Kempf Rubber Anti-fatigue Drainage Mat Review

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  • The material can be divided into smaller sizes.
  • Some may find it too heavy to lift to another area in the kitchen.

Kempf Rubber Anti-fatigue Drainage Mat Product Description

The Kempf Rubber Anti-fatigue Drainage Mat is for areas with high amounts of moisture. Our rubber mats are perfect for the dishwashing area or under the ice maker where our floors may become slippery in this area. This mat will keep your staff from sliding, tripping or falling. Moreover, the large holes in the mat allow liquids and debris to drain out of work areas, while its molded-in beveled edges reduce trip hazards, making it easier for workers to enter and exit. With interlocking features and rounded holes for drainage, this black rubber mat provides a comfortable feeling that is not only durable but anti-fatigue.

  • A rubber anti-fouling mat that is 36 x 36 x 3/8th inches in size suitable for use in wet and dry environments
  • The rubber cushioning prevents fatigue because it is 3/8" thick and made of rubber
  • Drainage is improved when the holes are round
  • This mat is perfect for placing outside in front of the
  • allows the mat to cover a larger area since the mat can be expanded in size

Questions & Answers

There is no way to channel water underneath and it will get there
There are two sides to the sheets that lock together. On the floor of an octagonal bar with a center island, we installed these, and they locked together quite
Certainly, it can be used outdoors. However, place it near an outside grill for best results
It is true. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to connect the two.

Selected User Reviews For Kempf Rubber Anti-fatigue Drainage Mat

It was exactly what I needed to fix my muddy back mat issue (5/5)

You can cut the midlines off and connect them to make a different shape with a utility knife. There are two holes on either side of the bottom that are meant for teeth. As far as the cut is concerned, it does not have to be perfectly straight because There's no mush on our feet since it does not absorb water.

Anais Mendez - 30/05/2021
It is thick and of It was a great deal on It is thick and of To cover my copper patio, I bought a bunch of these (5/5)

These chains link together well and are heavy enough to hold their place even in winds exceeding 115 kilometers per hour. In several months of use, I haven't noticed any cracking or anything after exposing them to daily sunlight and metal chairs. They are exposed to a lot of sunlight every day, and they haven't cracked or anything. Investing in the right equipment for a large area can be expensive, but it's worth it. There is a lot of stuff like this on the market.

Nicolas Roberson - 09/06/2021
It's a nice surface for walking on, and it's good for the feet (5/5)

I found them to be a boon to have in our garage, the dirt goes under and you don't notice, and once a week or so we pull them out and you see all the dust, pet hair, etc. Several benefits have been gained from it, including good for my feet and a pleasant surface to walk on, and when I pull into my driveway, the pads do With many of these, we covered the garage in half. In addition, there are one in each front and back door, and on the.

Davion Lee - 15/05/2021
I like it a lot (5/5)

Leaf litter can be removed from a drain so that it is able to do its job and not clog. Having installed it about a year ago, we haven't had a flood yet.

Haven Herman - 05/01/2021
In the , it is displayed in front of the grill (4/5)

In the restaurant I work at, we placed it in front of the grill and it does its job. However, ever since we got it, we've noticed black foot prints all over the floor of the kitchen. The floor was pressure washed twice by my boss to see if it would help keep black marks from spreading across the floor, but it didn't seem to make a difference.

Ezequiel Carrillo - 29/07/2021
This is used outside on our patio as a deterrent for my dogs (4/5)

It works well in our patio because it discourages my children from playing with the peebles, while allowing water to drain. However, it does not block rainwater. Once I got it out there, I found it to be smaller than I had expected, so I probably will buy two.

Estelle HAYWARD - 02/02/2021
A great purchase for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors (5/5)

This item is perfect for placing close to the grill but also to eliminate Water, ice, snow and other elements could damage these entrances). However, this material is flexible and heavy-duty at the same time. They can also easily be hosed off/washed off due to their design.

Zander Gibson - 27/02/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

Mats with a heavy duty construction. That was a lot more heavy than I expected. I just wanted something like that.

Hugh Dixon - 04/04/2021