Kimteny Dish Towels Review

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Softness 4.8 
Durability 4.7 
Giftable 4.6 
Absorbency 4.6 
  • Quick drying.
  • Soft fabric.
  • Comes in 12 colors.
  • Very small to other's liking.

Kimteny Dish Towels Product Description

The towel is soft, even though it is small, and it is effectively fastening clothes. Additionally, you can also use it on your face, so its use isn’t limited to the kitchen.

  • Violace of Coral.
  • Features Dimensions 10 x 10 in / 25 x 25 cm Material Coral Velvet Package 12 Pack Kitchen Towels. This 12-pack provides you with an ample supply of flour sack towels for all your household needs.
  • A high quality coral velvet thickening material made these dishtowels to be extremely absorbent and quick drying. They are lightweight, quick drying and lightweight. With the Kimmart classic kitchen towels you can be confident that they are lint-free and can absorb fluids quickly and efficiently for any task.
  • The machine washable fabric can be easily cleaned. Despite multiple washings, the towels retain a high level of quality. They are machine washable as well as hand washable. The fabric will not shrink and will With these towels, you'll be able to use them again.
  • A wide assortment of household chores can be done with these towels due to their absorbent nature. Dust cloths, drying hands, wiping stains, cleaning windows, as well as cheese strainers, salad spinners, and a wide variety of household tasks can be done with these towels. The feeling is as though you have a magic wand in your hand! Our dish cloths will help you get the job done right quickly and efficiently!
  • A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTY Kimteny team is dedicated to 100% client satisfaction with lifetime warranty provided by manufacturers. you have any issues with our products, please contact us immediately and we will offer a solution that suits your needs.

Questions & Answers

Bleach will probably fade the color of them, so I wouldn't use it.
Keep a bucket in the bathroom for cleaning and one in the basement for drying. You can easily handle and squeeze them due to their size.
There is 100% polyester in this shirt.

Selected User Reviews For Kimteny Dish Towels

I love how absorbent it is! It is great to have these things (5/5)

Whenever I need one of these, I keep one in a basket on my kitchen counter to grab instead of paper towels and then I throw it in the washer when I'm done. In the past, I have used microfiber washcloths in this way, and these are 1000x more absorbent, since they are thicker and catch more of the liquid as it melts. I've replaced my old favourite cleaning rag with this one.

Ishaan Tran - 30/07/2021
As a result of washing, absorbency decreases (2/5)

I used these for a week after purchasing. The second set of them seemed equally as good and so I bought it. For some time now I have now had these and I have discovered that they lose absorbency with each wash as well as leaving streaks behind. Now that we know what the best rag for the kitchen is, let's find one. These are actually highly effective at cleaning my stainless steel appliance surfaces, and believe it or not, they're fantastic for cleaning the lenses on my prescription eyeglasses. Here is the updates (Jun 27, 2021) for your information I ordered the first ones (Mar 6, 2021) and they are falling apart. There are holes and the sides are separating from each other. Further, even the later ones I purchased (Mar 24) did not dry my counters as well. Please take note Changing my counter rags regularly and washing them weekly is how I keep them clean. There is absolutely no softening agent, dryer sheet, etc. in my wash so I am not certain that it is anything in the wash Kirkland free and clear washing detergent is the only one I use. Likewise, the rags are washed with Oxyclean in hot water to remove any chemical residue.

Eithan Berry - 31/01/2021
Does not absorb water at all depending on how it is used (3/5)

The pros are I find that just plain water cleans up the stove top very well. The cons are Water cannot be absorbed by this material! Has a hard time getting clean. After 1 year, it needs to be thrown out I put the edges under 2 washes since they frazzled out and I found remnants all over the laundry.

Gatlin Larson - 11/01/2021
This is an absorbent and plush blanket (5/5)

It is amazing how these microfiber cloths work. I love how soft and absorbent they are. The only thing they need is water to clean them. I was able to wash them without any problems. The number of items I've bought probably ranges from 10 to 20 In the past couple months, I have tested 15 different kinds of microfiber cloths, and this one has been my favorite. I would recommend a serger stitched edge to improve it. A very sharp edge has formed on the melted edge, and it.

Drew Reynolds - 05/07/2021
There is nothing here that is a towel (2/5)

The washcloths are a type of cloth. Please be careful when choosing the size. I overlooked this when choosing The word towel sounded plausible to me, so I believed it I apologize for my error. Despite the fact that they were larger than washcloths, I was unable to order some new dish towels. The cloths will be used for washing my face.

Carlos Hernandez - 26/02/2021
It can be used for multiple purposes (5/5)

The kitchen towels can be used for a wide range of different purposes. In addition to being absorbent, they are quick drying as well. use them as a way of wiping the counters, shining the stove and all kitchen appliance surfaces, polishing mirrors and windows, fixing dents, cleaning glass, and polishing stainless steel. In addition to the kitchen, there are many other ways to utilize these products. In addition, I like the small size that is similar to a wash cloth.

Penny HODGSON - 29/01/2021
It is the best towel you've ever used (5/5)

This is the best towel I have ever had! My favorite feature is that these towels are very absorbent. Cleaning eyeglasses with them as well as wiping counters is also a breeze.

Kailey Yu - 30/06/2021
The quality of the product is poor (1/5)

In the end, I ordered the larger ones because I purchased some smaller ones from another seller and loved them. It's not a good thing. The towel was used once as a hand towel to dry hands and I have not washed it I don't understand why they are falling apart. They are soft and very comfortable to use, if they are made properly. Seventy-five percent of them were sure to fall apart within a few days. Many of them don't even have the pattern on the back to indicate where others have been melted and glued together, and the edges are already coming apart before they're even used. As with this one, I'm expecting the next one to be a total mess. It's also not like all the dimensions are the same.

Calum LORD - 22/07/2021