Kismile Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler Review

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Noise level 4.3 
Energy efficiency 4.2 
Temperature Control 3.7 
  • Temperature can be controlled electronically.
  • Comes with a perfect rack for wine.
  • Shine may get dull.

Kismile Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler Product Description

It is hard to believe that up to 126 cans can fit in such a small area. It’s easy to see at a glance the benefits of double-layer tempered glass as it protects wine from UV rays as well as maintains the optimum humidity level for sensitive wines. The low-noise compressor and multi-channel lights allow the unit to be moved anywhere you want, from the garage to the parlor bar to the kitchen to the bedroom. In addition to an easy-to-use touch-panel control system, the Joy Pebble mini beer fridge also has a digital readout that will allow you to keep careful track of how your beers are being stored.

  • In this section, there are four things to consider. The cubic footage is 5 cubic feet. Despite its small size, this beverage refrigerator provides access to a large amount of cold beverages. Five inches wide (across the front) by 31 inches long. The dimensions are 4" H (top to bottom) x 21". The D unit is 2 inches high (front to back). You can store 126 cans of beverage or 37 bottles of wine. This product works perfectly in the house, in the kitchen, in the office, in the dorm room, or any other occasion.
  • The single zone beverage refrigerator features a digital temperature display that you can easily control, as well as an exterior digital LCD touch panel that lets you adjust the temperature from 40°F to 61°F to keep your wines as cool as necessary. It generates cool air quickly and without producing any noise, thanks to the compressor-based cooling system.
  • In the active mode, the compressor cooling system operates at a very low volume that produces good cooling quickly and with no noise. The noise is only 40 decibels. You can easily locate your favorite chilled drink at night thanks to the soft blue LED light.
  • It is possible to maintain the ideal amount of humidity with double pane glass doors by blocking harmful UV rays. Maximum insulation is ensured by a tight seal at the door.
  • The spacious cooler features 5 adjustable stainless steel shelves that can hold 126 soda or beer cans in convenience. With the special arcuate rack, wine does not only not fall off but also makes more use of the space in your cabinet.

Questions & Answers

There is no way to use it on bottles. Cans are the only way to use it. The 126 cans that are supposed to be included in the order have not arrived. About 80 cans are all I've ever gotten in.
Accordingly, these are just false advertisements. It is not reversible I bought one with the expectation that it was. The price came up a bit as well. What's wrong? Are you injured? It appears that at least two shelves had been installed previously, and they literally ripped holes in the insulation. *I received 50% off so I put it in my room and called it a night. I also noticed some scratches on the glass and dents on the side.
There is not too much darkness at all in the shaded door. However, when the inside light is on it looks very nice. The product can still be seen without the inside light on while it still looks good without the inside light
also have the same problem with mine. It goes to 39 when it gets low. This is not a very cold day. There is barely any chill in the beverages, but they are

Selected User Reviews For Kismile Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

Not good for vegetables, but good for drinks (4/5)

Thanks for the great customer service. I bought this beverage refrigerator because the listing mentions that it is It seems that the lowest temperature for vegetables is 39°, so I now know that they need to be kept at a slightly As far as beverages are concerned, it works just fine This past summer saw some unusually warm and humid days in Vermont, which caused ice to build up in the fridge. In my call with the technical support line, I discovered that I simply need to remove the excess moisture periodically by monitoring it. That's not so big of a I've been very satisfied with the customer support. The number I called and left a message is In less than ten minutes, I got a call from them. I offered advice on how to avoid the issue in the future after my support person understood the issue, checked with engineering, and dealt with it. There has not been a repeat of this issue. Despite the fact that their customer support person was friendly and professional, I was still very grateful. The company I purchased from would be my first choice.

Lyra Moss - 25/02/2021
I have reviewed the book (4/5)

It was a little difficult to get this item delivered to my home. In spite of that, the customer service at the company is remarkable! When I first contacted the company, I received a quick reply explaining the delay and offering me a refund for the shipping costs. I was told to wait a few more days for an update and then offered a satisfactory solution if none was received. It has been a few days since we last heard from you. My contact with them was repeated and the entire amount was refunded. As well, they still shipped the item to me and allowed me to keep it for free. For what it is worth, they receive an A++ in regards to customer service. *br>*br>The cooler appears to be made with Tempered glass shelves have a lock that allows them to be locked It's nice to have a touchscreen display with touch control, but the buttons in low light are hard to read. There is a need for the user to be able to opt out of auto-locking This door has tinted glass which I like very much. While it does get cold, it could be even colder in the future. My belief that it can get down to 39 degrees is somewhat shaky. I think that's all for now. I think the product is good and the customer service is superb.

Ellison Hodge - 27/02/2021
This cools within a short time (5/5)

I really like your style. An operation that is quiet. I was surprised at how quickly it cooled unlike reviews of other brands. This fridge reached the set temperature in no time. No damage occurred during delivery because of the excellent packaging. I had a question and the customer service was prompt, courteous, and We were able to arrange the unit perfectly for our needs. It is important to let the unit sit for 24 hours after installation before plugging it in.

Cohen HAYWARD - 03/05/2021
The capacity was less than what was shown, and the quality was poor (1/5)

There's more to this fridge than what you see on the advertising. There were scratches in the exterior finishes when we removed it from the box. Upon opening, a thin plastic liner will be found inside. There is one problem however, which is that the shelves are not arranged as they should be. It was difficult to get a configuration that would hold more than two thirds of what was indicated. Ultimately, we decided to return the item and put it back in the box. Due to the lack of quality, I'm skeptical that it feels cool. Since we never turned the machine on, I cannot judge how well it functions.

Devin Parsons - 28/03/2021
It gives me a feeling of calm and peace (5/5)

My favorite part of it is the end! It allows me to free up space in our refrigerator by having it stored for our various drinks. There is plenty of room for bottles, cans of all sizes! If you want to put your items in the little fridge after 1 or 2 hours, you might want to chill them in the refrigerator first. Plastics stay cold for a shorter period than cans and glass bottles, so drinking from them is better.

Donald Barrett - 18/06/2021
On the lower price end of the price range, this is a good refrigerator (4/5)

My man cave needed a coffee bar fridge for my man cave. This one was reasonably priced & was not difficult to assemble. It seems to work. This refrigerator has a good temperature, and that's one of the things I like most about it. Unless it rains, the temperature drops to 39 degrees, when most others do not This fridge has an interesting blue light feature and the black glass makes it evident that it doesn't belong in the counter space, so that's exactly what I wanted it to have. When my first fridge arrived damaged, customer service was quick to respond, and I got a replacement within.

Sam Lowe - 29/01/2021
This is a great refrigerator! Set it up just a few seconds ago (5/5)

The shelves on this unit can be adjusted so you can store items of different sizes. The can can hold wine bottles, cans with 12 ounces, as well as taller cans!.

Allen Ortiz - 29/01/2021
This is loud! There is a loud noise in this product (3/5)

Update I received a refund quickly from the seller, and the seller went above and beyond to help me trouble shoot the noise issue. I found this very helpful and professional. My goal is to troubleshoot the issue. Despite the fact that the product was defective, the service provided by the company was excellent. I mean, jolt the house with a loud boom. The buzzing was loud, but at times it was combined with rumbling and clanking. You should try something else if you are simply looking for something for your kitchen. This is a return request that I made to the seller and I will update the post if it is accepted.

Rogelio Hurst - 04/06/2021