Kitchen IQ B Zester Review

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Easy to clean 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Easy to use 4.5 
  • Produces a smooth or fine zest.
  • Non-stick coating protects from rust.
  • Has a comfortable grip.
  • Has a zest storage container.
  • It's not dishwasher friendly.

Kitchen IQ B Zester Product Description

If you want to upgrade your bar equipment, the Kitchen IQ zester is what you need. A measurement of 12.8″ x 1.5″ is found on the tool. With the help of the squeegee, you can remove the zest without any mess. Aside from that, the tool comes with the same container for storage. You will have ideal control along with a non-slip tip when using Kitchen Iq 50259, which offers you a non-slip tip. The v-shaped teeth of this newest product are similar to those of its predecessor. Featuring an etched stainless steel blade that provides enhanced performance and sharpness, the item is designed to be highly durable and long-lasting. In addition, the product also features a non-stick coating similar to the 50196 model. Although flaking issues that plagued the previous model have been resolved in this upgraded version. A layer such as this can, therefore, persist for quite a long time.

Featuring a patent-pending blade, this tool is designed to be the best in its class. Citrus of all kinds can be zested with this tool. With its patent pending non-stick coating, the product makes zesting easier and more enjoyable. Further, it is easy to clean up after you’ve used it. Introducing the new zest storage container that comes with this model.

  • An etched V-etched zester blade that works on all citrus types is pending patent.
  • The highly durable nonstick coating makes zesting an easier task and can be cleaned easily.
  • Detailed measurements of a citrus zest storage container.
  • The squeegee is used to remove the zest easily.
  • Handle is ergonomically designed, soft and tough with a non-slip tip.
  • Protective cover made of reusable material.
  • The top rack is the only place this product is dishwasher safe.

Questions & Answers

Unlike paint, it is not a color. In order to make this nonstick, it is coated in Teflon All non-stick things stick to each other The coating on the stick (Teflon) starts to come off after continuous use. Although I think this product is good, it would be my second favorite after the Microplane zester/grater, which is made of entirely stainless steel (so you don't have to worry about Teflon contaminating Apart from that, it does what it says it will do almost perfectly. It is my hope that you find this useful.
The zesting blades of this product are more effective for citrus fruit zesting. Fuchsia Parmesan Grater is one of the products offered by KitchenIQ for grating cheese. It should help you figure out your question and will also give you another colorful gadget.

Selected User Reviews For Kitchen IQ B Zester

The best zester is not this one (3/5)

As much as I bought this zester in hopes the few naysayers were wrong, I often fall into the camp of those in the "meh" camp. I will share my experience with you. My first use of the zester was on a Cara Cara orange as soon as I got it. My teenage daughter (sure that her mother wasn't competent at all) tried the same experiment with the same result. We put as much pressure on it as possible, going over the same spot over and over again, and I could see that the orange was getting lighter in color as time went on. It took only a few minutes to get a little bit of zest from a lime and later I decided to try it on an orange. The orange worked much better, yielding a very fine zest and, as people have said, keeping the white pith from the peel. So, my conclusion is that since the teeth are very small, if the fruit is at all soft, it is almost impossible for it to get any zest. This method works well for fruit that is very firm and small. In fact, I intend to return it, since I would rather depend on something I know.

Sadie Shaw - 26/05/2021
There is no such thing as too many In all honesty, I plan on buying multiples My old zester required so much pressure that I had to apply so much pressure all the time (5/5)

The surgery was very painful for me since I have arthritic joints. With the old one, not only was it hard to use, but I also saw the zest in all sorts of places. As I developed my recipes, I began using a whole plate to collect it. Zesting has actually been changed for the better because of this thing. This is not a good idea Since it has a stick surface, I don't have to scrape off extras. Defining the zest catcher as the greatest invention ever would be impossible. In fact, I'm not sure if I wouldn't go without toilet paper if I were able to make that decision (with a bidet, of course). pounded it down pretty hard and was able to squeeze the zest of two giant lemons in with more than enough Despite my rough handling of the thing, I have yet to crack When you zest often, you will find this completely worth the money.

