Kikkerland Luchador Bottle Opener Review

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Easy to use 4.7 
Giftable 4.7 
Value for money 4.6 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Durability 4.3 
Light weight 3.0 
  • Popular among Kids.
  • Can be your toddler's toy.
  • Poor quality.

Kikkerland Luchador Bottle Opener Product Description

The Luchador Mexican wrestlers from Kikkerland Mexico Design Challenge are ready to wrestle your beer bottle open using various wrestling holds. They are designed by Ariel Rojo and Andres Lima. There is a limit to how many colors and styles can be ordered. When you use a bottle opener, you get a mini wrestler who applies pressure. The design by Andres Lima was submitted as part of the Mexico design challenge. The design is in red, blue, and black.

  • You can apply a lock hold to your bottle using the bottle opener, which is shaped like a mini wrestler.
  • As part of the Mexico Design Challenge, this item was designed by Andrés Lhima.
  • These are red, blue, and black bags with various designs and colors.
  • The rubberized surface of the stainless steel and ABS part is stainless steel.
  • The dimensions are approximately 2-3/4 by 6 inches.

Questions & Answers

Hi Sergio, I'd like to offer you 6 units of this product at an incredibly low rate of shipping. Feel free to contact us directly if you have further questions! Shop at PinkCats.
There will be a blue fighter.
I am afraid I am unable to The back isn't visible as it is mounted on the wall The front of the shirt is blank. I find it to be quite useful.
I did not order one. The more I ordered, the more differed. I don't care which is your favorite, what a fun gift to receive or give!

Selected User Reviews For Kikkerland Luchador Bottle Opener

The piece you choose does not belong to you (1/5)

This selection was made at random. According to this, you get whatever type of opener they feel like including in the bag.

Evangeline Stewart - 31/07/2021
I love the retro look of this bottle opener! The system works well when mounted securely (5/5)

I found this to be a good match for It is possible to use it this way, but you will have to provide an outside and an inside mounting plate. Outside is a stainless steel 304 grade 1/16" thick plate, with a composite wood block back plate placed just below the seal on the cooler's inner flange. Describe the cooler as a 52-quart Igloo Quantum cooler with wheels and a There is an Amazon version of this item.

Alayah Calhoun - 17/05/2021
The best I can do is not The best I can do is not In contrast to other bottle openers, the cap can be placed on the lower jaw instead of the upper jaw, which is where the cap goes (2/5)

As well as the white paint on the teeth, it comes off easily. Although the magnet is pretty good at holding, it does seem to deteriorate over time.

Kole Hawkins - 01/03/2021
Plastic Hollows on sale for cheap (1/5)

In this case, the product I received was of poor quality. Plastic that is hollow. My first reaction was to grab a beer from the fridge as soon as I got it in the mail from the box it came in. It wasn't even possible to open the bottle. This move instantly caused the wrestler's head to crack open. There seems to be no way to make this durable. This is a very cheaply made product. It was a mistake to purchase this item.

Porter Hart - 31/01/2021
I love it (5/5)

A police officer who plays the role in a play gave me this as a gift for the opening night. It's a great gift, and you can use it on your favorite drinks.

Remi Dean - 11/05/2021
The product is of reasonable quality, but is the wrong A copper colored shovel bottle opener can be found on Amazon (2/5)

According to the description, "Kikkerland Copper Shovel Bottle Opener, Gold" is somewhat confusing. When I ordered it, I didn't know whether the gold color would actually be the same as I had hoped. There is no doubt that it is Other than that, the shovel bottle opener appears to be pretty good.

Malia READ - 20/02/2021
Perfect! I was looking for something like this! Thanks for posting this! I am so excited to find it! One of these was in a little gift shop in Colorado a few years ago that my husband discovered (5/5)

Thankfully, the head popped off after a week of use. My husband was so disappointed, so I immediately got onto Amazon and looked for something similar and I was so excited to find it! I can't wait to give it to him for Christmas, despite the fact that the advertised color is black and it arrived in blue.

Kaison Gomez - 02/08/2021
This is a great gift for any military As part of our groomsmen's gifts, we had these items (5/5)

It's such a pleasure to use them because they're so solid and There was no one who didn't like.

Mina Kaplan - 04/06/2021