KegWorks Raw Sugarcane Swizzle Sticks Review

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  • Excellent packing.
  • Chewy.
  • The quality could be improved.

KegWorks Raw Sugarcane Swizzle Sticks Product Description

You can use it to decorate your party drinks to give them a more elegant feel. In no case do you need to refrigerate, however, the bag will spoil if punctured. Sticks should be moistened in water when used. To store opened packages, freeze or refrigerate. A Hawaiian trend (thanks to the Tiki movement) that started in Hawaii is stirring cocktails with sugar cane – bartenders add sticks of the fruit to enhance the flavor of a strong cocktail. You can also use these swizzle sticks to grill chicken or shrimp (try them with chicken or shrimp). Pure sugar cane from Hawaii is used to make this set of sticks. Packs of 20 each stand at 7 inches and have a diameter of 1.75 inches.

  • They have a height of 7" each.
  • It works well as a base for cocktails.
  • In one pack, there are 20 sticks.
  • Hawai'i born and raised.
  • Sugar cane is the only ingredient in this product.

Questions & Answers

My expectations were not fulfilled. They were too thin, and not sweet as I'd hoped. As long as they are not as thick as a bic pen, these could work for sugar cane shrimp.
They wanted to eat them like that when we were in Costa Rica, but they were chewy and bland compared to the fresh ones there. My opinion is that they were awful and I had to throw.
I wouldn't say more than a few minutes.
The package we received was stale, so it sounds likely. The following morning, it was thrown in the trash.

Selected User Reviews For KegWorks Raw Sugarcane Swizzle Sticks

Feeling a little let down (3/5)

Since I was a kid, I had sugarcane a few times. Having been introduced to it when I was in fourth grade and going to a luau, then traveling to Hawaii when I was 15, I also experienced it in person when I was The taste of fresh sugar cane makes me giddy. It had an old smell to it. It looked like it had been on the shelf for a while. I knew that since it was being shipped, it wouldn't be 100% fresh. There was no information on the packaging of the vacuum package, and there were very few signs of moisture inside. It will still be used as a stir stick in my tea as I got it for that purpose, as I am trying to cut my sugar intake down and this is the best way to do that, particularly since it is older than I expected it You need to watch out for these products in general. They have no information on the packaging, and are almost a mystery package if you forgot what you ordered since everything else comes with it, and there are no details.

Thomas Simpson - 16/02/2021
I am dissatisfied (1/5)

There was an old taste to the sticks! On top of that, they also had an exterior you couldn't chew. I bought these for my grandson, who is 10 years old. In addition to being on a diet, he wanted to chew something sweet. After tasting one he wasn't interested in tasting As well as you, I also experienced the same feeling. In addition, they still had a lot of external hair on them, they looked far too thin to attempt shaving any more. It's a big disappointment!.

Winston Colon - 10/03/2021
It may have been an oversight on my part, I immediately noticed that the sugar cane smelled terrible when it was out of the package (1/5)

It doesn't seem like the scent I was looking for, so I don't intend to shop for it The cool clean water I tried to soak it in did not work. I had a bad taste and smell when I had my mojitos.

Zoe Cooper - 14/07/2021
The quality is good, but it could be improved (4/5)

I was surprised by how fast the package arrived and how well it was sealed. While the color seems good in the photos, it doesn't seem to match the photos in person. My only wish would be if they were individually wrapped, so I did not have to use them There are cuts and thicknesses that are good for all sticks, and the stick sizes are all pretty similar. I am very excited to try these!.

Leo Riggs - 23/04/2021
There are some inconsistencies, and it is It didn't impress me too much (3/5)

I would have preferred machine-cut sticks for ease of use. Sticks were unevenly cut, probably by hand. Rustic, but I would have preferred machine-cut sticks. Shrimps couldn't eat some of the long and floppy tentacles, while others found them too thick. These were packaged in an airtight bag, but the flavor was quite subdued, indicating that they had been sitting in a warehouse for quite a while.

Frankie Bartlett - 26/06/2021
No fresh sugar cane to be found that I could find (4/5)

Because I ordered it out of desperation, I had no choice but to order this product after reading all the negative reviews on it. I don't think the product was rotten as some reviewers reported. I found it usable, and though not as fresh as it might have been, it served my purposes well.

Milan Monroe - 03/08/2021
These are the recommended treats for my 4 conures by 4 out of 4 birds (5/5)

I bought these as a treat for them. When I bought a Kaytee product for birds, after I had purchased a package online, my package did not arrive. Rather than trying this product line that I thought was "less than fresh", I decided to try this one All of us enjoy the sticks after I cut them in half.

Santiago Whitehead - 02/01/2021
The food is delicious Sugar Cane Mojitos go great with them! At a family Christmas party, I used them with Sugar Cane Mojitos and they were delish! Having them to chew on while we sipped on our drinks was so much fun! (5/5)


Dorian FIELD - 06/03/2021