Kershaw Pub Knife Review

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Score By Feature Based on 24 ratings

Value for money 3.9 
Sturdiness 3.8 
Durability 3.3 
  • Can be used in several ways.
  • It is opened manually.
  • Styled like a Sheepsfoot.
  • Leads to pain in finger for a while.

Kershaw Pub Knife Product Description

You may have guessed from the name that there’s more to this beer bottle opener than meets the eye. It is the handiwork of Belarusian custom knifemaker Dmitry Sinkevich, and it looks like nothing more than a blocky beer bottle opener when the blade is stored. You only need to rotate the carabiner in order to reach the steel blade at the end. The multi-tool even has a slotted screwdriver tip, making it a compact and convenient tool.

  • This multitool has 5 functions (screwdriver, pry bar, key chain, bottle opener, and blade), so you can accomplish everything you need it is safe to use at the pub while hanging out with friends.
  • The Pub provides maximum stability and control for optimal use, and has excellent blade authority due to its manual opening.
  • The pub's small and compact size make it an ideal companion for travelling and carrying in urban, suburban, or outdoor landscapes.
  • By using a sheepsfoot style blade, you can exercise and exploit all of the Pub's features quickly and efficiently.
  • Bottle opener, pry bar, screwdriver, lanyard hole and pry bar are included in the tool kit, but not limited to them.
  • The following instructions should be followed Hand wash.

Questions & Answers

Depending on how the blade is closed, it might be possible to put the other side of it The blade can be removed from the key ring by pivoting it open. It should be noted that the blade does not lock closed. In my view, this has no bearing on my decisions.
We do not consider this a wood carving knife. It is pleasantly novel, it cuts boxes well, opens nicely, it feels great and it's fun to use. Rather than being a figet, this is something that fits in the pocket or belt loop. In the past, I've used the pry, the bottle opener, and the blade for a variety of things, especially boxes, cords, envelopes, A great feature of the design is its appearance. For now, that's more than enough. You can deal with the other things later.
The loop is created when the loop is closed. This loop is not visible when it is open. As the knife opens, the clip opens, allowing you to use it as a clip. I have my keys on it, so I can't use it as a clip when it opens. You might still be able to use it, but not as a real clip. The rest of it is I like the size of this because it fits in my pocket perfectly.
The blade is 6" long the blade is 3" wide. Closing the 625 will result in a 4.

Selected User Reviews For Kershaw Pub Knife

Considering this is an initial impressions review, I won't comment on the durability beside saying that I've had two other Kershaw knives before and never had a problem with either one, so I anticipate roughly the same with this model (4/5)

The pros include The size of this thing is very small, but the handle barely fits my hand and the blade is quite short. The blade is also very thin, it's probably the thinnest blade I've ever owned. This knife is clearly designed for a little everyday use and not for serious work. However, I was unable to completely satisfy my desire to purchase it due to some complications. Moreover, I personally believe that for all its ill-repute, the bottlecap opener is actually placed in an appropriate spot away from the source of concern and is a useful feature. *br>But what the real positive is in my opinion is its size. It's easy to fit into the tiny micro pocket in my jeans with no discomfort. Also, I'm pretty fussy about the size of these things. The cons are *br>I'm not a fan of the fact that it has a push to open mechanism at the place where the tab comes out of it, so it doesn't have a lock. "Lanyard holder" tab that also serves as a push tab to open However, as a lanyard holder, it isn't so great because you have to remove it if you open the blade since the lanyard goes into the handle of the knife. I wasn't a fan of this feature. It is small so I mentioned it as a positive because it is for me, but if you expect this to be a knife you could use other than opening boxes, cutting string or tape, and other essential jobs, you're going to be disappointed as it is Generally I was pleased with the product, but for the price point I think it would have been better to spend another five or ten dollars. Most people would find it more convenient to spend 10 dollars to get a normal sized knife.