Alaric McGowan - 19/01/2021
Version of the Original that is dull Save your money instead of wasting it (1/5)

purchased my Kitchen IQ Zester in a William Sonoma about 4 years ago (the yellow one pictured) and purchased this identical product from Amazon to give as a Christmas gift (the last picture details the black one). Once the recipient was not impressed, I brought my own over to compare 'one swipe' from each hand. It was only the Amazon Kitchen IQ Zester's second use in this test, and you can see that it's totally ineffective even though it's brand new. Only a very small amount of moisture could be squeezed out after more than a ton of pressure was applied. I have a different one that I use more frequently, but is still amazingly sharp even after The fact that I learned about this after the return window had closed is extremely disappointing to me! I completely wasted my money on this Your time is too valuable.

Laurel Hardy - 16/01/2021
I've owned many zesters, but this is the best! My zester by far is the best I've ever used or owned (5/5)

The first thing I do each morning is make a drink out of water, lemon juice, and freshly grated ginger. I used to use a small, three-inch citrus zester before this one It has four sides and a shredder and zester. Since I couldn't easily get inside of it, cleaning it proved to be very difficult. This zester was recommended to me by a blogger I was researching better options (I don't recall who recommended it). Among the things I love are Please note *br> Whether you need to do a small or large task, this is a good choice*- The handle is extremely comfortable - It is accurate to measure with a regular measuring spoon (I did a test). This is an easy to maintain product-br> By scraping with the scraper, you can get all the zest out of the food that you are zesting - There are many protective covers to protect children from getting injured (such as if they grab it), but they don't get any cuts by running their palms across the cover. *br>*br>I dislike*br>- If you want to zest a lot at a time, you may need a larger surface area. I strongly This will simplify your life and speed up your cooking.

Alisson Liu - 18/02/2021
There is a statement on the label that it may cause cancer and reproductive damage (1/5)

Don't buy this product. Nowhere in the description of this product does it mention that the chemicals used to make it and your exposure to them by using it can cause cancer and reproductive problems. This label was attached to the package when I opened it. Basically, this means that Information was withheld so as to hide it from customers.

Emmanuel Roberson - 03/02/2021
It is the most useful zester/grater I have ever used (5/5)

The mess associated with zesting or grating is eliminated using this method. It also has a measurement marking on the back to determine how much you have grated. The "catcher" acts as the squeegee to remove the grated stuff from the back and the back has a squeegee to remove the grated stuff. Having a sliding cover that can be removed and on, as well as a sturdy bent handle offers a comfortable grip. This is an extremely sturdy product. I was about to give up using grates in favor of something more elegant, but this will be perfect.

Miracle Padilla - 28/07/2021
Grating citrus with this tool is a real treat (5/5)

The purpose of cheese is to make it. I wouldn't go so far. A specialty gadget such as this would be great for you if you want to treat yourself. Among the features I appreciate the most are the fine, sharp contours Besides the grooves on the teeth (for grating citrus peel perfectly), the zest collector on the reverse side (to prevent zest getting all over the counter), and the cover (which prevents me from zesting my fingers when I put it in a drawer). As of a year after purchase, mine is in fine condition, so I find it puzzling that some reviewers say the paint is peeling. Wouldn't it be strange if they werehed their zester's in an odd way? There is no better zester for zesting citrus in my opinion The process is fast, it's neat, and you can make lemonade in no time at all. While it may shred too finely for a lot of other uses, like parmesan cheese on pasta or salads, it might still be suitable for a few others. If you need to perform such a task, I recommend the tried and true four-step process The metal grater is a two-sided standup item.

Paige Wiggins - 24/02/2021
Zester that is easy to use and safe to use (5/5)

For the most part, I use this zester to make bird food. Citrus zest and carrot zest are two things I zest with this type of item. There are three notable aspects of this product This combination of these three features makes for a truly nuisance-free zesting experience. The features on this device are pretty useful for me since I use it every day. Additionally, I should point out that the zester itself is quite effective, with its sharp blades producing a fine, crisp.

Waverly Hoover - 19/03/2021