one!.

Bentley MORLEY - 09/01/2021
The best way to open a bottle of wine (5/5)

Because screw caps) are usually used so rarely that corks are not a concern, this wine opener makes the process foolproof.

Elena Guerra - 05/03/2021