Karter Stephenson - 17/05/2021
Having my Kershaw Pub means a lot to me (5/5)

Having my Kershaw Pub means a lot to me. I tend to prefer knives with additional gadgets included when choosing an EDC, because I need my knives to do more than just cut. For my EDC knife, I also need a knife that can sharpen well but doesn't always need to be sharpened, and this is the perfect knife for me. In the event that I lose my knife, I do not want to get a new one on a small loan and I do not want to constantly carry around a sharpening tool as cutting tape ruins Although it has been sharpened twice in the last couple of months I have had it, that is only due to how nice it feels when a sharp knife meets very little resistance. It is my office EDC, though I carry it pretty much everywhere I can get away with carrying a small knife. I don't think I'd be better off using a screwdriver to open a beer with this bottle opener since it's small, but just big enough to open a bottle. As well as working as a screwdriver, the piece also works as a pry. In the past, I have used it to get under metal plates, get into phones, and tighten larger screws without incident. Bends and chips are not permitted! Despite my best efforts, I haven't accidentally unfolded this knife yet because the "lock" (small ball bearing hidden in the center of the blade) is strong enough to prevent me from doing so. The knife is not so strong that I would feel completely confident putting my thumb on the spine, but luckily the handle tends to hold it in place as long as your fingers are wrapped around it. No matter how it is cut, it is too small to deal with heavy duty work. A loop may seem like it would be good for lanyards at first, but it's not. Since the loop is the most mobile piece of the knife, if you want to fully deploy the blade (ya know, the safe way), you can't leave anything there. A loop is deployed inside a handle when it is deployed. Nevertheless, I have a bad habit of spinning the closed knife around my finger since I found the loop to be a good size for my I find one of the most important EDC needs to be - I'm holding my hand out. To me, the knife is not an EDC if it can't be held well enough to enable me to pull it out. The situation was almost a deal breaker, but I was able to make it work. The following method could not be found anywhere, as a result I am sharing it Please note *br*br*- Put your index finger behind the knife and keep your thumb on its loop. As you hold the knife, you must place your index finger in the large single grove behind the knife. By pressing the knife out of its locked position, it can be unlocked. The loop can now be pushed more forward with your index finger - When you are done, switch your thumb for your index finger and continue pushing until the knife locks into place*br /> - Make sure the edge is not in your face when you grip the chip I will be glad to help you if you have a hand open.

Megan Hernandez - 02/05/2021
I found the product to be highly functional, but the quality control was inconsistent (3/5)

I somehow keep losing these Pubs around the place. This is my third instance of missing one. The only thing I use it for is opening boxes and mail, and it's a small form factor with some extra features that I use from time to time. Since sheepsfoot blades are less likely to cause me to accidentally stab myself, I'm a fan of them. It was about a year ago when I started with a CF version that had It was sold to me, and I look forward to learning more about it when it arrives at my I then looked at the blue model, which had an excellent grind, but had a weak detent. While I am sure this can be fixed, I just use it for packages so I don't see a big problem. In spite of this, the third plain back model had an extremely stiff action right out of the bag and was actually trimmed concavely. It's not a picky thing, but I'm not sure if it's something that's consistent between models, a sign of Kershaw's degrading quality control, or if I Ultimately, it's a knife that I can live with a little bit of choosiness in the price range, and it's still functional for what I need for now. In the event that I lose this one as well I might get one more to see how much better the fit and finish is.

Nylah Wagner - 18/05/2021
While I like Kershaws, there is a fatal flaw in this one (1/5)

Here are the pros first * Plus, an awesome Keychain Clip! It's pretty exciting to have a bottle opener as well as a screwdriver for a knife if you really want it.
+a nice sharp blade that is typical of Kershaw.
Slim design for a slim look. Let me now tell you about Please note *br> The design is contemporary, slim. I agree that this is also a problem. I find that the whole knife is too large for a Keychain, so that its use is no longer useful even though the knife is better suited for a Keychain. Even worse, the handle is very difficult to hold due to this design. Not to mention how uncomfortable it is, so you won't want to use this very often. In the event that you are looking for a specific purpose for a slim knife with good quality and extra utility, then this is the perfect product. If you plan to use it every day, don't do so.

Mauricio Norman - 04/05/2021